The Alien Files: UFOs Under Investigation (Full Episode S1|E5)

  • Published on: 25 June 2021
  • In most cases, UFO sightings are easily explained by simple scientific facts: optical illusions, atmospheric phenomena, sounding balloons, hallucinations. In this episode, researchers who specialize in the science of the unexplained look at these so-called sightings.

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    This investigative series takes a definitive, scientific look at the search for unidentified flying objects, documenting UFO stories that have been debunked and bringing viewers up-to-date on the state of the most famous UFO investigations, many of which still remain unresolved and unexplained to this day.

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  • Runtime : 46:34
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  • Mat J
    Mat J   1 days ago

    Bet this was released on VHS Tape,, Old Old Old Nothing New under the Sun.

  • Roger Murray
    Roger Murray   3 days ago

    I agree Some UFO 🛸Mistake Air Planes and Fall Stars 🌟Space Junk 100% of Report UFO 🛸not Hoax 2004 U.S.S.NIMITZ Incident Proof

  • Darren Woolley
    Darren Woolley   4 days ago

    Holy shit, first time I've heard of an earthquake, (which didn't happen) being used to debunk!! That's either genius or the most stupid shit I've ever heard.. this is a kind of gold this video, such laughter has not been heard in my house in years, even the kids know bullshit when they hear it...

  • Darren Woolley
    Darren Woolley   4 days ago

    How on earth in this new millennium does someone mistake a U2 spy plane for a UFO, weren't those planes black budget top secret items, they're supposed to deceive the military powers of the world, anyways we know conventional aircraft and propulsion systems, and they don't silently hover, then turn on their sides while stationary, then at mach 200 ascend 100,000feet up and return in the blink of an eye, but of course now we know they're F117's... Right? 🤭

  • Darren Woolley
    Darren Woolley   4 days ago

    The advice given here is to debunk yourself completely, if you still think you saw or have captured something, then call the pro's and they'll beat the idea out of your head proper like. 😃

  • Darren Woolley
    Darren Woolley   4 days ago

    It's funny watching all these "honest" expert's debunking UAP's UFO's at every turn, the ol swamp gas in the middle of a huge city, the weather balloons over airports.. it's humorous now that we KNOW they're real and always have been, check the demoralising way they speak about witnesses! This video in particular was made to debunk

    HAMID ABRAHAM   1 weeks ago

    Ask urself why all these shit only happen years after WW2 and what's the relation between these called mesteries shit and the German black project on the same subject ....

    HAMID ABRAHAM   1 weeks ago

    All what u heard about Aliens and UFO are USA black project ... Alien : are biologycal missed formation on humans in order to create an armies of hybrid totally obeying the American secret Gov and the ideal why to hide this shit is the use of what called flying soccer and so on ... there is no true creatures coming from outside the Earth definitely and no true U F O .

  • Mary Theresa
    Mary Theresa   2 weeks ago

    so Navy fighter pilots are seeing things ? filming objects too? who the the heck can be trusted to not lie about seeing something in the sky, something, I suggest you all get together again and Really look at the mountains of evidence, while you're at it take a look at unexplained things around ISIS....scientist cannot claim they don't exist

  • Charles Slaughter
    Charles Slaughter   2 weeks ago

    This back and forth deliberate indifference has caused a big rift in the scientific community The research is there to show that they do exist. It is ludicrous to say we are not alone. I am pro UFO. Dr Charles D. Slaughter.

  • Bud White
    Bud White   2 weeks ago

    12:50. Boy holms is really selling a weather balloon

  • Nick Savage
    Nick Savage   2 weeks ago

    The AVRO was to demonstrate toPublic that it doesnt work well With all the Wobble so people would assumeIt is a failure and forget thinking about them.Using Gyroscopic design the WobbleIs eliminated and the saucer design fliesWell. So well they hide the ones they makeand want you to believe it is aliens.There is a mixture of Ours and Theirs.The Advanced Models are not Ours.They dont fly thru the air, they move by warping space Around them.

