Campers Claim They Were Attacked By A Sasquatch | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 04 December 2020
  • The team meets with a couple of campers that were attacked by a sasquatch while they were investigating other sightings that took place in the area.

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  • Runtime : 8:55
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  • valery mcgrath
    valery mcgrath   1 weeks ago

    Hey that elephant there and forgot I forgot the name says I can't we but I got the key Hungry Jack's books awesome and I want to see a bigfoot 1

  • Robby Wanotch
    Robby Wanotch   1 weeks ago

    Finding bigfoot one of the worst shows out .

  • Vince Gedeon
    Vince Gedeon   2 weeks ago

    BOBO with his silly ass Squatch call 🙄😂

  • seko24041973
    seko24041973   2 weeks ago

    To me it absolutely coherent that the Squatches are territorial and become displeased when we penetrate their district, their area!Life in the woods, surviving under the conditions the Bigfoots live in, is very hard for sure!!Food resources are limited and not easy to get. Even roots are just saisonale and not the whole year. Same with fruits and plants that they eat...Other Sasquatch families, or groups, do fight for territories, argued for the best one. But they can deal with that on a natural and balanced manner.If they would accept us humans in their realm, resources would have been minimized and it would not be enough for all Bigfoot families. And the dying by hunger would begin

  • Roxi Trim
    Roxi Trim   2 weeks ago

    Where in Wisconsin are they camping?

  • Kathie Ward
    Kathie Ward   2 weeks ago


  • Nylon Python
    Nylon Python   2 weeks ago

    So wait, assuming for a moment that Bigfoot is in fact a real thing and is in those woods.You're telling me an 8 foot tall monkey that can uproot trees can't get through a nylon tent?

  • loki110872
    loki110872   3 weeks ago

    “Footprints are difficult to photograph “. Really?

  • David Palmer
    David Palmer   3 weeks ago

    You pick Ar15 or Ak47 keep it close ready

  • peter weiss
    peter weiss   3 weeks ago

    I was in worcester and something was sitting on the water log house i quickly let the police get to it

  • Bep Kororoti
    Bep Kororoti   3 weeks ago

    there's a beautiful recording of them making sounds in the wilderness...somebody just has to take it, put it there in the woods on the loud speakers, put the camera and wait. i'm sure they would be curious and come if they're around

  • Brandon Reid
    Brandon Reid   1 months ago

    Y’all catch one call me… til then have a good one.

  • vishal kh
    vishal kh   1 months ago

    He doesn't damage him. Just playing with him. they are lying or i don't know. After watching thos video my mind totally blank.

  • Mark Booe
    Mark Booe   1 months ago

    I saw Bigfoot last week at the hunting supply store. He was buying people repellent spray to keep the investigators away from. He said he wished we would just leave him alone.

  • Wise Tails Art
    Wise Tails Art   1 months ago

    Big Foot is real. They hang around the outskirts of towns and steal pets at night. I had two cats taken at the same time screaming into the night. I have been stalked by two of them while hiking. There are more of them then you think there are. Be safe and keep your pets safe.

  • Nove Pirata
    Nove Pirata   1 months ago

    Mama Bigfoot got mad because her baby is only one year old.

  • Loretta _
    Loretta _   1 months ago

    Oh please 🤦🏻‍♀️ is anyone really taking this seriously? No, really?!

  • Margarita Varas
    Margarita Varas   1 months ago

    Subtítulos en inglés para entender q hablannn por favor gracias 😍😍😍

  • Apollo Casarez
    Apollo Casarez   1 months ago

    Modern technology and all we got is a story.? If you want something real. Ron Morehead is the guy

  • Shadow Gaming TV
    Shadow Gaming TV   1 months ago

    Sasquatch it’s a big foot bruh Like are you serious Sasssquash Those-r two different things that is a big foot

