I Built a Dopamine Box

  • Published on: 15 September 2020
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    In this episode, I design and build my own device that reminds to complete 6 tasks each day. Each flick on the switch is accompanied by a tiny boost in dopamine. Inspired by @Simone Giertz "The Everyday Calendar" but with 6 reminders instead of one.

    The full code, CAD and illustrator files as well as the schematic for the electronics can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JT_uNP8yWYnl9HUFpKN8J3Ya1B2z1zBw

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  • Runtime : 8:50


  • Mister Pizzaman
    Mister Pizzaman   1 days ago

    Nice video. One thing: fish oil - omega 3, is not something you need: you need to have a balance between omega 3 and 6, and you are most likely deficient of omega 6, not omega 3. You are better of taking a supplement calles YES - this has the right fatty acids in it in the right balance. Dump the fish oil if you want to be healthy. Anyway do your own research, and to be clear: I am not selling anything and have no shares in any supplement business or health business. I am not Bill Gates lol.

  • Derpy Bear
    Derpy Bear   1 days ago

    He used to have to learn to learn these skills/and how to complete these tasks. Now he has done so much he can just use what he learnt before.I guess this is the definition of its all coming together meme

  • Max Qs
    Max Qs   2 days ago

    Me being a programmer and not even knowing how to do this:I could deffffiiinnniitttlllyyy do that....

  • SwitchLaserFlip
    SwitchLaserFlip   2 days ago

    So you cannot motivate yourself to even get out of bed without a damn cookie?

    IK EMON   3 days ago

    mr. bean with beards in the thumbnail

  • Fisch
    Fisch   3 days ago

    100 lines of code rly?

  • Ellderwood 222
    Ellderwood 222   4 days ago

    I didn't read this right and thought the tittle said "dope anime box".

  • Carter Oser
    Carter Oser   4 days ago

    I don’t mean to be rude but some of your tasks are unhealthy. fish oil doesn’t help for well anything and can even be harmful. showers can be over used, at least do showers only once a week since they wash away skin oil.

  • Stefano Morandi
    Stefano Morandi   5 days ago

    not gonna lie, am now inspired to build a 100% mechanical version (cant arduino) that rewards me with a piece of chocolate ahah

  • Idle Hands
    Idle Hands   5 days ago

    Mate have you actually tried real drugs though

  • Gazelle
    Gazelle   6 days ago

    * Cries in Anhedonia *

  • CarFreak
    CarFreak   6 days ago

    This guy reminds me of mike boyd

  • Alex
    Alex   1 weeks ago

    tf did i just watch

  • Nick Janse
    Nick Janse   1 weeks ago

    you could pwm the leds down to a low level where its still visible (but much dimmer) when there is inactivity. Maybe add a motion sensor?

  • Two Hands
    Two Hands   1 weeks ago

    I thought this box gives you a shot of dopamine to get high off of 😂

  • El Achtvierdrei
    El Achtvierdrei   1 weeks ago

    Can you share the code on github? I would love to refacor it and also save me some time when I build such a box mysself^^

  • Chaz Foulstone
    Chaz Foulstone   1 weeks ago

    Me: Surely thew sound can't be that satisf-OH, OH MY IT'S SO NICE

  • Square In Square
    Square In Square   1 weeks ago

    I get my dopamine in large quantities from taking ecstasy.

  • Jack Geis
    Jack Geis   1 weeks ago

    We use Onshape at school since it is online and many students only have a chromebook

  • Eduardo Born
    Eduardo Born   1 weeks ago

    I didnt know brushing your teeth could be a "task" to be tracked LOL haha I guess I have been very industrious my whole life and didn't even know!

    OG AWESOME   1 weeks ago

    Add a speaker and make it play that sound every time you tick something off

  • OKandrew
    OKandrew   1 weeks ago

    Have you considered drugs tho?

  • Devin Ryan
    Devin Ryan   1 weeks ago

    i watch your videos all the time and now i know how to juggle, solve a rubik’s cube, etc. I really love your videos and i always learn a lot.