Lonzo, LaMelo & LiAngelo Each GO OFF! Chino Hills vs Sierra Canyon CHAMPIONSHIP GAME FULL HIGHLIGHTS

  • Published on: 27 October 2017
  • Lonzo LiAngelo & LaMelo GO OFF in Chino Hills playoffs matchup against a very talented Sierra Canyon team! Marvin Bagley's dad rocking a CHINO WHO shirt spotted in the stands!

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  • Runtime : 17:59
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  • BallerVisions
    BallerVisions   2 years ago

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  • Dolandoyle
    Dolandoyle   1 days ago

    Always solid filming freethrow edits preciated

  • Pamal Mangat
    Pamal Mangat   2 days ago

    I wonder how gelo feels knowing both his brothers got drafted. He was my favourite one tooo

  • J.B Cooper
    J.B Cooper   2 days ago

    I use to love how Zo walked in the gym like "Time to get the job done"

  • Mako
    Mako   6 days ago

    Three lottery picks and 2 perfect role players that fit their style

  • GetCrossed 3-1
    GetCrossed 3-1   1 weeks ago

    Thought it back then and still do Gelo should’ve played football

  • SAS 312
    SAS 312   1 weeks ago

    15:01 when the ball came at the camera I moved my phone to get outta the way ngl..

  • Zayne simard moore
    Zayne simard moore   2 weeks ago

    At least SC stayed with them in the second quarter. The rest of the second half was bad.

  • Torrion Smith
    Torrion Smith   2 weeks ago

    Lonzo mad he didn’t get that lob off the glass 15:23

  • L0 XX
    L0 XX   3 weeks ago

    I just wanna know who would have won. Lebrons high school team or 2015-16 Chino Hills

  • Bucknutty
    Bucknutty   3 weeks ago

    Ball bros all have stupid names.

  • Will Whalen
    Will Whalen   1 months ago

    Big O was a freshman? I thought he was at least a junior

  • Eriverto Gonsalez
    Eriverto Gonsalez   1 months ago

    How could you let a team who is bearly trying to learn how to play and let them score more than 50 on you if I was in chino hills I would never let SC score more than 50 points against me come now chino hills got the best HS team ever but this is the thing they had good offence but bad deffence so I dont consider them as the best HS TEAM EVER WHY BECAUSE THEY HAD NO D REAL TALK, and plus now days this kids dont play D they only worry about how many points they can score and how many 3 they can make, if I was in there era I bet none of the balls will score on me 1 or 1 or playing in HIGHSCHOOL.

  • juss ds
    juss ds   1 months ago

    how can u blame lavar???

  • Glady Dela Cruz
    Glady Dela Cruz   1 months ago

    When did this game start? Cuz BV said this is unreleased

  • king trippy
    king trippy   1 months ago

    That would be a Savage team if Eli, zo, gelo,and malo played together in the league

  • coolGagester
    coolGagester   1 months ago

    Did anyone notice the ball brothers numbers are, 1 2 and 3, probably on purpose.

  • Hugo Tan
    Hugo Tan   2 months ago

    Gelo only thinks about himself and doesn’t pass the ball even when there is a double team

  • Zach Fate
    Zach Fate   2 months ago

    Get these guys some helmets....The refs sure do let them play... wowza.

  • Ashay Shah
    Ashay Shah   2 months ago

    chino hills had three future lottery picks, melo, zo, and onyeka

  • Billy
    Billy   2 months ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about how they got a whole damn NBA stadium for a high school game?

  • Ester Mokonchu
    Ester Mokonchu   2 months ago

    what's the point of having a packed bench...like they play the whole game and don't get tired

  • Klarcke Watz
    Klarcke Watz   2 months ago

    Gelo is underrated I think he could be a bench player in nba

  • Rej Bin Hamsah
    Rej Bin Hamsah   2 months ago

    Only Lamelo looks highschool to me. 😂😂😂 Tbh

  • M XP_
    M XP_   2 months ago

    Honestly I love seeing the loyalty the family has to D-MO and vise versa, hope it stays that way.

  • Foe Zayy27
    Foe Zayy27   2 months ago

    Who’s watching this during covid 19

  • xOElement _
    xOElement _   2 months ago

    Lamelo got a three point boost in this bhi