  • Hiraldo Sternflyer
    Hiraldo Sternflyer   3 weeks ago

    A bunch of ignorant frog eaters discussing the phenomenon of UFOs. 🙄

  • Albert Orozco
    Albert Orozco   3 weeks ago

    All these pathetic videos bits at the start totally discredits the whole video. Learn dildos...

  • Benny West
    Benny West   3 weeks ago

    They have u looking at the sky when u should be looking towards the Antartica

  • Thomas Laurie
    Thomas Laurie   3 weeks ago

    I've been watching a lot of this UFO investigation documentary and I keep hearing, national security, what national security are they talking about?We know they exist and nothing we can do to stop them from coming to visit earth. We all know their technology is much more superior then us. We did not see they attack us, did we? But when the military encounter them, we send military plane trying to shoot them down, we are the one that assault them, if they want to retaliate, there is nothing we can do to stop them, they have advance technology we can even imagine. The government have kept their existence from us for a very long time, why? Their excuses is we are not ready, if something is kept from you and not being told the truth, how can we be ready? The unknown scare us, if we are told the truth we will not be so scare. I believed we are not alone in the universe, I doubt I will see them coming to coexist with us. We are a violence people, doubt they want anything to do with us.

  • Rafael Bustamante
    Rafael Bustamante   4 weeks ago

    The trip to the moon was a Hollywood production and the space station is fake also, no object can withstand +2000 Celsius degrees when exppsed to the sun cosmic rays or -270 Celsius when in the shadow, confirm this facts in Wikipedia...

  • Rene Cu
    Rene Cu   4 weeks ago

    who so ever believes in aliens is so far removed from reality but i must say this show is entertaining

  • V. Britton
    V. Britton   1 months ago

    Funny to put that "ufo" as the cover photo.

  • Richard A
    Richard A   1 months ago

    Well now they talk about the 95% that can be explained I couldn’t care less about those I want to hear about the other 5%. I’ve got news for the educated idiots Venus doesn’t make 120 degree turns 🤷‍♂️ yeah right it’s a 🎈

  • Kaz Kazimierz
    Kaz Kazimierz   1 months ago

    One of the better documentaries on this topic.

  • Jeremy Glauert
    Jeremy Glauert   1 months ago

    Maybe the odd weather balloon, classified aircraft or other explainable sightings these days. But it’s recorded in stone from thousands of years ago that we have been visited, helped and it’s been well documented. Our DNA has been manipulated and there weren’t many stealth fighters and weather balloons 5 to 10,000 years ago

  • busabrye
    busabrye   1 months ago

    I’m an astronomer, and I’ve seen two different types of ufos

  • uphill248 uphill248
    uphill248 uphill248   1 months ago

    Rule number #1 don’t call the police they can’t help you. Get yourself a very good camera and a shotgun, just in case.

  • VID Trax
    VID Trax   1 months ago

    Earthlings always feel threatened but they create fear amongst themselves for selfish reasons. We are not alone for sure 😊

  • Elohim
    Elohim   1 months ago

    Always skeptics trying to discredit witnesses 🙄

  • Elohim
    Elohim   1 months ago

    Always skeptics trying to discredit the witnesses 🙄

  • Stuntas
    Stuntas   1 months ago

    que cringe opening in 3 .........2..........1............

  • ijams sum
    ijams sum   1 months ago

    Implausible explanations for UFOs make me laugh and confirm what witnesses are seeing that do not fly like any airplanes that exist are indeed craft not made on Earth !Academic Science in the USA will not even investigate UFO landing cases that left evidence that was documented ?I know the ETs are here and some live under our Oceans !So many radio signals coming from Earth since the 1940s has attracted numerous ET species to Earth as many are here now and more keep coming !The cosmos is full of intelligent life and technology to travel the stars has been spread thru out our Galaxy likely thru trade !Wake up academia !

  • Indra S
    Indra S   1 months ago

    Exciting. We are not alone!

  • Iain Mair
    Iain Mair   1 months ago

    Venus? What sane person mistakes Venus, a stationary object, as a spacecraft?

  • 36duboy
    36duboy   1 months ago

    The french guy doesn't believe in Santa either

  • Mike McCaffrey
    Mike McCaffrey   1 months ago

    All the deniers in thus video need to open up their minds.....