Battle for Dream Island - Season 1 (All Episodes)

  • Published on: 21 July 2018
  • Want to watch the Full Season of Battle for Dream Island? Look no further! This cartoon compilation has All Episodes of the first season of BFDI! Watch as twenty characters battle for a luxurious island in an elimination-centric monthly animated series!

    See more of Firey, Leafy, Bubble, and everyone else in Season 4!

    By Cary Huang & Michael Huang

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    0:00:00 Episode 1: Take the Plunge
    0:16:53 Episode 2: Barriers and Pitfalls
    0:27:17 Episode 3: Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?
    0:35:21 Episode 4: Sweet Tooth
    0:45:29 Episode 5: Bridge Crossing
    0:52:53 Episode 6: Power of Three
    1:03:48 Episode 7: Puzzling Mysteries
    1:10:19 Episode 8: Cycle of Life
    1:20:15 Episode 9: Insectophobe's Nightmare
    1:28:57 Episode 10: Crybaby!
    1:35:15 Episode 11: Lofty
    1:42:10 Episode 12: A Leg Up in the Race
    1:49:17 Episode 13: Don't Lose Your Marbles
    1:57:47 Episode 14: Half a Loaf is Better Than None
    2:07:22 Episode 15: Vomitaco
    2:16:04 Episode 16: Bowling, Now with Explosions!
    2:23:59 Episode 17: The Reveal
    2:33:55 Episode 18: Reveal Novum
    2:46:33 Episode 19: Rescission
    2:52:56 Episode 20: Gardening Hero
    3:00:31 Episode 21: The Glistening
    3:08:46 Episode 22: Don't Pierce My Flesh
    3:15:18 Episode 23: Hurtful!
    3:24:23 Episode 24: Insectophobe's Nightmare 2
    3:36:05 Episode 25: Return of the Hang Glider

    Music by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"

    Intro Music by Beatloaf of
    Licensed under

    The music for Pencil's doodle is Unreal Superhero 3 by Kenet & Rez ( 9STiQ8cCIo0 ). The symphonic version is by Appezeanie (LyEs7oIZpHU).

    Shag Font Collection by House Industries

    Closing credits music:
    "Smaller Cap = Less Plastic" by Andrew Wang

    Battle for Dream Island: The Complete First Season
  • Runtime : 3:50:15
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  • ola oni
    ola oni   1 minuts ago

    I want pin to be out

  • Bunnymello
    Bunnymello   2 hours ago

    Idk why but rocky's derpy smile is just so funny!

  • Chel Mike Harm
    Chel Mike Harm   2 hours ago

    whats weird is that all the fan-made characters that didn’t get recruited in episode 18 got in sooner in the show (but not nonexisty)

  • Johnnie Simpson
    Johnnie Simpson   3 hours ago

    I’m voting for flower because she’s just awesome like snowball! 🌸🦴❄️⚽️✅✅✅✅✅❕❗️❕❗️‼️

  • Inferno Brighton
    Inferno Brighton   4 hours ago

    34:19 poor Rocky don’t worry you’re still doing good in life

  • Nydia Morales
    Nydia Morales   9 hours ago

    When people voted when it ended one millon years agoRandom person:oh then my vote dont count :(

  • Davi Leal
    Davi Leal   10 hours ago

    3:03:03 aw-ice cube never knew David can talk like lThat

  • Johnnie Simpson
    Johnnie Simpson   12 hours ago

    I’m voting for teardrop because leafy and I are a duo!All in favor of voting for ice cube: (Chase and Biggie: aye!) (Leo, Chester, Me and Blanket: nay!💧💧😢😭⬜️⬜️✅2️⃣⬅️➡️↔️4️⃣🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹 🅰️🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

  • Gustavo animation
    Gustavo animation   12 hours ago

    Wow that its amazing l am love bfdi Good job jacknjellify you no talking object Top good now wait oh boy years 4 old Bfdi 1 on january 1 2010 that is cool

  • Jens SK
    Jens SK   14 hours ago

    Why does Firey sound high in the first episodes

  • mae perez
    mae perez   15 hours ago

    how come rocky never spoke until the yoyle land episodes

  • Louise Jolla
    Louise Jolla   17 hours ago

    why needle don't like her name called needy

  • Miracles Edits
    Miracles Edits   19 hours ago

    Icey well if I was in there on second cake at steak I would take it

  • Axomu Cheese
    Axomu Cheese   21 hours ago

    3:17:36 this is a meme from the past, meant for the futurebe greatful for this one