The Invisible Reality: The Wonderful Weirdness of the Quantum World

  • Published on: 22 August 2014
  • Proposed a century ago to better explain the mind-bending behavior of the smallest constituents of the universe, quantum theory has implications far beyond the atom. This rich set of laws has applications both practical and extraordinary — from the technology that has revolutionized modern life to the possibility of parallel worlds.

    Our audience joined Alan Alda as he accompanied Brian Greene, Nobel Laureate William Phillips and other leading thinkers at the vanguard of quantum research on an accessible multimedia exploration of the astounding weirdness of the quantum world.

    This program is part of the Big Ideas Series, made possible with support from the John Templeton Foundation.

    The World Science Festival gathers great minds in science and the arts to produce live and digital content that allows a broad general audience to engage with scientific discoveries. Our mission is to cultivate a general public informed by science, inspired by its wonder, convinced of its value, and prepared to engage with its implications for the future.
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    Original Program date: May 30, 2008
    MODERATOR: Alan Alda
    PARTICIPANTS: David Z. Albert, Brian Greene, Max Tegmark, William Phillips

    Brian Greene Introduces quantum physics 00:00

    A throw of the dice dance performance. 21:15

    Participant Introductions. 22:54

    Are probability waves real? 25:55

    Brian Greene on the accuracy of quantum mechanics 37:30

    Einstein says that nothing is random. 47:56

    Quantum entanglement 51:10

    Not enough information in the universe for a 400 bit quantum computer 01:09:41

    Is there something missing from Quantum Physics? 01:22:15
  • Runtime : 1:30:56
  • The Invisible Reality Wonderful Weirdness of the Quantum World Quantum Mechanics (Field Of Study) Brian Greene David Albert Max Tegmark William Phillips Nobel Laureate Alan Alda Quantum the universe parallel worlds quantum theory beyond the atom laws of physics physics John Templeton Foundation New York City NYC world science festival World Science Festival full program 2008 Big Ideas Series


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  • Alabama Mothman
    Alabama Mothman   1 days ago

    Only proves that evolution is total BS. It took design to create this universe. NO WAY all this just evolved from nothing. By accident. The only RATIONAL explanation is that there was a creator.

  • go lucky
    go lucky   2 days ago

    This guy is a real genius, I am saying this because people like him, don't just understan what they are taking about, his real genius is his ability to allow all of us to understand it to. THANKS 👍💓 from WALE'S.

  • Phillip Brewster
    Phillip Brewster   2 days ago

    There results can have multiple interpretations and there comparing late water to light they are two different substances and you can get multiple interpretations bot just what this man is stating

  • Rorri Maesu
    Rorri Maesu   3 days ago

    What if it is not the electron that is waving, but the Space and Time enveloping it?

  • Allan Bond
    Allan Bond   4 days ago

    Our minds is the electron gun, when we generate our thoughts(consciousness) our thoughts are the electrons and when our thoughts are focused like a laser point, and when there are enough electrons, they start forming those waves you were talking about…. Now let’s go back to consciousness…. That’s how the ET’s are controlling their space craft, their neural system ,linked with their consciousness is built around the spacecraft, so that’s how they become part of it and how they control their craft, and what’s more, NASA knows that, the CIA knew that, Everyone in BLACK-OPS know that, and everyone who had contact with the Extra Terrestrials here in the US….. And that’s impossible to deny… no point in denying it anyway…. On the other hand, our thoughts are extremely powerful, We can control with our minds where we want the electrons to to go, so the law of probability is really dumb, because we can determine exactly to a pin point where we want the electrons to go…. How’s that? You don’t need to have a PHD to understand that… or am I just gifted or have I accessed the forbidden knowledge…. The US pilots are experimenting already with this concept of controlling their fighter jet with their minds… 😀🌈

