The worst oil filters on the PLANET!!!

  • Published on: 20 January 2018
  • The absolute worst oil filter construction Iv ever seen. DONT USE THESE FILTERS!!! In this video I take 3 different oil filters apart. A Fram, Wix, and Napa oil filter, The way Fram builds their filters is the worst oil filters on the planet!

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  • Runtime : 24:55
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  • Gary I
    Gary I   2 days ago

    Fram makes good filters. Got regular, Tough Guard and Synthetic oil filter. The Super Tech being Walmart's brand is identical to the base Fram oil filter #9018 cartridge filter. You got to compare and put the prices of all three filters you mentioned.

  • King Kennedy
    King Kennedy   6 days ago

    I had no clue, I've been using Fram for awhile. I've heard they weren't that great, but actually seeing it cut open and explained makes much more of a difference. The grip was my selling point, never gave any serious thought of the inside. Wow. Much appreciated

  • Littlelewie151
    Littlelewie151   6 days ago

    I'm sure at one time they had a decent filter. I'm guessing they got arrogant and figured they could cheapen them up and rely solely on marketing to sell them. But, I honestly cant think of a product that I've heard more people bash for poor quality lol. You'll never see one on my vehicle!!!

  • Clyde Perrine
    Clyde Perrine   1 weeks ago

    I had no idea that Fram was so cheaply made. Thanks!

  • Ray Brown
    Ray Brown   1 weeks ago

    I wonder if Fram has the slightest clue as to how crappy their oil filter is? Even worse for them is the fact that the weekend mechanics make the same observation, if they only knew that most people want quality for a fair price, WIX... Thanks for taking the time to make this video, very informative...

  • DriveAndMaintain
    DriveAndMaintain   1 weeks ago

    Here in Australia we only have a handful of filter brands, compared to the plethora available in the USA. Our domestic filter market is dominated by Ryco, they're made in China but that's not a bad thing considering that they're great quality and affordable. Sakura filters (made in Indonesia) are a good Japanese brand and lately I've also used Terrain Tamer filters (Thailand). Everyone bitches about filters being made in foreign countries but Fram shows that quality has little to do with the country of origin. Doesn't matter if a filter is new or used, if you cut everything open you can learn a lot and make your next purchases based on real information.

  • Anthony Steenbeke
    Anthony Steenbeke   1 weeks ago

    The only reason I clicked on this was because I thought that this video was implying wix filters were the worst. But it’s Fram of course.

  • C Ward
    C Ward   2 weeks ago

    Another "slam" on Fram filters. I've used them for over 30 years and would continue to use them. I've never had engine failure or vehicle dependability issues because of a cheap oil filter. On the other hand, using cheap motor oil will give you issues. I have used Motorcraft, AC Delco, Purolator, and OEM Nissan filters and have had no issues with those either. I have gotten 200, 300 thousand miles on those vehicles and they are still on the road. Not changing the oil or taking your vehicle to a mechanic who does an improper change will result in far more damage.

  • Phil Hall
    Phil Hall   2 weeks ago

    Folks look at fast oil change Junk filters , cheap crap like framI use wix maded or oem

  • J Jammu
    J Jammu   2 weeks ago

    Thanks for the detailed information

  • Joe surfer
    Joe surfer   3 weeks ago

    And the left Wing globalist criminals keep trying to convince U.S. citizens that they do not need fathers in homes.

  • Todd Pickens
    Todd Pickens   3 weeks ago

    Fram filters are orange because they make excellent targets for the gun range

  • aeroflopper
    aeroflopper   1 months ago

    i used to work for crossland filters, we made filters for ford and after market sales/replacement parts, they are exactly the same, we just used blank moulds with no name in for the after market filters.

  • jinxtacy
    jinxtacy   1 months ago

    I don't really think it have to be that bad. The amount of filter media is more a selling point. If engineered to reach claimed interval/time I don't really have an issue with it. With more filter media area you could have it more restrictive in filtering and retain the flow and it should last longer, but perhaps the amount of filter media and type is sufficient. After buying some Mann filters for a Volvo I picked up, I'm a bit more open-minded to design choices. I tend to just order multipacks of OE online or when there's a sale, but have used Mann, Bosch, Wix, Purolator, Napa Gold, Motorcraft, Mobil 1, Mopar, K&N and Fram. I'm kind of odd so I prefer OE, on nicer cars, but use Wix, Purolator, Napa Gold, Bosch and Motorcraft. I tend to pay for my paranoia, but also acknowledge that Fram is probably more than sufficient for the job and I've pulled it off many a new (to me) car purchase. The grippy bit is really nice though. Over-engineering doesn't necessarily equate to good engineering and design. Mag Filter, some magnets on the oil pan being removed before draining, and probably most importantly an effective air filter.

