Survivorman Bigfoot | Episode 3 | Klemtu BC | Les Stroud

  • Published on: 12 December 2020
  • In the largely unexplored wilderness of Klemtu, a Native Reserve on the coast of Canada’s beautiful British Columbia, local residents have been telling stories for generations about Bigfoot. Klemtu Hill is an old volcano, it’s a sacred area and the Bigfoot reports here are in the hundreds. Something that is supposed to weigh 900 pounds has to leave a trail – whatever is there, it leaves tracks, makes sounds in the night, makes friends and helps people, abducts and even kills people. Les Stroud’s approach is to place himself in the hot spots, in the firing line, wherever there have been reports of sightings or strange happenings, in a tent, outside of a tent, with fire, without fire, inside of a cabin, walking on lonely roads, whatever it takes to provoke an encounter. Les’s quest is to make contact and in this wild place of abundance, where large animals could exist indefinitely, it is the unknown that keeps him coming back for more.

    Directed By Les Stroud
    Starring Les Stroud

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  • Runtime : 43:45
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  • sciencefan
    sciencefan   1 days ago

    9:00 did you tie the pinkish/faded orange ribbon to the branch?

  • Will King
    Will King   1 days ago

    It’s fine to be skeptical of something like this but to just dismiss it outright makes you a closed minded moron. I swing back and forth between exists and doesn’t. I’ve seen something myself that wasn’t a Bigfoot but something paranormal others say they’ve seen so I have an open mind. I just think there are so many people saying they’ve seen this thing and/or had an encounter that there has to be something to it. No smoke without fire

  • Stephen Harvey
    Stephen Harvey   4 days ago

    I wanted to see Les go to portlock Alaska for a Bigfoot episode

  • A C
    A C   5 days ago

    The only time you might encounter Big Feet is when your not looking for it...

  • AfflictedByReality
    AfflictedByReality   5 days ago

    Is it just me or did that raven looking into the cam have very human looking eyes? Shouldnt they be pitch black

  • G star
    G star   6 days ago

    Should have checked out that fallen or thrown tree..🤨

  • Glenn Luces
    Glenn Luces   6 days ago

    Another white man fake and pretentious survivall chanel...sad lots of viewers believe..Watch asian survival chanels....theyre for real..Survival Instinct chanel by nolan and sumatra of north vietnam tropical matchete for gear..nothing fancy blah blahs...

  • Frank 522
    Frank 522   1 weeks ago

    Oops, forgot to turn the recorder on right when I needed, tune in next week

  • zazugee
    zazugee   1 weeks ago

    about bones, it's also related to population number, human population is in billionsand yet you don't find pretty much any human bones in the wildness it will very rare for a small population of bigfoot to leave discoverable bonesbut if the sasquash is a paranormal entity then it's a non-issuebut imagine a person or a creature will actually travel in move in a large surface of earth on daily basis all of it's lifeonly to end dying and leaving bones in one single placeso probabilty of that entity being seen is order of magnitude higher than probability of it's bones being found

  • dikhed
    dikhed   1 weeks ago

    18:19 it looks like something is in the tree behind les, you can't miss it, it stands out like a sore thumb, its really dark in colour

  • Dawson Tecomba
    Dawson Tecomba   1 weeks ago

    I’m at north west territories along the Mackenzie river, people go fishing here often on the river and they often see Bigfoot, the river is a few kilometres wide in places. Should look for Bigfoot here, lots of caves

  • Doe Buck
    Doe Buck   1 weeks ago

    Best sasquatch document film. By far. Great work!!!. Shoulda burn animal fur. They will come investigate the smell if their in the area.

  • Wyatt Earp
    Wyatt Earp   2 weeks ago

    When it comes to bones, I never hear people talk about the size of the bones. The marrow in a bigfoot bone has to be a huge amount of a soft organic material, meaning that they will decompose quicker then a human bone

  • Margarita Varas
    Margarita Varas   2 weeks ago

    Subtítulos en inglés para entender q hablannn por favor gracias 🤩🤩

  • asynchronicity
    asynchronicity   2 weeks ago

    Casts? Meh. How about DNA? That would be actually convincing.

  • asynchronicity
    asynchronicity   2 weeks ago

    Does a Sasquatch shit in the woods? Apparently not.

  • Vocal Veteran
    Vocal Veteran   3 weeks ago

    Les, remember, if there weren't at least 10 well-known, mainstream scientists present along with at least an entire generation of Sasquatch never happened & are most likely lying to get attention, money, or become famous!