  • TheRamenKamen
    TheRamenKamen   4 days ago

    I love these. Makes people think. Like I say all points have a correct answer until we expand further into detail. If the electrons make a wave by getting shot through a slit. What happens when there is no screen? What happens is the screen is a circle? Would that mean that the an outside force is what determines the probability. As well as the person that said “we clone you yet you are in two places” in that case both know that they are indeed where they are because they OBSERVE where they are. They have the same memories but different observable places. Schrodingers cat shows that we do not know anything until we OBSERVE IT. But then we have things that happen whether you observe them or not.On the day that we can create an instrument that can measure PROPERLY to the most exact decimal is the day that we, as a society, Will conquer quantum mechanics. Every time we find a way to measure to the last decimal and exact measurement. We learn so much more.

  • gisity17
    gisity17   6 days ago

    Yall are on to something but untill yall stop thinking that it was all by chance you'll never discover the depths of truth.

  • gisity17
    gisity17   6 days ago

    This guy sssaaaid! (And these are "intelligent" man): "this is the most accurate THEORY" but they dont know what the THEORY is about?! Ok Good luck with that.

  • metalmessy135
    metalmessy135   1 weeks ago

    Its never been solely probability. I want to say the supreme factor is possibility of interaction between particles. With the quantum computer idea, there's essentially an infinite number of yes or no's going on all the time, everywhere. And we've simply evolved to be able to perceive the interaction of (in our case) sunlight light particles with everything that exists, and we use it to know whats going on all the time, that mixed with hearing sound waves, feeling our particles interacting with everything, and all the senses in between, you put it together and you get the current human experience. And ours came from having developed in this specific place. Under this sun, Its all measurable, recordable... its all possible, and in most cases as long as interaction can occur, its probable... provable.. we're so close to some mindbending shit. Whatever the future of science holds, reality is frickin cool.

  • Miriam Kelly
    Miriam Kelly   1 weeks ago

    I love this!!! This discussion is so exhilarating!!!!

  • Mark Trujillo
    Mark Trujillo   1 weeks ago

    Working in electronics my whole life, I don't understand what you mean by electrons being waves.. there are atoms and electrons being a part of an atom, when in a closed circuit free of resistance, jump from one atom to the next and pulls an electron from the atom behind it, electrons are one of three factors of an atom : along with a proton and a neutron. I suppose when using electrical power within a phase converter where there's a current running to be made available for applying the proper voltage , amperage and watts and stop without causing a drop , thus causing a power failure and doing it without any relays or solenoid coils... but a constant flow being kept on a constant wavelength frequency and amp... So, whatever mote, piece of matter or whatever you're describing, why do you guys not call it something unique and as a name of its own ? Are you saying it's a negative charged free floating existential factor residing somewhere in the facets of an amorphous scape where there may or may not be a "wave" of which electrons are for some reason playing an essential role free of atomic nature and having no reliance on their proton and neutron counterparts already established to be an established part of the force of nature in its own right?

  • omegafile
    omegafile   1 weeks ago

    The particle creates the wave and the wave gets there before the particle. Everything is vibrating and creating waves.

  • Kevin Connelly
    Kevin Connelly   1 weeks ago

    I saw dark light dark light on a country road. Turns out it was the spaces between train cars at an unmarked crossing

  • Lisa Lawson
    Lisa Lawson   1 weeks ago


  • CMSTester
    CMSTester   1 weeks ago

    Wow I just so much miss Neil DeCRASS Tyson when listening to the brilliant scientist... LOL -- NOT!

  • kenhnsy
    kenhnsy   1 weeks ago

    Why is Alan Alda on here? Does this topic need an idiot who has never read a physics book?

  • Art Painter
    Art Painter   1 weeks ago

    This is what I've found to be certain.Emanate higher positive thoughts and vibrations and desires at all times. The peak of one wave function meeting a equal wave will go even higher.A low point in the same wave function meeting a high peak cancel each other out.Merely being around ANYONE who has the slightest problem with you will alter your energy.Two low points in the wave function meeting / colliding drives then frequency wave lower.The electrons running around in these waves are probabilities without properties according to quantum mechanics.What is manifested from this wave soup is up to us on a mental plane. Like probabilities stick together.

