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  • Published on: 26 January 2019
  • The Sacred City presents compelling evidence that suggests the holy city of Mecca is in the wrong location and that the worlds 1.6 billion Muslims are praying in the direction of the wrong city. Compiling evidence from both historic sources and new technologies point to the correct location in this seismic, revelatory new film.

    In this startling and original documentary, writer and historian, Dan Gibson, shows that descriptions of Mohamed’s original holy city – as detailed in the Qur’an and Islamic histories, do not match that of the Mecca we know today. If true this could shake Islam to it’s roots, because every Muslim is required to pray towards the ‘forbidden gathering place’. If Dan Gibson is right, Muslims are praying in the wrong direction.

    In the film ‘The Sacred City’ we set out his evidence from within Islamic and ancient histories – while also using modern technologies - to track down the biggest secret of the last fifteen hundred years. Gibson not only finds the location of the original Mecca but also provides a convincing argument as to how such a great misunderstanding in Islamic history came about.

    While clearly controversial, The Sacred City is respectful of Islam’s prophet, and does not dispute the events of the Qur’an; but shows how a deliberate attempt was made to hide from Islam, secrets that impact every Muslim today. The evidence is compelling and fascinating.

    In a time when the world agenda is being set by Islam, it is more important than ever for the origins and history of this world religion to be examined afresh. This is an important documentary with world-wide appeal for both religious and secular audiences.

    Beautifully filmed in the ruins and deserts of the middle east, the film is a detective story that investigates the dawn of Islam and will become the most talked about film for years to come.

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    GUVENC ALTINTAS   18 minuts ago

    A Christian and a jew telling about my religion!! Our heart know the right

    GUVENC ALTINTAS   35 minuts ago

    U Can not give us muslims any lekture about our religion and place.. we follow our profet Muhammad s.v and kuran.. Your tools.. Can you speak about another religion and try reveal their facts as we know… our religion is perfect as it is and nothing Can you or another find falses.. nothing is a mistery.. and let me say that wahabi cant tell you anything about islam!

  • Black Ace Records
    Black Ace Records   2 hours ago

    Everyone saying “amazing discoveries, what a great piece of work!” That is very ignorant of you because you take this video at face value. If you would actually stick around a little bit and see the comments, you’d see the countless easily found evidence that disproves this entire video from its first minute. That’s why it didn’t make such a splash as people say it “should have”. Because all you needs a little common understanding of the region, and you’d see through this right away. Anyone who applauds this work, how does it feel to be absolutely laughable 😂

  • Black Ace Records
    Black Ace Records   2 hours ago

    This video convinces people that good graphics, narratives and direction automatically makes a good argument in some people’s opinions. This video contains too many inconsistencies and has a lot of left out information which solidly proves that Makkah as we know it today is and has always been the same as it was during the Prophet’s times and also the one referred to in the Quran. Please people, good research does not equal invested money into making a nice looking video.

  • Ricardo Nunes
    Ricardo Nunes   3 hours ago

    What is the problem of Mcca not being the birthplace of Islam?

  • Steve Deasy
    Steve Deasy   3 hours ago

    I knew the comments to this presentation would be revealing of man's ignorance.

  • ziblot123
    ziblot123   5 hours ago

    What kind of rock is it? How big is it? Black rock...obsidian? Jet? I have heard that it was venerated before the Muslims adopted it. Anyone know?

  • asterio duran
    asterio duran   5 hours ago

    prophet of GOD only comes from Israel and nothing else, saint Paul state that nothing will come after the Holy Bible and anyone who will teach doctrine other than what is in the Holy Book will be curse and look what's happening to Islam's world they' re divided, in the Book which Quran copy its content Jesus teaches love for one another

  • John Miller
    John Miller   9 hours ago

    That was very well done. God bless everyone.

  • Yasir Abdulrahman
    Yasir Abdulrahman   10 hours ago

    56:21 makes absolutely no sense, caliphate Othman was there long before Abbasades

  • magicpyroninja
    magicpyroninja   13 hours ago

    A brave man questioning Islam in a documentary is the guy still alive?

  • Tim Durpos
    Tim Durpos   15 hours ago

    I don't care about where it's founding was I only want to know when and where it is stomped out for good

  • Jake Mistake Roberts
    Jake Mistake Roberts   18 hours ago

    Think it’s interesting is that his issue with Islam is that they are facing the wrong way? Ha ha ha

  • m402363
    m402363   18 hours ago

    lies from beginning to end

  • m402363
    m402363   18 hours ago

    he lies at 1.21 as when othman had first compiled the Quran. it was already fully 100% revealed, so can you more revelations??? plus he lies about the Quran being written in pre-kufic language as it was always originally in arabic.