  • JR
    JR   3 weeks ago

    These shows are awesome Les. 😁

  • Cristi Deborde
    Cristi Deborde   3 weeks ago

    So glad this episode DID NOT have Todd in it! You are SO MUCH better solo!

    TYCHO   3 weeks ago

    SO, "If a Sasquatch knocks a tree down in the woods will anyone hear it?" 😁

  • Reba Ecky
    Reba Ecky   3 weeks ago

    Just heard you on a podcast speaking about one of your telepathic experiences and that one of them you decided to make yourself known to them in your mind and that you received a "minds speak" kind of a message stating that they "are sleeping." My point of this is in seeing you digging for clams in the evening and you got no response. Maybe they were sleeping?

  • Smash and Grab Crypto

    My encounter was in Florida. Never believed and always thought Bigfoot was a joke. Mine was taller than a stop sign and was busy eating along a canal system in the Hillsborough chain of Port Charlotte. I was in a flat bottom 12ft John Boat, drifting and fishing.Looking ahead, I saw something moving along the bank through the trees. At first I thought it was a dog coming to see what I was doing. Then I didn't see it for a while and continued fishing. At one point I turned on the trolling motor and headed back to another fishing spot after passing the area I saw the "Dog".As I slowly made my way back, I saw the dark shape now on the bank about 50 yards ahead. I cast my pole behind me and started reeling in as I steered to stay straight. At this point I looked to see the dog.The dog was now a large dark hair shape that made a snorting sound, not like a deer but almost like a man clearing his throat??Then it stood up.I turned further away from the bank as I came closer. It stayed there as I approached and then turned and ran uphill when we finally made eye contact. Tree branches hid him until I cleared the corner and at that point, he turned and in what seemed like a split second he was gone.I ran my boat into the bank on the side he was at about 20 yards further up and jumped out. Tied off and ran up the hill.I knew what I saw and I was excited. I wanted to "catch it" I guess. Knowing how big it was I decided that was stupid but still wanted to see it again.I got to the top and as I cleared an empty lot in BFE...It froze in the middle of a grass covered abandoned street and then ran across. As he ran, he passed to stop sign and that when I realized just how tall he was. Just maybe 2 inches taller than a stop sign. 8'2"? Guessing.I went back to my boat, turned on the gas motor and drove like a mad man back to my truck, loaded up and then drove around for 2 hours in the area.From that day forward, I know they're real.

  • MeesterVegas
    MeesterVegas   4 weeks ago

    Have you ever seen a Liger out there? It's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a Lion and Tiger mixed...bred for it's skills in magic.

  • anna swan
    anna swan   1 months ago

    What are you going to do if you attract a lady Bigfoot and she wants to cuddle. Then what

  • Throw Away
    Throw Away   1 months ago

    15:20 anyone else think that spinal column is awfully clean?

  • Thomas Woody
    Thomas Woody   1 months ago

    You know the truth les. You wouldn't be spending a ton of money if you didn't know it already. I hope you can convince the hammered people that don't believe in the creature. Whether it has been genetic made or they are biological or from a race we don't know or told about.

  • Sasquatch Isnot Real
    Sasquatch Isnot Real   1 months ago

    I once saw a fight between a mermaid and a bigfoot off Whidby Island in Washington State. I never did figure out who won the battle.

  • Walter Bridges
    Walter Bridges   1 months ago

    I believe les is more credible than any other investigators

  • Giuseppe Martino
    Giuseppe Martino   1 months ago

    Sasquach is not stupid they know u were dropped off by a film crew and not far away u have people who watch u so they will stay away from you maybe I'm wrong but I think they are watching u.

  • Giuseppe Martino
    Giuseppe Martino   1 months ago

    So because u haven't seen a Bigfoot u still after all the things you heard and u heard the howling u still don't believe?

  • Giuseppe Martino
    Giuseppe Martino   1 months ago

    It worked for Scott Carpenter when he put a camera facing behind he captured all kinds of Bigfoot sightings so it's a good idea 💡

  • Moronvideos1940
    Moronvideos1940   1 months ago

    I remember the day I jumped on my bike....missed the seat and damaged my dangling ones. When I fell on the sidewalk, screaming in agony, my friends laughed and started calling me SQUASHEDCROTCH. Between the two I always get the spelling mixed up ........... ow !!

  • fishrgirl
    fishrgirl   1 months ago

    I think Sasquatch would be nocturnal...they seem shy, thus hunt a night or dusk and early dawn.