These 3 Bigfoot Sightings Aren't Uncommon on This Family's Property

  • Published on: 10 January 2017
  • The team is meeting with 3 generations of a family who all claim to have seen Bigfoot. They say these stories date back to the 1700's on their property.

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  • Runtime : 2:39
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  • Capture His Honor
    Capture His Honor   12 hours ago

    This is utter nonsense! Generations, dating back to the 1,700's, who have observed bigfoot in this area, YET not one good video, photo or DNA sample? How is that possible? Such evidence would be worth millions of dollars. And YET, no evidence? Couldn't they use the extra money? A few well-placed trail cams would quickly settle the matter. This channel's owner and these people may mean well, but such salacious stories with not a scintilla of evidence only discredits the entire movement.

  • Kerwyn Wondunna
    Kerwyn Wondunna   13 hours ago

    These idiotic con artists on this program actually prove bigfoot doesn't exist 😂

  • Angela Colbert
    Angela Colbert   5 days ago

    I think it is very sad that humans cannot leave these beings alone. Tthey don't appear to be doing any harm and yet people highlight where they are to be found. Eventually the trophy hunters will arrive and that will be that. very sad.

  • IAmTurtle
    IAmTurtle   5 days ago

    Bigfoot is a paedophile because he watches little kids

  • Canu Gizabit
    Canu Gizabit   1 weeks ago

    Id be double checkin the hairy man who was peeking inside the older daughters bedroom window after the party !!!

  • Simon
    Simon   1 weeks ago

    We all know it's the fat kid in a monkey suite 🤣

  • NotNotIronBoy
    NotNotIronBoy   1 weeks ago

    The bigfoot claims that it saw Chuck Norris.

  • Eric Wood
    Eric Wood   1 weeks ago

    Its ppl n families like these who disgust me to lie for fame wow let's b real qe can find a man hiding in a cave with thermal imaging from above but a so called Bigfoot can't be qow

  • Donald Connelly
    Donald Connelly   1 weeks ago

    Lay A Big Mac Out There On A StumpAnd Hide And Watch EventuallyHe Will Come Out And Wolf DownThat Burger And Want More HappensEvery Time.

  • phanzie64
    phanzie64   2 weeks ago

    I don't believe a damn word from these people, especially the little fat girl.

  • TruthFan
    TruthFan   2 weeks ago

    Perhaps it’s time for this family to put cameras around their property

  • Donald Lamont
    Donald Lamont   2 weeks ago

    I can’t work out if these guys are monkeys in human suits or Bigfoot is a human in a monkey suit.😩

  • Donald Lamont
    Donald Lamont   2 weeks ago

    When will these people realise that no one with half a brain will ever believe these ‘off in the distance’ captures. After 20 years of looking at this Bigfoot business, and trawling through hundreds of videos, I have yet to see one even remotely convincing sighting on camera that can’t be passed off as a hoax or a mistake. I don’t want one of these things captured on camera, I want it captured for real and placed in a zoo so that we can all verify it. Otherwise, I believe none of it. Just as with UFOs, where until the day they capture a mothership on video (no photos) at 10 paces, I believe none of it. I work on evidence. This is jejune, despite every man and his dog having a smartphone. There might be something spooky going on with certain crop circles, though.

  • Danan Mckie
    Danan Mckie   3 weeks ago

    Holy shit all of this technology and no one ever has a proper clear shot of a yeti unless it is in costume

  • John Harrison
    John Harrison   3 weeks ago

    That hillbilly family is full of it. That dog must be half dead because it didn’t react to the “hairy man” watching them play.

  • Snowy Bear
    Snowy Bear   3 weeks ago

    Those of you who don't believe in it, good for you. You'll sleep better. The rest of this is for the rest of us so scroll on. For some reason the Bigfoots down South seem far more agressive than the Northern ones. You don't ever want to see one. They can kill and eat you and they are incredibly nimble and fast. I'm in central MA and I've twice heard animal calls at night I still cannot identify. It sounded like a really large animal yelling "whoooop" . Heard it at night behind my land and once at night on a friend's land the next town North of us. Lots of woods. I'm not saying it's Bigfoot but it's so far unidentifiable. I also own 30 acres in mid-NH. Any time I go out in the woods I am always armed.

  • d b
    d b   4 weeks ago

    9/10 UFO and Bigfoot stories seems to be coming out from Americans, funny that?

  • John Harvey
    John Harvey   1 months ago

    I saw one squatching in my bathroom

  • The Big Empty _
    The Big Empty _   1 months ago

    one sip of some good Appalachian hooch and you'll see it all :D

  • Nibora
    Nibora   1 months ago

    I call bullshit on all of it

  • TheSquatchMaster's Vlog

    You all should listen to what the girl said, she called it a "hairy man". That's what they are.

  • Jeff Wheeler
    Jeff Wheeler   1 months ago

    Just when it gets interesting, no more video. Geesh...

  • Ethan gamer
    Ethan gamer   1 months ago

    Big foot is the best hide and seek player because he can never be caught a he o most camoflog to the trees

  • David
    David   1 months ago

    Finding Bigfoot is one of the most ridiculous shows I’ve ever seen. They must have gone to a sasquatch seminar or something and gathered the biggest fools they could find to assemble the crew.

  • Eric L
    Eric L   1 months ago

    if anyone knows mountain monsters that big boy the bigfoot, meet the grassman.

  • Joseph Turner
    Joseph Turner   2 months ago

    They are Odins Frost Giants. He chucked them out of Scandawegia. They had to go somewhere.

  • Wee Mental Davy
    Wee Mental Davy   2 months ago

    My neighbour has a bigfoot cos he's got gout , and the other one is because a truck ran over it , so i call him Bigfeet . Grandàd @0:16 is a Bigfoot dressed in a human suite .

  • Avtomat Kalashnikova
    Avtomat Kalashnikova   2 months ago

    Years of years, no one ever had a clear picture or video of the bigfoot. Or even a dead bigfoot or skeletons? We could found fossils but not this living creature dead or alive. So weird isnt it?

  • D M
    D M   3 months ago

    Comment how long are these 4. Going to stretch this hoax out , since the Patterson film this thing keeps getting bigger and in every state , someone please bring the man in a suit down or in

  • mummysaidican'thaveabf
    mummysaidican'thaveabf   3 months ago

    If you really want to find bigfoots , you need to venture into land which has not had human exploration in ages. Deep in the Appalachian mountains .. you will probably find a small bigfoot community.

  • Sword Of Esau
    Sword Of Esau   3 months ago

    I wanna catch one and sell it to the zoo for billion dollars.