BFB 12: What Do You Think of Roleplay?

  • Published on: 10 July 2018
    Download the source files:
    Music by Michael @
    Additional Character Art by TopHatTheHat and TheEpicJames
    Burger by Michael @
    Establishing Riff by Stagecast Software, Inc
  • Runtime : 11:32
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  • Dee P
    Dee P   2 hours ago

    10:39 an angry staring contest eh?

  • Angeleneqmi
    Angeleneqmi   7 hours ago

    But bananas are cheap and life is not that cheap come on

  • Alex
    Alex   8 hours ago

    Fun fact: this video was made before among us came out cause among us was made in 2018 (I think the video came out before among us)

  • zeph
    zeph   13 hours ago

    when the impso- chokes and dies 💔

  • mangle cat
    mangle cat   14 hours ago

    Woody: aaaaahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahaaaaaahahhaahhahahahahahahhaahahah

  • Ben
    Ben   16 hours ago

    among us

  • Nan Roos
    Nan Roos   23 hours ago

    11:02 actully you can surprisingly

  • Alexander James
    Alexander James   1 days ago

    Something's off when naily said. That's because firey jr told me it was annoying before that she did not have legs

  • Arunav Nayak
    Arunav Nayak   1 days ago


  • Pin
    Pin   1 days ago

    Thumbnail: IMPOSTORMe: AMONG US