[YTP] BFB 3: Why Would You Piss on a Swingset

  • Published on: 09 December 2020
  • this was also very rushed, but at least so much better than the BFB 2 YTP. I hope you all enjoy it!

    Thumbnail made by AlphaAmoeba! Go check him out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ8P2Kv8z_-jUYK4ltpjPfQ
  • Runtime : 4:21


  • aniN[dot]exe
    aniN[dot]exe   2 days ago

    does anyone notice how this is exactly 4 min 20 sec long??

  • Player 2
    Player 2   5 days ago

    Nobody: Bottle: haha evil plan go brrrrrr

  • Gelatin the BeatBoxer

    0:59i know where that meme came from, its from Teen Titans Go the movie, me and my sis laughed at that part lol

  • Object Creator
    Object Creator   1 weeks ago

    2:18It’s very little but it’s 2020 instead of 2010

  • Slimeboi59 Memes
    Slimeboi59 Memes   1 weeks ago

    0:25Bottle: I am so excited about my super weapon that will kill the world

  • Shannon
    Shannon   1 weeks ago

    3:21 I'm gonna donate 50000 bobux

  • LeoN
    LeoN   1 weeks ago

    Barf bag and Lilipop and Lainthen :SUS

  • Taizo Michael
    Taizo Michael   2 weeks ago


  • WaldoBlake08
    WaldoBlake08   2 weeks ago

    0:58 is no one gonna talk about how this beat bops

  • Object Animation Show

    1:01-1:10FourFour in spaceFour the dark hero return The Four movieFour 2The amazing Four

  • BFB Epic Animation
    BFB Epic Animation   2 weeks ago

    1:01-1:10 FourFour in spaceFour the dark hero returnsThe Four movieFour 2 The amazing Four

  • The Pep
    The Pep   3 weeks ago

    0:26 what is he saying???

  • ils []
    ils []   1 months ago

    you made the video 4:20 long just to add that one little final touch to this masterpiece of a ytp

  • Fernanda Silva
    Fernanda Silva   1 months ago

    Robin: my intro my intro mu super super intro its will be me and just ayone will be because its just meMe: battle for R O B I N

  • Gavin Cameron
    Gavin Cameron   1 months ago

    Four:woody is safe with only 2020 vo- me:DID WOODY CAUSE THE CORONAVIRUS TO BE MADE?!?!

  • PhoneAnimations
    PhoneAnimations   1 months ago

    Bottle: "Im so excited" Pie: oofBottle: "and pie is deeeeeeeeeeeead"