What We Needed! - Spring Storms - (Surprise!!!!) Overnight Adventure

  • Published on: 28 April 2017
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    Surprise!!!!! This is an unannounced Overnight Adventure! Kick back, grab some coffee and enjoy! Have a wonderful weekend.

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  • Runtime : 57:58
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  • Roberta Smith
    Roberta Smith   1 days ago

    We are not far from y'all, we are up here in Va. in the blue ridge mtns. We raised 4 kids in the country and would often camp out on our land but when we would hear the wild cat screaming it was terrifying!!! We also have a lot of black bear and nosie raccoons oh and deer. Definitely lots of animals.

  • Rick Timmons
    Rick Timmons   1 weeks ago

    Luke, when you are cooking hamburgers place the onion under the meat so the burger absorbs the flavor.

  • Katherine Niotis
    Katherine Niotis   1 weeks ago

    Have you and or your wife tried the "Mountain Equipment Co Op" camping tents and all sorts of camping equipment supplies and backpacks sporty hand bags and water bottles for your hot coffee cold water nice and cold etc...I think this company is in The States and I know this company is in Canada where I live..👍👍🙂🙂

    RESELLER GIRL   1 weeks ago

    wow that tent is mahoosive lol , great video again guys , love the rain n storm

  • Erica
    Erica   1 weeks ago

    I think the reason some people get upset when they see someone else be super happy all the time is because they want to be that way.

  • Rudy georgia mules and country boys

    "Insulation" , ... alonewithin itself isn't going to make you warmer.It takes some type of heating device to warm the inside of the tent.The insulation should help retain that heat inside.

  • Christopher Troy
    Christopher Troy   2 weeks ago

    I like your content but your setting your tents up wrong.Put the stakes in the ground and one person can set that tent up in 5 minutes.If you don't like the direction pull the stakes no worries turn it and stake. Always stake firstDo a video setting it up by your self.

    RICH LOVIN   1 months ago

    Oh no! I a, deaf and there are no captions for this!!!

  • Earl Swonger
    Earl Swonger   1 months ago

    I wish you would have Susie camping with you most of the time. Love you Susie

  • Andre Kuhr
    Andre Kuhr   1 months ago

    Gee, yur a very lucky man. You even brought yur personal cook , haha

  • Thomas Taylor
    Thomas Taylor   2 months ago

    You needed to saute those onions In some dr.pepper or Coke

  • derrick walker
    derrick walker   2 months ago

    Y’all remind me of my wife and I! We camp a lot but not as much as we want too! She was diagnosed with acipitol neuralgia. It’s a nerve issue in here head plus dealing with a teenage daughter ain’t easy! Lol! All we hear is want want want!! But she is a pretty good kid! A lot of kids her age are so self centered now! A very inconsiderate generation!

  • 77 Nizzova
    77 Nizzova   3 months ago

    You say 800$!!!! Wow. Way not worth the hassle. A few blankets or get one of thingys your wife had and get a lighter cheaper tent. 800 is a crazy number, especially if you can suffocate in it!!! Let me know.

  • ChrisRB
    ChrisRB   3 months ago

    The wife is adorable my dude. You guys make a great team. Cheers!

  • Janet Burrows
    Janet Burrows   3 months ago

    If you used all the guy ropes, you’d have it much tighter and less saggy looking. Cos I noticed the bedroom section will collect water 💦. 💖🇬🇧💕⛺️🇬🇧

  • KGK 4ever
    KGK 4ever   3 months ago

    That's not warm enough for Two bodies giving off heat together in one insulated space. That tent is not warm enough and the suffocation is kinda crazy!! A bit nerve wracking if u forgot to open it up!!

  • KGK 4ever
    KGK 4ever   3 months ago

    Just DIY a couple velcro patches for that mesh window. Takes 5 minutes top to do. Some glue and velcro patches. Done instant sealed mesh.

  • Brian Puffenbarger
    Brian Puffenbarger   3 months ago

    Looks like you could back your SUV into that one end and use it to make a car tent

  • Dennis Streight
    Dennis Streight   3 months ago

    Luke you are a lucky man to have a wife like Susie I wish I could have a wife like her .im single at this time.

  • Manuel Faelnar
    Manuel Faelnar   4 months ago

    Actually I hate eating like that. I need a table to be comfortable.

  • Road King
    Road King   4 months ago

    Do you ever camp in the White Mtns

  • Karen Aldridge
    Karen Aldridge   4 months ago

    Tasters choice instant is yummy , add your own sugar or honey & 1/2 & 1/2 add water , it's now coffee, yum , ☕🍯🍶

  • Karen Aldridge
    Karen Aldridge   4 months ago

    You know sweet heart lady of his , in looking out for them , you could see though the tough man thing & bring extra blanket or bag , da internet has coffee, ☕🍯🍶💖💖 or let him in yours with you , ! I had a long marriage, more then 35 yrs , it's how I know , 💞

  • Heavy Metal Zombie
    Heavy Metal Zombie   4 months ago

    Luke, you have created the Dirt-Burger! I really love your videos and excellent reviews.

  • Roger Spencer
    Roger Spencer   5 months ago

    Love the videos luck I have a question how far is Lone wolf mountain from Lexington North Carolina hi Susan glad you are back

  • TOM C
    TOM C   5 months ago

    Love your videos. I enjoy your tent test. I especially look forward to seeing family videos. Nice change of pace.

  • Cure4pd
    Cure4pd   5 months ago

    Gazelle t4 best tent fastest set up, do a review

  • Seamus McBride
    Seamus McBride   6 months ago

    Susie for fifteen minutes: Luke, shut up, get the table, and MAKE COFFEE!!!!! Luke: blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah...... HAR!!!!

    RICH LOVIN   7 months ago

    Unfortunately there are no subtitles and I am deaf.

  • Костянтин Мазанов

    I have the same seat, the same color. The back is too straight. Better they did a bit bending/relaxing back of that chair!! 🤸☝️

  • Rocky Rodriguez
    Rocky Rodriguez   7 months ago

    And the reason why is because I have a clothing line and that’s what I do so I would like to make you a fly jacket for you and your wife

  • Rocky Rodriguez
    Rocky Rodriguez   7 months ago

    What size are you in jacket and your wife and if you can send me your logo I would like to do a jacket for you a fly jacket

  • J THE V
    J THE V   8 months ago

    I never forget the can opener. I keep a P38 on my keychain--a real one, not a knockoff. Even use it at home when I get a can with a damaged rim. The P38 never fails! It was a gift from a friend who served in Viet Nam. I've had it for a long, long time.