An In-Depth Exploration Of Our Solar System | The Secrets Of The Universe | Spark

  • Published on: 09 October 2020
  • A documentary presented in a lighthearted manner, The Secrets Of The Universe marvels at the sights and the astral bodies that surround us in the Solar System.

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  • Runtime : 1:25:2
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  • Mek Boppin
    Mek Boppin   7 hours ago


  • miko Freeman
    miko Freeman   14 hours ago

    Is it that hard to not be able to memorize your lines? Obviously reading cards off screen

  • Luke
    Luke   1 days ago

    6:00 Mars has low pressure, not high pressure. Concerned about the rest of the facts in this video if nobody on the production team was able to spot this simple mistake only 6 minute in

  • Toltec Spring
    Toltec Spring   1 days ago

    At 6:00 he says Mars has high pressure... it's actually very low. .096 psi compared to earths 14.7 psi at the surface.

  • Harriet Harlow
    Harriet Harlow   1 days ago

    This is a great video and I like the narrator's voice and comfort with his subject. I could listen to this before going to sleep.

  • FofuWbas
    FofuWbas   2 days ago

    Amazing videos as always keep them coming 👍👍👍👍👍

  • rick schofield
    rick schofield   2 days ago

    Does gravitational lensing mean the further away it is the brighter we can make it and therefore more detailed?or are there limitations on lensing?

  • tomas neel
    tomas neel   2 days ago

    Huh hmmm,about our sun, every jr high school science kid that knows basic physics, understands, gases don’t attract relative to their type or kind , especially in space or a cold void. . But that’s not saying we don’t basically have a hydrogen sun, or stars made of it. Try again, you’ll figure it out.

  • John Lee
    John Lee   2 days ago

    From irran:There is many space lovers out there but life is full of trouble recently. Great video....really. one of the kind dear. Is there any chance to we get there bofre we leave this germ. God bless sir

  • claytonsmoking
    claytonsmoking   3 days ago

    Bro i put this on to sleep and ifell asleep 2 hours ago why is this still 30 mins in almost 20ads fuck outta here with this shit

  • Amado
    Amado   3 days ago

    They got a Freakazoid that doesn’t come out of his room, look how pale this dude is!

  • Max Payne
    Max Payne   3 days ago

    Great video. But I don't think your skin would boil due to " high pressure ". I think you mean low pressure.

  • Wayne Banks
    Wayne Banks   4 days ago

    This is full of it on to something else.

  • Данте Алигьери

    Is the human age a little or a lot? The shimmering Face looks meekly from the icon… We come out of the darkness at the behest of God And leave, breathing in this life only for a moment... Why do we open our eyes at dawn? Why do we recognize both joy and sadness? Our faces are getting old, but we, like children, Still comprehend the invisible essence, Still comprehend the science of forgiveness, Still comprehend the science of good... Have we learned from the rivers to change the flow, Have we subdued both the rains and the winds, Only have we become smarter? And is this happiness, If there is still poverty and shouting in the world?.. Life is cut off, like a thread, overnight… We leave, having breathed this life

  • j leigh
    j leigh   4 days ago

    The host has a great voice.

  • James Jenkins
    James Jenkins   4 days ago

    Your comment mars high pressure would boil your blood shows just how much you really shouldn't be trying to teach anyone anything

  • Synthetic696
    Synthetic696   4 days ago

    did the image of the beginning of the Video move for anyone else?? It moves like an illusion photo like wavy

  • LaggyMcDougal
    LaggyMcDougal   4 days ago

    i'm probably wrong but this narrator sounds very similar to Target Tornado .. or Enemy Wind documentaries many many years ago

  • Binh Tran
    Binh Tran   4 days ago

    I put this on so I can fall asleep 😂

  • Larry Hackleman
    Larry Hackleman   5 days ago

    This narrator sounds like a mix of Peter Thomas (Forensic Files) and Peter Graves (Air Plane the movie). Cool mix.

  • Mark Picente
    Mark Picente   5 days ago

    Not one mention of the Amazing creater he has a name above all other name's I think that's what I have against science they don't believe in a created planet it was gasses and a big bang... I'm not buying that..

  • Noone From Nowhere
    Noone From Nowhere   5 days ago

    with the gas giants the solid moons gravity stop the gases that the main planet are made of compressing into a solid planet by pulling the atoms out like our moon moves the water and gives us tides, but in the centre there is a very small amount of very dense mass for the gasses to rotate around and that why the gas have gravity atall.

  • Chrisso
    Chrisso   6 days ago

    Well he lost me when he said man couldn't live on Mars? When the secret space program has been sending humans for years but you would g see told by most that your crazy! But do your own investigating and you will find the truth. Even our moon has thousands of aliens/humans but not like earth humans. As I said if you do your own homework you will find the Truth which unfortunately this channel has no idea.👽🕳👽🕳👽🕳👽🕳👽

  • T W
    T W   6 days ago

    Good video! However I think "computer Learning Zone's comment, "pronounces so many words wrong (Triton, accretion, Enceladus)" Consider how far back into our history an English-speaking time traveler would understand English? Then, in reality, some things may never change. The government continues to keep secret E.T. The spoiler-alert reference, the comment by the narrator saying he was keeping secret if there was life on venus.

  • Brian G.
    Brian G.   6 days ago

    Christopher Lloyd should of hosted/narrated this video instead of the space hippie….

  • Trevor Mendez
    Trevor Mendez   1 weeks ago

    In the future mankind will look like hobos and sound like hippies douchebag🤔🥱