  • m402363
    m402363   18 hours ago

    lies again at 1.20 saying Muslims think older writings are less reliable. infarct we go back right to the beginning. they lie when they say scripts were changed or replaced. as God has promised to protect the Quran to the last day. as for over 1400 years no words have ever changed. praise be the lord

  • H K
    H K   18 hours ago

    So if the word Mecca (Becca) is only mentioned once in Quran, its not enough to confirm it as Holy City. Islam is the combination of Quran (the message of Allah SWT) and Sahih Hadiths (from Mohammad PBUH himself) which all place Holy City of Mecca where it is located. It appears the narrator has wasted his 30 years in Middle East and didn't learn basics of Islam. Though located in same site, the Muslim face Kabba not black Rock (Hajr-e-Aswad). The difference will be observed at the compound site of the Great Mosque. Many things other older religions lost are assumed to be true/ acceptable or denied for the will of mankind, manipulated for society by mankind. Quran and Hadith which have been perserved for more than 1400 years is being doubted. What a pathetic attempt.

  • m402363
    m402363   18 hours ago

    this moron thinks if the building is face petra then people prayed towards petra. don't think so. its how people face when there inside matters not the building. then he goes on to talk about the Quran and its history which he doesn't have a clue about. as people memorised the Quran and the sayings of the prophet from day and scholars and people are still memorising today as we speak. this is the Quran is still 100% intact unlike the torah and injeel (bible). he aslo lies at 1.10 as it was uthman who wrote the first copy of the Quran, yet presenter claims one already existed. yes two people differed as how they recited the Quran but when they came before the prophet he said you are both correct. Qurann has and never will change even though countless enemy's have tried.

  • Plugaru C. Sebastian
    Plugaru C. Sebastian   18 hours ago

    NO ! It is NOT a physical place...BUT WITHIN ! SO stop I00king for places on E-hearth

  • m402363
    m402363   19 hours ago

    he lies again and says Mecca had no wall originally it did and some small buildings which have all been destroyed and replaced. another problem with his lies are, Ibrahim wife ran up and down Safa and Marwa which are two small hills, connected to the larger Abu Qubais and Qaiqan mountains, respectively, located in Mecca not petra. when she was thirsty she hit the ground and out gushed water which is called zam zam water or holy water. he lies about the mountain which prophet climbed to to be alone and were he first got his revelation from angel Gabriel. and the crescent has nothing to do with Islam. you also have to wonder why he keeps on quoting from al-Tabari as many of them are weak. why doesnt he doesn't quote from the famous scholars of Islam why??? they don't fit his agenda.

  • m402363
    m402363   19 hours ago

    wow! the west expect the world to believe they know better than God and Muslims regarding there own religion. the same west that doesn't even know the true JESUS!!!. the 1st masjid ever built on earth was the KABA,. it was first built by angels, and when it was destroyed by floods, it was rebuilt by prophet Ibrahim and his son with the help of angels. the second masjid ever built was masjid AL-AQSA by Ibrahim other son. and under the dome of the rock lies the rock which prophet Ibrahim tried to sacifice his son not in petra. how can you have or see ruins if they were torn down and new buildings rebuilt. kaba is the only original building standing in Mecca. yes prophet Mohammed first prayed towards jeruslem as moses, Jesus prayed to this direction. but in prayer prophet was command by God to change to face the Qibla ie KABA. presenter lies when he say people rebuilt Kaba when prophet was young. as the people were already coming to kaba every year for hundreds of years to worship there false gods way before Islam started.

