• Published on: 08 July 2020
  • Hey everyone! Couple of big announcements for Cool Worlds in this short video, thanks for tuning in!

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  • Runtime : 3:53
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  • Catherine Harbin
    Catherine Harbin   1 months ago

    Have we answers to what the Proximal Centuri "Wow" is ?That area has my vote aswell.

  • Ralph Drees
    Ralph Drees   2 months ago

    We will make contact with our future selves, when we figure out this whole time travel thing. And definitely killing baby Hitler.

  • aurl
    aurl   2 months ago

    If we ever make contact with travelers from another world, they most likely will live in all 3. They will easily commute from our local group across the galaxy in a flash and bound across the vast expanse of the universe at will. Traversing ♾@>>C means they won’t be from around here. Yet you say how is this possible? We are all made from two simple constituents.1. We are composed from the 10x“^80” atoms in the universe 2. We are also a spark generated from before time. This is all. We will never be more than the combination of these two simple constituents. We, nor anyone else will ever be able to traverse the vast expanse of the universe lugging around heavy atoms, nor can we or anyone else generate the power needed to compress and stretch space so that a starship can blast around in our 4 dimensional physical realm with such zeal. But I can imagine the spark that we are all made from can easily run, jump, and play amongst the galaxies once it learns how. And once you learn how, you have little need nor want, to participate in the journey of a being who has yet to find that treasure itself. If we meet them, it will be because they made a grave error in judgment. Bravo for the question David, the remarkable existence we find ourselves in, is fascinating to ponder.

  • alberto
    alberto   5 months ago

    why did you stop making new cool worlds classroom videos? :( :(

  • Denny Smith
    Denny Smith   6 months ago

    What a great attitude, I think I got adversity + grit = perseverance; Independence + collaboration = progress. At some point though, perseverance + progress should = ETOH, with a spritz?

  • Jeffrey Towarnicki
    Jeffrey Towarnicki   6 months ago

    I say A if we are including any forms of life. There has to be a high chance of bacteria and microorganisms on Mars or Venus. Amd how do we prove these aren't "intelligent" if we do find them. If we are talking about intelligence life capable of space travel, my answer is intergalactic getting to the next galaxy would mean they already had contact with us if they had thay capability to travel between galaxies...

  • Aidan Atreides
    Aidan Atreides   6 months ago

    Logic would dictate to hear from somewhere closer to us simply because of the time it would take to make contact. But then again I'm bad at science.

  • Paras Parmar
    Paras Parmar   6 months ago

    One request: Please have a look at the article linked here.'d absolutely love to see you explain the concepts behind this. Ever since Hawking proposed his theory of Blackholes having hair, I've dreamt of planet sized space ships being powered by the enormous energies of controlled black holes.

  • BobEckert56
    BobEckert56   7 months ago

    You have absolutely no right to be so sexy AND smart!

  • Karl Becker
    Karl Becker   7 months ago

    I vote A, because I think if it's a 50/50 proposition that either we are alone vs. a plethora of sentient aliens, if we do see evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations, it will be close. Otherwise, nothing will be available to detect.

  • Jason Matte
    Jason Matte   7 months ago

    So happy I found your channel. Your content is exceptional, and it's nice to find a channel that stays away from all the noise going on in the world. Anyway, you've expanded my mind and I really appreciate the effort you put in to this. Peace.

  • Sandhya Mathura
    Sandhya Mathura   8 months ago

    Interesting, stimulating and visually appealing content. The science stuff is pretty cool too. 🔥😈

  • Mickeyislowd
    Mickeyislowd   8 months ago

    We would likely contact a civilisation from within our own galaxy. This is because if there are others out there then every galaxy should have intelligent life if our galaxy has another civilisation. I can never wrap my head around the fact we may be alone even though I understand the Abiogenesis argument. It just feels wrong because of the shear possibilities we are presented with. If we are here then others must of been here to my mind. I also think we will find life in our own solar system deep in the oceans below the Ice.

  • Sfarah
    Sfarah   9 months ago

    I have spent years watching and learning through YouTube. I'm so excited this is happening. I love the idea for the funding of future non-traditional science research. I'm excited

  • Graham Russell
    Graham Russell   9 months ago

    Hello there I am not an undergraduate or or senior graduate ,in an just an enthusiast on space,time ,universe etc.I recently came across a video from the 1st lander/rover that went to mars and they did a 'life test which came up as positive (nutrients in water and the water bubbles to show microbial life ) ..NASA dismissed this but never dis an other test like it since or even on the new rover that's on its way there. Given there are seasonal plumes of methane on Mars would it be foolish to say that there is microbial life on Mars ?And could be go further and say there has been a 2nd genesis? Or has meteorites shared the same genepool?...which I suppose comes.down to wether they are left or right strung on the DNA.strand.In short...isntjere life on mars and WHY is NASA not denying it ..

  • RainbowConnection manota

    David I would like to make a request. If possible could you do a video on the subject of Dark Matter and Dark Energy. I know that you-tube videos abound on this subject matter but your talent for presenting scientific information in an understandable format is extremely good. The current theory on this is that these items are place holders for things we can-not fully explain or understand. I am just sorry I came across your channel a little bit late and hit the subscribe button.

