First Take | Stephen A. goes crazy Tom Brady into his 10th Super Bowl as Buccaneers beat Packers

  • Published on: 25 January 2021
  • First Take | Stephen A. goes crazy Tom Brady into his 10th Super Bowl as Buccaneers beat Packers
  • Runtime : 12:27
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  • Chris G
    Chris G   2 days ago

    Max spittin' FACTS. Aaron Rodgers had opportunity after opportunity to win that game and he CHOKED them away. Mans will never be the GOAT.

  • jeffrey tary
    jeffrey tary   6 days ago

    max saying that aaron rodgers is better in every aspect of the game than tom brady is perhaps the worst take in sports history the only thing aaron rodgers has ever been better at is his pass accuracy everything else goes to brady, especially the 2 most important factors the clutch gene, and game smarts he can read your defense inside out and he can change his game on the fly like no one else, except for peyton manning

  • Selepa Alatasi
    Selepa Alatasi   1 weeks ago

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  • Mar Montes
    Mar Montes   2 weeks ago

    I remember when everyone said brady only win SB because he was in a “weak” or “easy” division now in the hardest division in the league he does the same! Congrats tom 🐐

  • j drayton
    j drayton   2 weeks ago

    All that talking max and Stephen A does and Molly was right LOL

  • byxisboii
    byxisboii   2 weeks ago

    they just won the super bowl...GOAT

  • Damian McCreedy
    Damian McCreedy   2 weeks ago

    Preach max preach with the exception of the brady cliff lol ur always on point

  • Reek
    Reek   3 weeks ago


  • Reek
    Reek   3 weeks ago

    Kiss fucking ass... I love the Packers. Always have, always will. But Aaron Rodgers had nothing but OPEN space in front of him for a go ahead touchdown. AARON RODGERS COST THE PACKERS THIS SUPERBOWL!!

  • Gay Preator
    Gay Preator   3 weeks ago

    Let the team decide. Let the team decide. Let the team decide. Okay let Aaron Decide. 🤯🤯🤯

  • Greg Skaalrud
    Greg Skaalrud   3 weeks ago

    I'm Sorry but Rogers...on 3rd and Goal ended up with a WIDE OPEN SPACE and he easily could have run it in or at least gotten to the 1 yard line but the FOOL threw a pass into triple coverage......That is not very MVP and even a Rookie could have known better.

  • Rico Mansos
    Rico Mansos   3 weeks ago

    All the people that said Brady can only do it with Patriots.....where you at now?

  • Mitch and steph Scarberry

    Notice that you never hear about Antonio brown? He's gonna do something very stupid cause he needs more attention

  • Steve M
    Steve M   3 weeks ago

    Accept Tom's greatness. ACCEPT IT!!

  • Fred Low
    Fred Low   3 weeks ago

    brady did struggle 2nd half but he won.what aaron rodgers so special about? i don't see any difference

  • J. D
    J. D   3 weeks ago

    you win as a team you lose as a team !!

  • collj86
    collj86   3 weeks ago

    I had to do a discount double check, i was like wtf kicking a field goal

  • NinJazz Rhythm
    NinJazz Rhythm   3 weeks ago

    Win or lose Tom Brady is the Greatest Athlete of All Time! Better than Jordan, Better than Tiger Woods, Better than Muhammed Ali. People forget he was drafted 199. Noone gave him a chance until that chance presented itself when Bledsoe got injured.

  • Kevin Gallagher
    Kevin Gallagher   3 weeks ago

    All 43 year old qbs in nfl history combined: 23 tdsBrady this year: 40 tds

  • Kevin Gallagher
    Kevin Gallagher   3 weeks ago

    Brady Brees Rodgers all tied: 1 nfc championship each

  • james jenicek
    james jenicek   3 weeks ago

    Aaron Rodgers needs a new envioroment? THIS IS EXACTLY WHY dummy broads shouldn't be supposed sports anaylisist. Stick with your brava channel.

  • Chris G
    Chris G   3 weeks ago

    You mean to tell me, that when the Packers could only produce 6 damn points off 3 Brady interceptions, it is somehow Matt LaFleur's fault they lost this game? Man, miss me with that! For once, I agree with Max - Aaron Rodgers CHOKED when the game was on the line! He CHOKED when it mattered the most!

  • Giri Dharan
    Giri Dharan   3 weeks ago

    2 questions:1. I understand why the coach kicked a field goal, because they were getting lots of interception at the same time didn't want to face the Bucs D cause that's the MVP there, but you got Aaron fucking Rodgers, you got to be believe and take the gamble, it's the play to get to Super Bowl man2. Why the hell, didn't Aaron fucking Rodgers, run with an open field but instead decided to throw to a man covered by 2 defenders?

  • ninline2000
    ninline2000   3 weeks ago

    Green Bay coach did choke. You have to go for it because you're there and you might not make it back to the red zone again. And he didn't.

  • Ameri Volt
    Ameri Volt   3 weeks ago

    Thats pretty racist that Stephen A. Smith is mocking the French accent. Cant believe first take is allowing this. What an outrage.

  • Ameri Volt
    Ameri Volt   3 weeks ago

    Im so surprised that Stephen A. Smith didnt cry "white privilege " in reference to Eric Bienemy not bei g able to get a job and Le fleur being the head coach of the packers.

  • andy vu
    andy vu   3 weeks ago

    Max is right Brady is goat when it matters

  • LALMCGatorsfan
    LALMCGatorsfan   3 weeks ago

    Aaron Rodgers is great! But he's not the GOAT! Tom Brady was already better than Joe Montana. Aaron Rodgers will never be better than Joe Montana.

  • Adrien Pinard
    Adrien Pinard   3 weeks ago

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  • Vas G
    Vas G   3 weeks ago

    Max was right. Rodgers absolutely should of ran with all that daylight he had.

  • Raymond Leach
    Raymond Leach   4 weeks ago

    Never thought as a fan of TB12 I’d find myself liking and agreeing with Max Kellerman lol

  • Giovanni Rivera
    Giovanni Rivera   4 weeks ago

    Rodgers could of walked in for the TD at the end of the game. It was not La fluuuuurs fault Stephen A.