• Published on: 01 October 2019
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  • Runtime : 10:31
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  • iiOnix Keven
    iiOnix Keven   14 hours ago

    My dads dad I fell bad cause my dad has been sad for 2 monthes

  • Doium
    Doium   1 days ago

    this was cool for the solo bit in TWITTER FOR ANDROID

  • Gabriel Vault
    Gabriel Vault   1 days ago

    He should've used goo luigi at the 31st when it released.

  • LL5
    LL5   2 days ago

    4:26 i would be a tool cd

  • OR star
    OR star   1 weeks ago

    It would have been more appropriate if cats released in 2020

  • houwlingwoolf
    houwlingwoolf   1 weeks ago

    Aus Netflix don’t have the cats movie but they have a movie called cats

  • rainbow panda 1
    rainbow panda 1   1 weeks ago

    This year instead of antivaxers it should be anti mask ppl / covid is a lie ppl lels

  • Judah Paulsen
    Judah Paulsen   1 weeks ago

    I would bring Shrek back from the dead, cause the franchise is dead, sorry for being a year late

  • Tomek Orzechowski
    Tomek Orzechowski   2 weeks ago

    I'm also spooking myself up like him!so spook up my Lincoln Loud avatar!

  • Jack B
    Jack B   2 weeks ago

    Inteleon @ Life Orb Ability: Sniper Shiny: Yes EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Modest Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Snipe Shot - Ice Beam - Dark Pulse - Agility

  • Der Niko
    Der Niko   2 weeks ago

    Well Jack playes in the Sitmcom "My Music" and in the movie "Bob Thunder: Internet Assasin" (Yes I searched for this and don't regret any second)

  • M B
    M B   3 weeks ago


  • donutholebandit
    donutholebandit   4 weeks ago

    7:43Just put this here for personal use, dont mind me.

  • tea shark
    tea shark   1 months ago

    This October, you should just do cursed Garfield versions of yourself

  • Awaredragoon 713
    Awaredragoon 713   1 months ago

    Ninja switches to Mixer, and now Mixer's gone and Ninja still makes money

  • Max Turner
    Max Turner   1 months ago

    I won’t vaccinate my kids because the government lies. and I’ve got five beautiful healthy childrenEdit : 4 Beautiful healthy childrenEdit : 3 Beautiful healthy children Edit : 2 Beautiful healthy children Edit : 1 Beautiful healthy child

  • Talen T
    Talen T   1 months ago

    You have an IQ of 400?...That’s awfully low.

  • drew rushline
    drew rushline   1 months ago

    ok but that kidzbop movies idea is actually genius

  • julz
    julz   1 months ago

    You have a Subreddit

  • Ashtoon
    Ashtoon   1 months ago

    The first rule of right club is... Wait did you actually paint that?

  • lo-fi furby
    lo-fi furby   1 months ago

    I promised myself I would get better at using blender but now I'm watching old jacksfilms videos and of course he has to mention blenderEdit: oh I forgot for a second but of course blender gets brought up again

  • Me At
    Me At   1 months ago

    Me is sad that DHMIS Is still not

  • spaghet cat
    spaghet cat   1 months ago

    damn it now i have to see the whole asdfmovie

  • Hariothenether
    Hariothenether   1 months ago

    Jack: ryan geeeeeorge!This submission was super easy, barely an inconvenience!Me:intense fanboying noises

  • Bentendo64 _
    Bentendo64 _   1 months ago


  • Lily Engel
    Lily Engel   1 months ago