  • Shawn Hurley
    Shawn Hurley   1 months ago

    Thanks for the heads up. I have a frame filter on my truck right now. Will never buy one again

  • Hector Rivera
    Hector Rivera   1 months ago

    I’ve always known Fram was the crappiest filters on the market. Use to work part-time at an auto part store an always steered people away from Fram. I use Wix XP on everything.

  • IAM Crankinstein
    IAM Crankinstein   1 months ago

    I am pissed off. I have a old Jeep and started doing my own maintenance. Was a great learning experience but my Jeep motor started struggling. I used nothing but Fram. That explains so much. Thank u. I may start doing my own maintenance again

  • Liam Jerkins
    Liam Jerkins   1 months ago

    I have and and always will use NAPA Gold, my dad always said that Fram was crap. I never doubted it because, NAPA wasn’t going to stick it to you for $10 more a filter for no reason, and I searched one night and understand why now

  • tim schofield
    tim schofield   1 months ago

    Funny thing is that Fram cost just as much as the lot better filters....even if Fram sold them for 5 for a dollar i wouldn't buy that crap....Napa Gold are very good filters.

  • Thomas William Firby
    Thomas William Firby   1 months ago

    FRAM Filters are shite you might as well have no filter ! I’m in the uk 🇬🇧. We use to use those crappy filters on our farm vehicles and it wasn’t good

  • BrockGrimes
    BrockGrimes   1 months ago

    Thankfully I've always used Mobile 1 filters, with the anti-drain back

  • Jim Thomson
    Jim Thomson   1 months ago

    In 1964 when I still had money and hair I was apprenticing in the local Ford garage as a mechanics helper. I had a case of old Fram filters at home. I was told to go to the local parts house and pick up some new Fram filters because that was what the customer specified for his oil change. When I picked up the Fram box I thought it was empty because it was so light. I bought another filter and took it home after work and cut it open and compared it to the older filters I had and could not believe the difference. It turns out that Union Switch and Signal had bought Fram and had proceeded to radically cheapen the product in order to bolster its bottom line. Once I used my old filters I have never, to this day, bought or used another Fram filter. I won't guarantee an oil change if my customer specifies a Fram. Fram is s four letter word!!!!!

  • yiranjack
    yiranjack   1 months ago

    Wix is a subsidiary of Mann-Hummel, so does purolator. Those are good filter makers. Others like Mahle, Denso, Hengst are all good. Fram is the worst.

  • ThomCountryfan
    ThomCountryfan   1 months ago

    Noone will have any problems with any filter. It just doesn't matter. Exact the same thing with the oil change interval. No one needs to change a filter and oil before 20'000 kilometers. Years don't matter almost at all. Just a rip off by the oil companies and shops.

  • Ronald Trump
    Ronald Trump   1 months ago

    I’m 56 yrs old and I just found out about 3 months ago that Fram is junk.

  • James 3rd
    James 3rd   2 months ago

    I was told to stay away from fram a long time ago.

  • UreaSmith
    UreaSmith   2 months ago

    Fram orange filters suck. They do make good filters though, their extraguard and ultraguard synthetic filters are quality.

  • Johnny Xiong
    Johnny Xiong   2 months ago

    Fram cooperation probably don't care about the way they produced cheap oil filter. It's a matter of time before oil filter will be obsolete. Due to electric cars. Even though some of us cry out, how cheap Fram oil filters are made. Fram will still making profit because most people don't do their own oil change. The 10 minutes oil change express will still use Fram oil filter for profit. Crazy and sad 😢

  • Kevin Ellis
    Kevin Ellis   2 months ago

    What do you think about a Purolator Boss Oil Filter vs a Wix Ap Oil Filter? Trying to decide which one to buy

  • The Wholls
    The Wholls   3 months ago

    Good videoI do wonder if you change the oil every 5000 km - and use filter filtermag does it matter wot oil filter you have as the motor is always clean anyway....

  • Rafael Baez
    Rafael Baez   3 months ago

    Wow Fram is garbage, thanks for exposing it for what it is.

  • Josh Partin
    Josh Partin   3 months ago

    I have to agree with you. I saw a display at my parts store that shows three oil filters cut open you could pick them up and feel of them. Fram filters suck! I use Napa filters on my vehicles.On my trucks I use Donaldson, fleetguard on my Cummins.Baldwin also makes a great filter.JUST DONT USE A FRAM. I would not put a fram on a bicycle.

  • FPVav8tr
    FPVav8tr   3 months ago

    Using a grinder to open a filter SMH AND LMAO.

  • Bruce Vrooman
    Bruce Vrooman   3 months ago

    Always liked Fram......until now.  Thank you !