Real Madrid vs Barcelona 0-4 ● All Goals and Full Highlights ● English Commentary ● 21-11-2015 HD

  • Published on: 22 November 2015
  • Real Madrid vs Barcelona All Goals and Full Highlights | 21-11-2015 HD | English Commentary

    Once again. Barcelona stunned all of us, just like last year. Enjoy the class performance in full HD. :)

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  • Runtime : 14:53
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  • GoD x Gamer
    GoD x Gamer   22 hours ago

    Neymar should again come in BarcelonaI miss him

  • Jas
    Jas   1 days ago

    barcelona: scorereal madrid manager: write that down write that down

  • Shubham calla Calla
    Shubham calla Calla   1 days ago

    commentators- who need messi when we have suarez and who need suarez and neymar when we have messi

  • A A
    A A   1 days ago

    Messi's Contract ENDING know more

  • A A
    A A   1 days ago

    Messi's Contract ENDING know more

  • Quang vinh Tran
    Quang vinh Tran   1 days ago

    They compair Ronaldo with Messi i say without Messi Ronaldo still get beaten

  • aryan b
    aryan b   2 days ago

    guyz barceloma just took the crown but anyway real madrid is also one of the best world class teams.though i am a barcelona fan but lets apprecite them also.

  • yumnam pariton
    yumnam pariton   3 days ago

    Before messi came to the field 3-0, it means that real Madrid can be beaten without messi itself

  • Party's About to Begin

    Look at Sergi, he was replaced for Messi, and did so well created the first goal he played a different role but was so versatile back then, Messi coming on was the final touch to poke off Madrid, Neymar man!! he was a Beast!!! Real weren't poor Baca just overpowered them

  • oneseirios
    oneseirios   4 days ago

    Breaking News !!! Reports by Marca and Spanish F.A. have just stated that "El Classico" will SOON be renamed to : "EL MESSICO" !

  • João Pereira
    João Pereira   5 days ago

    It's not a proper thrashing in the El Clásico if Real Madrid finishes the game with 11 players...

  • Uruguayo Oriental
    Uruguayo Oriental   1 weeks ago

    Suárez siempre Suárez el papá del Real Madrid!!!!!🇺🇾

  • DYN4M1C_D0GE
    DYN4M1C_D0GE   1 weeks ago

    Commentator: who needs messi when ya have Suarez and Neymar??me: HEYYYYYYY

  • Heey Yo!!
    Heey Yo!!   1 weeks ago

    sergio rooberto is great player...

  • GdP 7
    GdP 7   1 weeks ago

    Who is watching today ?

  • Itachi †
    Itachi †   1 weeks ago

    The last goal was like playing Fifa with the legends team against a 1 star Team they were out played very hard

  • Cheito jr
    Cheito jr   1 weeks ago

    The da Neymar proofed he's better than messi

  • Diego 99
    Diego 99   1 weeks ago

    Alguien en español aquí dale like si

  • kunal ganotra
    kunal ganotra   1 weeks ago

    Danilo being so dumb that after allowing suarez to be onside, he's the one pointing to the referee asking for offside at 3.09

  • ovita vero
    ovita vero   1 weeks ago

    Idk im back bcs i miss this trio dude 😍😍 MNS forever

  • adit roy
    adit roy   1 weeks ago

    10:10 That's the moment.