BFDI 2: Barriers and Pitfalls

  • Published on: 01 February 2010
  • This time it's an obstacle course! Eraser, Pen, Pencil, and Spongy go rescue Blocky. Firey and Coiny fiercely battle. It's a race against time!

    Music by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"
  • Runtime : 10:27
  • battle for dream island bfdi cartoon total drama tdi tda tdwt competition obstacle course


  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez   11 hours ago

    You Original Sute The Episode New de 1st Febraury 2009

  • Domenic Tras13
    Domenic Tras13   17 hours ago

    This is so nostalgic to me even though I was born in 2012

  • Juven tio
    Juven tio   1 days ago

    OMG ( Nothing ) OMT ( Match )OMW ( Match )OMZ ( Leafy )

  • May Quin
    May Quin   2 days ago

    At the end of the contest, The squashy Grapes icon had a ripple at the end.

  • Jignesh Patel
    Jignesh Patel   2 days ago

    2021 : with 35930455733600332 out of 9000000000000000 votes you’re elemanated

  • Asherdaboi
    Asherdaboi   3 days ago

    why is woody the most hated bfdi character, every body thinks he disgusting but i like him

  • Mohamed Jama
    Mohamed Jama   3 days ago

    Legend says that bubble,pencil,and match is still falling

  • DinoDome
    DinoDome   5 days ago

    i rember this this was my childhood

  • LZ- frallen'z
    LZ- frallen'z   6 days ago

    2021. We Receive 24,679 votes,You are eliminatied (doing to tlc)

  • Fluffy Puppy42
    Fluffy Puppy42   6 days ago

    1:29 "If you kick me out, I'll crush you with my announcer-crusher!"Flower, 2010

  • INDIO66647
    INDIO66647   1 weeks ago


  • Justin Bromley
    Justin Bromley   1 weeks ago

    pencil: oh no ive been dulledsubtitles: oh no ive been DUMPEDlamo

  • cotten candy gamer
    cotten candy gamer   1 weeks ago

    I called the number on the screenAnd the I got free gumballBecause I was a youtuber

  • ChickenOraría
    ChickenOraría   1 weeks ago

    2:20 he means (I said he because, well, she’s a girl, but he sound like a boy, so I said, boy) you can calculate exactly, like, chance of winning, etc...

  • _Evelyn_ berries
    _Evelyn_ berries   1 weeks ago

    I know that im VERY late but if i could vote i would vote Spongy

  • Daajxc
    Daajxc   1 weeks ago

    0:29 bfdi reference

  • Jacob Correa
    Jacob Correa   1 weeks ago

    Ngl i kinda miss flower being a psychopath