  • Wild Herron
    Wild Herron   9 months ago

    Good luck with the new channel. If we ever make contact with a non-Earth civilizations, I have faith that the source will come from (B). We should have already made contact, if they were (A) (ignore the pyramids) and the signals will be too weak for civilizations from (C) to be the first contact. In fact, we are well into the range where they may have detected our faint electromagnetic radiations (radio, etc) and have sent a reply that is in transit. If I were as bold and smart as Elon Musk, I might state that we will, almost certainly, receive alien civilization contact by 2050 or so - if the simulation allows. :-)

  • Achome Onee
    Achome Onee   10 months ago

    B> because of our technology range limitation.😊

  • Gregory Kosins
    Gregory Kosins   10 months ago

    Glad ours is a cool world, not too hot nor too cold.

  • Tater Avila
    Tater Avila   10 months ago

    You are the most muscular nerd I've ever seen, and I mean that as a compliment.

  • Too Long Didn't Watch
    Too Long Didn't Watch   10 months ago

    Extragalactic would be cool, but due to the vast distances I think it's most likely to happen intragalactically.

  • Brixy Brixhamite
    Brixy Brixhamite   10 months ago

    There is always option - d) messages sent from another universe (specifically a neighbouring membrane universe). If that was to be detected I can only think of one way such a message can be encoded - embedded in a gravity wave signal (theoretically gravity waves may be the only way to send a signal between universes, but the advantage might be that the signal could come from very nearby.Theoretical physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed seems to support the possibility that gravity may be able to pass between universes this way; is good for detecting very powerful events at a distance, but for detecting gravity waves from another universe we might need something closer to a gravity wave microscope (rather than a gravity wave telescope). The reason for this is if the object is from a neighbouring membrane universe then the distance between might be comparatively small.If gravity can pass between membranes then perhaps there may even be intelligent beings on a neighbouring planet Earth who embed a signal in gravity waves.

  • Michael Phillips
    Michael Phillips   10 months ago

    B.The reasons are:1. The time scale involved in traveling between planets at relativistic speeds is so great even with nearby solar systems. It takes so much of one's lifetime, or requires sleeper ships, so it seems likely that few would find the will or need to attempt it (not to mention potential time dilation). Thus,2. It would require superluminal speeds to make it worthwhile. But assuming that our neighbors had already mastered that technology, I suspect that,3. They would have already visited because we would be a logical first step for them. And, since, they haven't,4. It seems likely that any aliens who have developed superluminal travel capability would be somewhere outside of our general neighborhood and simply haven't gotten around to us yet. But,5. If they were from outside of our galaxy, it seems likely that they would still be exploring their own galaxy for many centuries before they explored ours. And thus, playing the odds, I think intragalactic aliens with superluminal drive make the most sense for our first visitors.

  • Andrew Pogue
    Andrew Pogue   10 months ago

    i have no idea who this guy is, but he may be the most handsome man alive!

  • Tony Harris
    Tony Harris   10 months ago

    In response, I think intergalactic. Our local galactic neighborhood would surely have produced some signals or signs that we could detect. Extra galactic. Wow, the distances are just too mind blowing to comprehend. Any species capable of traveling such distances would be so far advanced, I just could not see them bothering with us. Such a species communicating with us, would be like us trying to have a conversation with a fish about the positives and negatives of the internet. Such an advanced species might find us quaint to study, but would probably feel the same level of remorse over our extinction as we feel over the extinction of the Dodo. Unfortunate, but shit happens... Oh, by the way, we've got a cool looking stuffed Human in our museum. Look at its weird hair and freaky primitive eyes. Move along now.

  • Simon
    Simon   10 months ago

    A.... it's closer

  • Kenneth Grundmann
    Kenneth Grundmann   11 months ago

    If a means within a hundred light-yearsthen I say we have barely had enough time to look at a very small percentage of anything close to us and that's only the stuff we know of

  • Doug G
    Doug G   11 months ago

    From the new UAP task force

  • David Blench
    David Blench   11 months ago

    B because if there were in the solar system we’d be talking alien by now.

  • Don Barile
    Don Barile   11 months ago

    We will find intelligent life in other parallel realities, but we will have some issues with common reference points, and hence we will assume that they are only anomalies.I think it makes sense to let them find us, much cheaper. What could go wrong?

  • Michel Virard
    Michel Virard   11 months ago

    You are doing an extraordinary advertising for science and critical thinking. As the president for the Association humaniste du Québec and secretary of Humanist Canada, I want to thank you. I am a retired engineer (electronic physics) and your videos are illuminating my older years. I was always convinced one day we would visit the end of the Galaxy. I thought it would take 1 million years (back of the envelope). But thanks to you, it may very well take much, much less. I think you are the Constantin Tsiolkovski of our time.

  • Anton Feng
    Anton Feng   11 months ago

    I like your hand motion of representing "6". The Chinese style, using only 1 hand :)