Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Go Sneaker Shopping With Complex

  • Published on: 13 January 2020
  • Will Smith and Martin Lawrence go Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in NYC, and talk about setting trends on their sitcoms, getting their own sneaker collabs and footwear choices in "Bad Boys For Life."

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  • Runtime : 9:31
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  • Complex
    Complex   1 months ago

    Looking for the best deal on a pair of sneakers? We just launched an app for that. Download the Sole Collector app now!: https://solecollector.com/app

  • Rambo II
    Rambo II   9 hours ago

    gotta say that porshe was lookin like shiiiiiiiiet

  • Fabio Baard
    Fabio Baard   16 hours ago

    Lol that Pornsche is way more intressting than the whole video 😂💯💯💯💯

  • Gonzo Balls
    Gonzo Balls   22 hours ago

    Will Smith be like.. I got you the bad boys 4 life money didnt I?? Oh you better pay for those shoes

  • Raymond Solano
    Raymond Solano   22 hours ago

    No one cares about the $1,000’s of sneakers celebs buy. Why is everyone so fixated on how these rich people buy new stuff. I couldn’t afford any of this when I was younger in the 90’s and still can’t afford them. Why don’t you make videos on regular people?

  • KeSch
    KeSch   1 days ago

    4:57 he starts rapping

  • 600firefly1
    600firefly1   1 days ago

    Will here while jada off with her side piece August

  • Cem Oruc
    Cem Oruc   1 days ago

    Send that money to Africa. Think about hungry people over there

  • iRapplexD
    iRapplexD   2 days ago

    Deadshot carried Sucide Squad movie.

  • an_ Aid
    an_ Aid   2 days ago

    I like how they act like there not millionaires

  • Mister J
    Mister J   3 days ago

    So, Martin has by far chosen the much cooler sneakers, by far. Really. However, what irritates me is the prices. I bought a number of the Jordans myself, and that wasn't so long ago, and they cost me $ 170 or a maximum of $ 200 at the time. Just like they are there, completely new. Why are they almost twice as expensive?

  • Arnold Jeyse
    Arnold Jeyse   3 days ago

    Martin: I Gat U Bro..Cashier: Ur total is 8 GRAND!!!Martin:(Retreat)Will Smith:HaHaHaHaHa

  • Arnold Jeyse
    Arnold Jeyse   3 days ago

    hopefully badboys 4 life repays lawrence's 8 grand

  • Raniere
    Raniere   3 days ago

    Will Smith buying Martin Lawrence sneakers with complex

  • Sub-Zer0
    Sub-Zer0   3 days ago


  • MusicWithJess.
    MusicWithJess.   5 days ago

    Bro I literally looked at them and said MARTINNN AND THE PRINCE OF BELLAIR

  • davinson h
    davinson h   5 days ago

    Wuo wuilin no deja de solprende al mundo

    JAXTWIN   5 days ago

    Humble energy from both these dudes.

  • jonathan matias
    jonathan matias   5 days ago

    This nigga grabbed his arm and went like “give him the card Martin” 😭😭

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez   5 days ago

    I love how good of friends Martin and Will are :D

  • Mel Speedy
    Mel Speedy   6 days ago

    man they must have cost a lot to be there.

  • Baseilus 1509
    Baseilus 1509   6 days ago

    the only reason this sneaker store is standing, is due to the fact that celebs spend so much here

  • Kian Saliany
    Kian Saliany   6 days ago

    Will Smith still looks like he’s in his 20s tbh.

  • rob
    rob   6 days ago

    A small reminder of why i don't buy Jordan's. I'd rather buy a car than some shoes

  • Wavedash 426
    Wavedash 426   1 weeks ago

    4:58 Thought Will was gonna start freestylin for a sec

  • Ryan Patey
    Ryan Patey   1 weeks ago

    When wills laugh is deeper than his voice

  • Abrahim
    Abrahim   1 weeks ago

    Here , I buy an Air Jordan for 50$ even lesser . Thx god

  • Unbeastable
    Unbeastable   1 weeks ago

    Man i need new shoes. I wish they could send me a pair for my younger brother

  • SJ
    SJ   1 weeks ago

    Complex pays for their shoes, folks. It's just for show.