Alexa Bliss hits Randy Orton with a fireball: Raw, Jan. 11, 2021

  • Published on: 12 January 2021
  • During a heated confrontation with Triple H, Randy Orton finds himself on the receiving end of a fiery, vengeful act courtesy of Alexa Bliss. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • Runtime : 4:56
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  • waterhot80
    waterhot80   1 minuts ago

    Kane just hit X-pac with a FIREBALL! FOR GOD'S SAKES!

  • Daniel Tafoya
    Daniel Tafoya   2 minuts ago

    What's the song at the end of the video? Thanks!

  • Bongo is a Pyro
    Bongo is a Pyro   25 minuts ago

    That's cool and all but my inner pyro is wondering what was that flamethrower she used? Like can I get one? 🤣

  • DM87™️
    DM87™️   28 minuts ago

    Oh look it’s Kane & Chyna all over again Oh look it’s X-Pac & Kane all over again

  • S Palm
    S Palm   33 minuts ago

    Wow.... my first realization that HHH is gettin old :(

  • Rock Wild
    Rock Wild   1 hours ago

    Oh Alexa. You could make me very happy.

  • Mikey Quinn
    Mikey Quinn   2 hours ago

    Just out of curiosityWhat did her glove said?

  • sa mo
    sa mo   3 hours ago

    Alexa version of street fighter 😆

  • Christopher Fricker
    Christopher Fricker   4 hours ago

    Lmao this must be bischoff booking cause he got hit with the fireball like how Hogan did lmfao

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash   4 hours ago

    Alexa Bliss: Katon Goukayou no jutsu!Randy Orton: NANI?!

  • ebi obi
    ebi obi   6 hours ago

    Please stop making wrestling annoying..I was looking forward for this match before I knew it someone just had to show up...😠😠😠😠😠

  • Jacky Dang
    Jacky Dang   6 hours ago

    Can’t believe Alexa bliss fireball on Randy Orton face that gonna hurt

  • Johnatan
    Johnatan   6 hours ago

    wtf wwe has become more like dragon ball now.

  • Patrick Gray
    Patrick Gray   9 hours ago

    WWE has gotten so bad are we heading for another blindfold match like Rick Martel & Jake the Snake?????

    SLUSHIERPARROTX   9 hours ago

    Who remembers triple h this tiny and small he looks like hornswoggle

  • Jorge Soto
    Jorge Soto   11 hours ago

    Damn, Alexa used her fire powers into Randy Orton’s face.

  • Julia Tola
    Julia Tola   12 hours ago

    Será que 'the fiend' Brey Wayet vuelva

  • Cd B
    Cd B   12 hours ago

    Wow, a sledgehammer in a HHH match? How original. Never seen that before.

  • Spot Rex
    Spot Rex   12 hours ago

    I wish someone recorded it live

  • happyth123
    happyth123   12 hours ago

    right as the fireball hit randy, it looked like they just switched to 2k. just me or no

  • Dovax !
    Dovax !   12 hours ago

    Wtf how is wwe working? I see a lot of screens where people should be, never seen that before

  • JohnX
    JohnX   12 hours ago

    Randy vs FiendRandy punts Fiend then win lol