  • Oppo Cheda
    Oppo Cheda   20 hours ago

    Brothers and sisters let me show you some light into this topic.Please don't be confused with water (zamzam) and Black stone.• Zamzam.As we learn from historical accounts zamzam only concern with Hagar ( second legal wife of Ibrahim). We learn that Sarah couldn't give birth to a child so she asked her husband Ibrahim to take the maid servant Hagar as second wife to bear a child. Therefore Ismael was born. Please do not make racist comments like Sarah did, that Hagar was a African slave servant, and therefore Arabs are inferior. Sarah and Hagar both were legal wife of Ibrahim. We learn also that after Ismael was born Ibrahim became fond of Ismael and Sarah got jealous. Sarah couldn't stand this and asked Ibrahim to separate them. They used to live in same house. Ibrahim was sad and depressed regarding this conflict of jealousy.Allah ordered Ibrahim to follow the command and take Hagar and Ismael to a remote place. Ibrahim took Them to remote desert and was asked to leave them and not to look back. Even though Ibrahim was sad Hagar comforted him and said not to worry about them but to follow The commandment of he's creator. Ibrahim went back to Sarah.Then we all know the story how Hagar struggles for food and water. Safah and Marwah were 2 mountains where Hagar ran in between in search for help and for survival.Then we learn The creator Allah Send a miracle where a fountain of water was revealed called zamzam. Due to this fountain of water Hagar chose to dwell in this area and raise her livelihood.We learn that Ibrahim didn't return Until Ismael was an adult. Some Hadith states the incidence that Ibrahim on he's return found Ismael married to a wife that was not appropriate for him. Ibrahim said he's gate was not suited for he's house. Ismael knew what he meant. Two or three occasions ibrahim said to change he's gate. Gate MN eans Ismael's wife was not suited for him in spiritual sense as according to Ibrahim. But funny thing is to that Ibrahim never told Ismael that he is the we father. Story goes on. Remember there was no mention of Black stone during this Strive of Hagar and Ishmael.• Black stone.We learn from historical documents and records that Ibrahim and Ismael revived the black stone ( house of God). Infact the black stone was originally given and laid by Adam. History also says that when God casted out Adam, Eve and Iblees ( Jin) out of Heaven then Adam was given to reside in lands of Yemen desert, while Eve was given Shri Lankan land to reside. It's a Long Story. One doesn't not have to believe this.WE learn that Ibrahim reunited when Ismael was adult and married .So we learn the Black stone and zamzam Are now in one location.No where we find in history that Ibrahim brought Black stone or part of it's remain from Petra.• Kabah being movedWe learn from Hadith and Muslim historians that Black stone had been moved due to various reasons. Here are some facts. Remember The Black stone is not a Symbol of Faith in Islam as some say it's a form of Idolatry. It's purpose is different and one should not put their faith on stone. Numerous Hadith are mentioned regarding stone of Kabah but one should not take it as Divine reincarnate of creator Allah. Muslims do not worship Black stone. End of story.Remember also that a Hadith is not a word of Allah. Hadith is words of men. You can read certain Hadith to get some idea but do not let it affect your faith in Allah and be Quran. "The Black Stone was given to Ibrahim from Jannah to be placed on the corner of the Holy Kaaba. Abd Allah Ibn Abbas – a cousin of Prophet Muhammad narrated that the Prophet said: “The Black Stone came down from Paradise and it was whiter than milk, but the sins of the sons of Adam turned it black.”• Black Stone of Kabah broken.During the civil war between the caliph Abd Al-Malik and Ibn Zubayr, who controlled Mecca, the Kaaba was set on fire in 683 CE. Reportedly, the Black Stone broke into three pieces and Ibn Zubayr reassembled it with silver.• Kabah ( Black stone ) relocated.In 70 AH Ibn Zubayr was in the middle of a civil war. I think he realized that it was going to drag on for a long time. So the idea came to move the Black Rock away from the city to safe-keeping. There is no indication that he was planning to create a new Ka'ba and a new Qibla.• Kabah ( Black stone ) stolenHistory tells us that Abu Tahir then stole Hajr e Aswad and held it in his possession. He took it to Masjid Dirar so that it could be placed there. He wanted to make the Masjid a sacred place and redirect the Hajj from Makkah to Masjid al Dirar. But he never got what he wanted.In their attack on Islam's holiest sites, the Qarmatians desecrated the Zamzam Well with corpses of Hajj pilgrims and took the Black Stone from Mecca to Al-Hasa. Holding the Black Stone to ransom, they forced the Abbasids to pay a huge sum for its return in 952.• Black stone original.According to Islamic history and the hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Hajr e Aswad was brought from heaven to earth by Angel Gabriel (Jibreel) (AS). Thus, this proves that Hajr e Aswad is indeed a heavenly stone.Located in the eastern corner of the Kaaba is the Black Stone of Mecca, whose now-broken pieces are surrounded by a ring of stone and held together by a heavy silver band. According to tradition, this stone was given to Adam on his expulsion from paradise in order to obtain forgiveness of his sins.The Black Stone was given to Ibrahim from Jannah to be placed on the corner of the Holy Kaaba. Abd Allah Ibn Abbas – a cousin of Prophet Muhammad narrated that the Prophet said: “The Black Stone came down from Paradise and it was whiter than milk, but the sins of the sons of Adam turned it black.”Lot of details are there to Confuse people. Dan Brown could be right in suggesting the black stone was relocated. But why he need to spend he's life long energy for this knowledge while Muslim historians records the black stones origin, color, relocations and wars fought for it . • Kabah a place for pilgrimage.Muslims are commanded to take A pilgrimage to Mecca once in a life time if possible.The Kaaba was a sanctuary in pre-Islamic times. ... Muhammad reportedly cleansed the Kaaba of idols upon his victorious return to Mecca, returning the shrine to the monotheism of Ibrahim.Before Muhammad was chosen to be prophet, the Hajj ( pilgrimage) was already a ritual for pagans oVER 300 IDOLS INSIDE KABBAH.THE PILGrIMS USED TO CIRCUMBULATE THE KABAH NAKED. IT WAS THEIR RITUAL.IT ALL ChANgED WHEN MUHaMMED WAS GIVEN REVELATION FROM ALLAH TO CHANGE MANY THINgS.MUHAMMAD THEREFORE ordered Abu Bakr to announce on 10th of the month of Dhul hijjah to pilgrims that no longer will be allowed to circumbulate Kabah Naked. This proves that Muhammad never uttered or ordered a new law or modified a law unless there was a revelation from Allah. I hope these information will help u understand many things regarding Black stone and Mecca. I Don't understand why only the christians background people who are trying to prove Mecca and black stone is not correct .If you ask the Jews and specially original Yemeni Jews then they will tell you Yemen, Mecca, Medinah ( Yathrib original name) always existed. Why WE NEeD ROMAN lunatics TO TELL MUSLIMS where theIR ORIGINS ARE.MUSLIMS DEFEaTED GREAt ROMAN EMPIRe AND GREaT PERSIaN EMPIREs. END OF STORy.The black stone has never been fixed. We learn that the black stone was given to Adam in heaven as a Symbol for forgiveness. The stone was transported from heavens to earth.Then we learn the stone get stolen, damaged and relocated few times. Where ever the stone is, there becomes the direction of prayer. Muslims forehead( temple) during prostration point to the black stone. If the stone was in Petra as well during history then it's no secret .

