Dolan Twins Become Emma Chamberlain

  • Published on: 04 June 2019
  • We have this friend Emma and she has a life and we becomed her


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  • Runtime : 27:50
  • Dolan Twins Emma chamberlain Dolan Twins Become Emma Chamberlain ethan grayson emma


  • M.A.N. I.A.C
    M.A.N. I.A.C   12 hours ago

    4:57 "No, this is comfortable. So why are you roasting me?" Ethan, 2019this is a SPEECH❀️❀️

  • Sarah
    Sarah   23 hours ago

    i miss this

  • Chloe King
    Chloe King   1 days ago

    Watching this in July 2020 is depressing

  • nayana. johnn
    nayana. johnn   1 days ago

    18:54 im crying why is grayson sitting like that😹

  • Toca Clouds
    Toca Clouds   1 days ago

    dolan twins: β€”β€”β€”πŸ“ˆπŸ“‰πŸ“ˆβ€”β€”β€”emma: -πŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆ-

  • alex fabulous-inaba
    alex fabulous-inaba   1 days ago

    i can't stop looking at the fact that the description says "we becomed her"

  • Charleigh x
    Charleigh x   1 days ago

    A year after I still come and watch this videoπŸ₯Ί

  • Lakshmi Priya
    Lakshmi Priya   1 days ago

    Too much of ice in her coffees probably messed up her throat.I keep coming back to this video, to realise how much I miss "holy trinity"

  • Jay Doy
    Jay Doy   2 days ago

    Ethan: she drinks alot of coffeeEmma: im doing fine😬

  • balqbar
    balqbar   2 days ago

    The video has almost 1m likes and we are still waiting for her to become them for the day

  • brooklyn pauley
    brooklyn pauley   2 days ago

    At 8:58 in the background Emma said babe to Ethan πŸ₯Ί

  • Rori Piearcy
    Rori Piearcy   2 days ago

    Me still waiting for the likes to get to 7million

  • Marina Kerr
    Marina Kerr   2 days ago

    did anyone else notice how she said they didn't shower that day but then two seconds later she said her rhinestone nail came off in the shower?

  • Kate Irene
    Kate Irene   3 days ago

    The way us insomniacs wish we could fall asleep that easily though

  • Dilasha Poudel
    Dilasha Poudel   3 days ago

    18:45 ethans like "ooh my an- my angel oooooh"And gray at the back is like " ooOooHhOOOH"

  • Courtney Hardy
    Courtney Hardy   3 days ago

    I think I drink more coffee than Emma. Is that bad or good?

  • _TheStarShow _
    _TheStarShow _   4 days ago

    Can we talk abt the bioπŸ˜‚ it’s like we have this friend Emma in she has a life in we became her

  • Cambrey Brooke
    Cambrey Brooke   4 days ago

    Gray: my voice is going I swear...Also, Gray: (not even two seconds later) voice is perfectly normal and yells

  • Molly Marsay
    Molly Marsay   4 days ago

    The me editing bit got me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Vanita Mundhra
    Vanita Mundhra   4 days ago

    also. we haven't seen emma do your day WHAT THE HECKKKKITS NOW JULY 2020 ok thats all love yall πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

  • Zoe Mok
    Zoe Mok   4 days ago

    hi dont mind me im just watching this while im waiting for a vid of them together again... im depressed

  • Neha Vagjiani
    Neha Vagjiani   4 days ago

    26:29 nearly 1mil likes and still no collar after this

  • micsfabz
    micsfabz   5 days ago

    emma does cheer stretches EVERYDAY me: does she still do it this year???

  • Belinda A.
    Belinda A.   5 days ago

    Emma looks disgusting in the thumbnail. Wtf. Why is she licking the cup??

  • lake jonecy
    lake jonecy   1 weeks ago

    Make this video go trending we need them to collab again!!!!!!

  • Hailey Romano
    Hailey Romano   1 weeks ago

    Emma: i think you have a splinter in ur earEthan: can u BiTe it OuT?Emma: NO, MaYbE