I Paid A Stranger On The Internet To Be My Friend For 24hrs

  • Published on: 14 September 2020
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    We rented a stranger on RentAFriend.com to be our friend for a day...

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  • Runtime : 16:28
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  • Iván Mándi
    Iván Mándi   48 minuts ago

    Kamaria seems like a really nice person, i would love to see her in the yes theory crew

  • Marzy Maz
    Marzy Maz   2 hours ago

    these guys are too nice :D!! positivity hype = 120!

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu   14 hours ago

    "We're like really friends...in real life" ...yea, who else would leave you on a mountain with a creep to die o.o

  • Sunshine4panda
    Sunshine4panda   16 hours ago


  • Adrian’s channel
    Adrian’s channel   19 hours ago

    Haha so good!! I’ve been inspired y your videos to start making content of my own. Education comedy! Check it out if you get a chance!

  • Chari
    Chari   20 hours ago

    I really hope she has real REAL friends, she seems a lot of fun to be around.

  • ENstudios
    ENstudios   22 hours ago

    You guys should go on wikivoyage(travel guides by wikipedia) and click random page and go where it says and do some of the things the guide tells you to do

  • C Eno
    C Eno   1 days ago

    At 8:44 there is an X across the screen, editing error or something else thinking

  • Malabar Manual
    Malabar Manual   1 days ago

    hi guys I been following this channel so long and im happy to be a part of yes theory. It really helped me to over come my biggest challenges in my life As being a part of the yes fam , I took the liberty of inviting you all for a motorcycle ride to khardung la ( aka world's highest motarable point) , trust me it's gonna be highly thrilling and adventurous and you won't regret saying yes!!!!

  • sherry a
    sherry a   1 days ago

    The best day of her life for sure

  • Jameo371
    Jameo371   1 days ago

    Instead of doing for a day, you should do for longer!

  • TWISTER 1914
    TWISTER 1914   1 days ago

    i was cried when you give your final lines in every video u make.😍😍😍

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni   1 days ago

    TD changes his name everytime: Tom, tommy, thomas, tiddy

  • cj cruz
    cj cruz   1 days ago

    idk y yes theory got only 25% views of their subs. come on guys help this guys get 6M views per week

  • Nada M
    Nada M   1 days ago

    what if someone put a fake name like him and rented a friend then killed them... how do people join that website with that possibility💀

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone   2 days ago

    It’s all fun and games until your rent a friend is a serial killer

  • No Body
    No Body   2 days ago

    How to get out of your comfort zone: Hope on an airplane with nothing but the clothes on your back and move to another country on another continent! (At 54 years of age--and all by yourself with no contacts....yeah....)

  • No Body
    No Body   2 days ago

    That has GOT to be one of the most theft proof cars EVER... nobody can figure out how to "turn it on"! lol

  • AJ
    AJ   2 days ago

    this video was cute but ya'll really need to wear a mask more often...talking to the waitresses, walking down the street, talking to the hang glider instructor...I know your test came back negative, but within the time it takes you to walk back to your car after the test, you could've already gotten it.

  • bill anton
    bill anton   2 days ago

    open a strip club and have the strippers be strangers found on the street in 72 hours

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas   2 days ago

    I'd love to legitimately be friends with these guys.

  • Jad Nasser
    Jad Nasser   2 days ago

    Hey im a fan from a long time and iv always been wanting to be part of ur video or do some of the things u guys do and i was never capable of doing that so i wish that u would 1 day invite me to do anything crazy with u guys whatever it was btw im lebanese give the arab people a fun chance whether its skydiving anythinggg at all with love jad❤️

  • Liam Ohashi-White
    Liam Ohashi-White   3 days ago

    Hey guys, first time messaging you and leaving a comment on your channel. LOVE the content on the channel and all the great stuff you guys do. I wanted to reach out and see if you had any suggestions on how I could deal with my OCD? I get that you arent doctors or anything but hearing from you and your things you dealt with would be helpful. My form has alot to do with names of people and NOT caring for what they do or what type of lifestle they live NVR

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon   3 days ago

    TD changes his name everytime: Tom, tommy, thomas, tiddy

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson   3 days ago

    Petition to have Kamaria be apart of the Yes Theory team.

  • LiNdA
    LiNdA   3 days ago

    Ok but i feel like this website should be at the start of a horror movie!

  • Aakash Tiwari
    Aakash Tiwari   3 days ago

    You guys are Crazy, Cool, Great, Adventurous, Mind Blowing and what not!!!!!!!.But I want to ask you one question - Just imagine that what will happen when a situation comes in your life and everything crazy you always do would just come to Halt, everything comes to stop and life forces you all to leave each other and your friendship and go on your own individual path of your life ? No more chances of doing crazy and fun things like you do. What would you do in that situation ? Have you ever imagined that ?

  • CrispyDude
    CrispyDude   3 days ago

    8:43 you can see a red X flash. Does that mean that she is their next target?

  • Liam Gregory
    Liam Gregory   3 days ago

    when they show the website and it says example phillipsburg nj. that’s where i live! that’s my town. i think yes theory should come to my town see how jersey is really like

  • mark kitione
    mark kitione   4 days ago

    Yes theory look up Rotuma Island. Majority have not heard or even know of this place. Its is where I'm from. Just like Tuvalu it's the least visited . Theres certain things to do in order to visit the most beautiful island in the pacific .

  • Joel Holmberg
    Joel Holmberg   4 days ago

    I have a hard but very giod idea for i video. Go to a countrie with a lot of pour people and pay for theyr ticket home to you and help them to start a life not being poor. People are probably going to find this offensive but i promise this idea comes from a good place in my heart.

  • ANAK Creates
    ANAK Creates   4 days ago

    This was so fun to watch!! haha very awesome! THat parachute instructor tho... haha wow..