  • M R
    M R   1 days ago

    The mosque of Madina is still alive and you haven’t mentioned it in this whole documentary that where the mosque of Madina Qibla direction is?The Qiblatain mosque is the first mosque and its Qibla direction is towards Mecca not Petra.

  • M R
    M R   1 days ago

    In this documentary you mentioned Zubair moved the black stone to Mecca then where is the rest of the building rocks or foundation in Petra.

  • Mas Matahari
    Mas Matahari   1 days ago

    Please do research for Zam Zam Water Well. We Muslim believe it from the thrust of the footprints of the prophet Ishmael. And Abraham build Kaaba...near it.

  • causaps causaps
    causaps causaps   1 days ago

    As an atheist, I do believe in the existence of an historical Mohamed, a succesful merchant who wanted to create an empire. A merchant city at the cross of every road linking other empires would be rich in archtecture like Petra does. Muslims should know that those who made mistakes in the writting of the Coran does not discredit the religion it self. Muslims are known for welcoming science so I hope they will again, when it comes to Petra being the Holy City.

  • Awesome Red Sea
    Awesome Red Sea   1 days ago

    First , it never was named Saudi Arabia , nor middle east ! It's made by the British! And well known now that Saudis are Jewish hiding behind Arab name.

  • Oscar Perez
    Oscar Perez   1 days ago

    Jesus Christ is the only true God and no one goes before the Father but Him! God bless y’all and repent before it’s too late! God accepts you with open arms! Come as you are and He will transform your life!

  • Shawn Moses
    Shawn Moses   1 days ago

    Okay let’s think about building these early mosques by the direction of the stars. So you got a few old dudes staying up late looking at the sky. Come morning they relay their findings to the chief architect, who then proceeds to give his work details instructions relayed to the architect by the old dudes. A full 12 hours of work are then labored by the uneducated workers who we’ll assume care about the construction they’re working on beyond more than just their daily allowance of bread. Why aren’t we assuming the mosques are a few degrees off because of a classical game of telephone between the old dudes, the architect, and the workers who all have varied hopes for the building they are trying to construct?

  • Logical Eddin
    Logical Eddin   1 days ago

    This is very misleading in so many ways. I stopped watching soon as they said Muslims pray facing a black rock. Muslim face Mecca not a black rock. Black rock is not holy it’s just special bec where it came from.

  • Abu Tal7a
    Abu Tal7a   1 days ago

    Timeline - World History Documentaries😁LIE HAVE NO LEG TO STAND UPON 👉 The Bible proves Prophet MOSES did pilgrimage to MECCA - INTERESTING Insight by a JEWISH writer!REAC. 3.67M subscribers

  • Bruce Borowski
    Bruce Borowski   1 days ago

    there is nothing sacred about is a demonically infested place

  • Víctor Lucero
    Víctor Lucero   1 days ago


  • John Lemma
    John Lemma   1 days ago

    The document was funded by Evangelicals from the US. We know they're big supporters of Zionism, so this documentary is just a propoganda.

  • fraxb nezl
    fraxb nezl   1 days ago

    Yes kalo bisa mampu it's cause the communist or some president want to take over the old Allah brought down a deity to ask them to move it over to mekkah it is heavily guarded (probably) idk I'm with the lazy ghost it's a she I called it an it bc my imagination is anime style