Seafoam vs Marvel Mystery Oil! The Ultimate Showdown!

  • Published on: 09 May 2017
  • I test the legendary Marvel Mystery Oil and compare it to Seafoam results from previous videos. You get to decide which product is superior!
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  • Runtime : 10:
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  • Steve Davis
    Steve Davis   1 days ago

    I wanted sea foam...but it looks like MMO won this duel.

  • frank new
    frank new   2 days ago

    I have been using Marvel Mystery Oil in the gas of my car, truck, and lawn mower at every fill up since 2016 with great results. Since I started using MMO, my car gets at least an extra 1.5 to 2 more miles per gallon on the highway. With Walmart selling the quart (32 oz) bottle of MMO at $3.88, I am actually saving money using it, as I am using less gas. I have a question for Todd, or anyone else who uses lawn mowers and might store gas for 6 months or more. I know that MMO will stabilize the gas for awhile, but I have heard that Seafoam or Sta-Bil will keep the gas fresher for a longer period of time. I have never used Seafoam or Sta-Bil, and would like any opinions on these fuel additives. So far, I have not had any issues storing gas for 6 months or so using MMO, even with 10% ethanol in the gas.

  • Samuel Large
    Samuel Large   2 days ago

    PTFE is the slick in slick 50 from what i understand from trusted people. I would really like to see you test it somehow. Big Fan keep on keeping on with what you're doing & remember results may vary. 😃

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle   2 days ago

    I'm into oldskool rides and ironhorses. I own a 68 nova ss, a old 71'shovelhead and yes, for a commute car, i have a 03" Tiburon. I run MMO in my my vehicles for years and they all run as good as they came off the line. I mentioned my 03" Tib, cause a lot of mechanics locally think MMO is only good on older vehicles. I dunno bout now in 2020. But my 03" never ever had issues with a few oz's if MMO! Great review here too. And theres nothin wrong with the good ol seafoam too. Both great products. ☮️

  • joe mcmillan
    joe mcmillan   3 days ago

    Been using MMO for many years just because it stopped ticks and helped misses and cleaned out sludge.Nice to have some validation that it really is good although the other plusses were all worthwhile.Another use is in model car/boat/plane fuel engines. Especially those that use nitromethane. Nitro is extremely corrosive and will corrode or rust bearings in a heartbeat if not completely washed out. I run MMO through the engine (just spin with starter motor) to wash out any trace of nitro. Keeps those bearings clean and lubed for long life.

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  • helidevil123
    helidevil123   5 days ago

    From my point of view, looks like Marvel mystery erl is the best cleaner, and sea foam is the compression restorer. I'll run a mix of both! :D

  • John Doe
    John Doe   5 days ago

    I have a 2018 Hyundai Elantra, will either of these product harm my engine?

  • Oliver Street
    Oliver Street   6 days ago

    I know that Seafoam is pretty good in the air intake for clearing carbon fouling in 2 stroke outboards and automobiles, and that Marvels mystery oil is pretty good at freeing sticking hydrauilic lifters and other gummly oil pan problems and it also has a high creep rate that makes it good for lubricating sticking throttle cables and the like. I'm not sure that MMO is really famous for being a cylinder carbon fouling treatment or a fuel treatment anyway, but results for almost anything from a worn out unsleeved aluminum L head with barely enough compression to mow grass probably don't mean very much for anything other than another worn out L head. The carbon deposits aren't very thick before or after, and with that compression reading that engine is almost sure to be burning enough oil to build up that much carbon just mowing the grass.

  • David Scott
    David Scott   6 days ago

    I think mmo did a little better. I was wondering about tipping the mower the other way so the head is getting the hot soak? As usual, Awesome video!