  • Sycros
    Sycros   1 weeks ago

    57:00 BRO THIS BACKS UP ALL OF MY IDEAS with a computer powerful enough similar to how a chess game can play out you can create one that can simulate every possibility in any universe ever. You could create a multiverse with a computer theoretically. We already have an absolutely small version of this with simulated games but like we could use this to predict the future or create our own multiverse. Like bro im kinda freaking out.

  • Sycros
    Sycros   1 weeks ago

    Maybe im coming about this wrong but when working with things like CAD there is a certain precision you must have with the machine so there will be some variability. Maybe the electrons are where they are because simply the machine is not accurate enough to put them in the same spot. Combined with that is the specific possibility of an electron say hit the side of the wall or have the right angle to hit an area would create the probability. Maybe im thinking of it wrong but ig thats my guess

  • Next Level Pictures
    Next Level Pictures   1 weeks ago

    Reason is Tachyon. Even we don't know that those exist the reason is Tachyon and its spinors.

  • Ashten DeBusk
    Ashten DeBusk   1 weeks ago

    What I really want to see is how similar and/or different there scientific findings would be compared with more spiritual findings.

  • Peter Hibbert
    Peter Hibbert   1 weeks ago

    Thank you for the introduction to Quantum World. The question which I have is : How did this presentation evolve? In other words, prior to the labelling of this topic as "Quantum", to what extent did the natural world present this characteristic, these characteristics? It does not make any sense to talk about Quantum outside of an experimental context because in an experiment the conditions are defined for the purpose of the experiment and do not correspond to natural circumstances. It is all well and good to build a Quantum system for analysis or for calculating quantities. But this does not necessarily reach a valid conclusion. Anyone who watches this Quantum World will need to have answers to fundamental questions. Alternately a new or different approach must emerge in the future.

  • spiritual skeptic
    spiritual skeptic   1 weeks ago

    August alsina said it best. The definition of entanglement is when you tangled in the sheets.

  • Gratis Gratis
    Gratis Gratis   1 weeks ago

    His voice and energy reminds me over Brian Greene. So fun and interesting. What a great orator.

  • Abram Badal
    Abram Badal   1 weeks ago

    What recent Astronomy is revealing to our eyes is the fact that this world is truely endless ! And / so when trying to ' generalze ' our experiments in a tiny little point of it , which is our large but very humble and little solar system , saying it will be a law exactly true for the whole universe , making our equations 'god' or ' a powerful ' potion that will explain it exactly for all of the endless reality , from our very tiny and limited and very little knownn universe, so close to zero, this is not scientific ! Therefore doubting and discussions can continue , but better time will be spent to start and build space voyagers' large and vast engines and living machines , so that before we deplete our resources for making idiot monkey money for few and go down as another stupid species that spent more time to discussed while they lost their chance of survival ! But really I likedand enjoyed your discussions today anyway !

  • Joe OConnor
    Joe OConnor   2 weeks ago

    We are all traveling souls on a wavelength of light

  • Emerson Biggins
    Emerson Biggins   2 weeks ago

    “I am enough of the artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” -Albert Einstein

  • uTgLzR
    uTgLzR   2 weeks ago

    Mans always yelling!

  • johnnyreddy123
    johnnyreddy123   2 weeks ago

    The particle isn’t a wave it travels on a wave ..a wave of what I don’t know..same with light. When you watch light slowed down you can see a space just at the end of the light that extends a bit almost like the light is trying to catch up to it..

  • AlwaysReason
    AlwaysReason   2 weeks ago

    21:16 the world suddenly makes even less sense.

  • Sean
    Sean   2 weeks ago

    See how he captured his lunch

  • Gravitron Rutherford
    Gravitron Rutherford   2 weeks ago

    Is it possible that the chemical processes in the brain that are used to mimic the images we observe having a hard time reproducing what we’re trying to observe on the quantum level?