  • Bung Chew
    Bung Chew   1 months ago

    Never understood why the show didn't let them stay for a week in a specific hotspot, but I know for a fact the producers of the show didn't believe any of this stuff was real and same with some of the crew. I heard of a situation after the crew was putting the finishing touches on an episode of Finding Bigfoot; they had all their camera gear packed up (while in the woods) and the camp they made for the night got an unexpected visitor later on (juvenile Sasquatch)... Apparently nobody knew how to react with a small Sasquatch standing outside of their site, and the encounter changed a lot of skeptics minds I'm sure, but I don't think all of the main 4 people were there--which is sad because I wanted that buzzkilling Ranae to get reality checked. I personally have never seen a Sasquatch, but I live in Oregon and have talked to more than 3 dozen people who have (9 different coworkers, park ranger, native Americans, random locals, etc). I have though found tracks, structures, heard whistles, knocks, yells, whoops, and heard big limbs being snapped at night time in the middle of nowhere. I've been around Sasquatch couple times, and they will definitely let you know when it's time for you to leave. Not even 3 months ago, my friend and I went out to a hotspot near the Oregon coast. I found out about the hotspot by talking to a native gentleman who saw a Sasquatch running through a field in the same area years ago (he even said a game warden told him personally about seeing a Sasquatch out there too). I can confirm when you're in a type of situation at night where it sounds like you're being surrounded, and you hear huge bangs, it is in fact terrifying... That night, we actually both jumped in the car right after it got crazy and left. Besides one other time with Sasquatch activity, the night we drove off was one of my scariest encounters, because there was nobody else out there and I was parked next the road that you would drive on just to enter the thick woods. I think it's time the general public should know the truth about Sasquatch being a real species and plenty of other things 'they' are hiding... I'm not paranoid by any means, but I know everything is not sunshine and smiles. The lumber industry would take a huge hit financially once the reality of Sasquatch goes public, because the endangered species act would kick in and private/public land would be confiscated until they got an accurate count of just how many of these things are around... Heck, that's only one reason why it's not public and there's so many other theories too... Anyways, if you want to join my group via Facebook just look up "Oregon Sasquatch Research Group" and I'd love to hear some encounter stories from anyone who feels like sharing! The people have the right to know and it's about damn time we really spread the word.

  • E H
    E H   1 months ago

    I feel sorry for them. Humans are building houses and camping in their territories more and more. And they have to compete with hunters for food.

  • Terrie Johnston
    Terrie Johnston   1 months ago

    You'd THINK w all the 1,000's of sightings ftom the planet..SOMEONE would see SOMETHING by now.

  • Joe Golberg
    Joe Golberg   1 months ago

    I wish big foot would step out of the dark and scare the crap out of these guys lol. The way they go about hunting a stealthy creature is ridiculous lol

  • Devon Cooper
    Devon Cooper   1 months ago

    It was a guy on Mike Tyson pod cast & he had the same story. This shit is real

  • Michael Bruns
    Michael Bruns   2 months ago

    Unfortunately, a helluva lot of people go missing all the time, from most regions of the world, never to be seen again.Suddenly captured without warning, dragged away and carried deep underground, down into a living breathing hell that awaits them.A faith shattering possibility to horrible for most people to accept.So lets face it, bigfoot/sasquatch/yeti may actually be demonic interdimensional subterranean creatures, nephilim, the ancient giants...

  • MeesterVegas
    MeesterVegas   2 months ago

    Um, why would you take your children Bigfoot hunting, in the woods, at night if you honestly believe the creatures are out there?

  • Deni D
    Deni D   2 months ago

    I love this show because it gets my blood running , but i do not understand out of all this 1000 + videos , why no one have a real video clip of this YETI !!!

  • soyburglar
    soyburglar   2 months ago

    “I wonder if it’s a loon.”Trust me, guy. We’re definitely seeing plenty of loons out in the woods making ridiculous noises 😂👍🏼

  • soyburglar
    soyburglar   2 months ago

    I’m sorry, but that footprint looked so incredibly fake and staged. For anyone who’s done any hunting or tracking, the fact that this big muddy, sunken footprint is so perfectly shaped like the footprint of a “large human” just reveals it as an obvious fraud.