  • Brian Morzos
    Brian Morzos   1 weeks ago

    Thanks for doing these videos. They are great. I used to put MMO in my gas tank every so often every couple of months or so. Eventually I had o2 sensor problems. I have no way to connect it to the MMO but I have this suspicion that these things are leaving something behind in the exhaust. If you ever get back to doing any tests with either of these would you consider checking the exhaust for residue or something undesired? Thanks again for the videos :)

  • king ofdead
    king ofdead   1 weeks ago

    Both products are high performers. I think MMO won your comparison, though. I use both products and happy with both. Berrymans makes a good product as well, but my 2nd choice vs. SF or MMO

  • Tom Grant
    Tom Grant   1 weeks ago

    Marvel hands down but like sea foam for a fuel stabilizer

  • johnny lambeth
    johnny lambeth   1 weeks ago

    Please let me know which one you think is best. Awesome thank you sir

  • fullthrottleaffair
    fullthrottleaffair   1 weeks ago

    So obviously the lower compression after means the carbon and build up is being cleaned out better so I think seafoam wins

  • TRichmond1964
    TRichmond1964   1 weeks ago

    I am going back to marvel; it did an excellent job!

  • jwades77
    jwades77   2 weeks ago

    we bought my son a 09 scion xb with the 2.4l toyota 2az engine. which i now find out has a dire reputation for excessive oil consumption and carbon fouling of rings, so i was thinking of using mmo as a preventitive measure. We only just got the car. it could help with keeping the motor cleaned out.

  • David Oldford
    David Oldford   2 weeks ago

    Your videos have come a long way. I am surprised i never seen this video yet.Great video

  • Awharry36
    Awharry36   2 weeks ago

    I like to read comments in videos and I cut and paste things that catch my eye. I make a running document called "important tidbits to know". I don't remember his name or the video the comment was in - but this guy swore by 2 oz of MMO and 2 oz of Stabil to each 5 gallon can of non-ethanol gas for all his small engines. I have followed this formula for about 5 years and its just magic. Lawn mower and zero turn can sit all winter and start up first crank or first pull. Snowblower can sit all summer then start right up first pull. I use a shot glass in the garage to add 2 shots of each to the can then head to the gas station. Burn it all the time and no problems with carburetor gum-up or hard starting EVER. Marvel Mystery is the best

  • MaddSweetGT500
    MaddSweetGT500   2 weeks ago

    How about you mix them both and then do the tests again!

  • reedrobb
    reedrobb   2 weeks ago

    I use sea foam in my autos on occasion to clean the intake/ cylinder heads. Could I use MMO instead for this application. It appears I may have found a cheaper way to clean my motors.

  • The lantern Tester
    The lantern Tester   2 weeks ago

    I use both and I like marvel mystery oil but it is hard to tell a difference great video.

  • Scott Galbreath
    Scott Galbreath   2 weeks ago

    Seafoam is literally just IPA and Naphtha and some Pale Mineral Oil. Its a solvent based cleaner, not a detergent based cleaner. Seafoam also will ruin seals, rings and gaskets (use of IPA). You want and should be using a detergent based cleaner that contains a sufficient amount of PEA-Poly Ether Amine. On a side note and a professional tip:Clean your throttle body and use a good name brand fuel system cleaner every 3000-6000 miles. A cleaner that contains a sufficient amount of PEA - Poly Ether Amine AMSOIL PIGumout Regane/High MileageRoyal Purple Max Clean3M Max StrengthRedline SI-1BG44KChevron w/ Techron Concentrate PlusLiqui-Moly Fuel System Cleaner (Proline/Jectron)

  • macy simpson
    macy simpson   2 weeks ago

    I think the mystery oil is a better value.

  • Evo Son
    Evo Son   2 weeks ago

    Thank you for the video.

  • john dicks
    john dicks   2 weeks ago

    Dude thank you so much for these videos, your like a poor man's physicists ha ha.

  • Mike Price
    Mike Price   2 weeks ago

    I can't see very good, but what I saw , Marvel mystery, all the way.

  • ProveAllThings
    ProveAllThings   3 weeks ago

    Why did you cop out in giving us you opinion as to whether or not you thinik that MMO actually did etter than the seafoam or not. Ater all you are the one who can see it in person. We would all surely appreciate what your opinion was. After all you were the one who perormed the experiment. So, what is your opinion???

  • Roots Rock
    Roots Rock   3 weeks ago

    After all the demonstrations you should give a conclusion based on your experience.

  • Marak Lia
    Marak Lia   3 weeks ago

    Ok did you just make an IV for this lawnmower? Were you a medic in the army

  • PC Bored
    PC Bored   3 weeks ago

    Polyether amine is what you seek.

  • gregory julian
    gregory julian   3 weeks ago

    What about water, heard they put water in the intake which makes steam. Never tried it