Ep. 10 | The Basement Office | UFO sightings with aliens | Close Encounters | New York Post

  • Published on: 03 June 2020
  • There are many documented cases of witnesses claiming to have not only seen a UFO, but they also claim to have seen the occupants of that UFO. In pop culture, these "occupants" are often referred to as "aliens". But are they really? Nick Pope and Steven Greenstreet dive into some of the most famous cases of "close encounters of the third kind".

    Cases covered:

    Aurora, Texas 1897
    Lonnie Zamora, Socorro, New Mexico 1964
    Valensole, France 1965
    Canary Islands, 1976
    Ariel School, Zimbabwe 1994 (watch more about this case at ArielPhenomenon.com)

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  • Runtime : 33:33
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  • John Werner
    John Werner   1 years ago

    Impressive look into some close encounter cases through history. I really enjoyed the format of Steven Greenstreet's "Basement Office" show. Having Nick Pope actually conversing with Steven regarding these cases works spades better than the usual way Pope, as a brief talking head, is usually inserted in so many UFO programs.. The points the two discuss back and forth really add up to a good commentary on the actual reported evidence as well as witness sightings. This sparks my interest instead of insulting my intelligence which on other shows is often a problem. They give factual accounts based on corroborating circumstances and evidence. Excellent, and as this is my first time to see a "Basement Office" episode I will be seeking others.

  • Alex Nutu
    Alex Nutu   5 hours ago

    That marking is not the marking Zamora saw basic research would have uncovered that guys disappointing no sources share the real symbol he saw/described/drew!

  • L L
    L L   15 hours ago

    The little girl in the beginning eye movement at the question = auditory recollection. She was told to say the shape of alien eyes?

  • Ronnie Bishop
    Ronnie Bishop   16 hours ago

    There will be millions of people just disappear someday very soon,Scientists will tell people that it had to be UFOs abductions. I believe this will happen but not really by aliens.

  • David Pearce
    David Pearce   1 days ago

    Greensteeet has turned into one of the biggest debunkers on the planet.

  • sobergood
    sobergood   1 days ago

    man has an image of an OWL behind him illuminati

  • Sid Stevens
    Sid Stevens   2 days ago

    A very well put together and informative video.The only thing that spoils it is the slide projector sound effect used far too many times.

  • Andre Johansen
    Andre Johansen   2 days ago

    The misinformation squad.The English liar 🤥 and known propaganda "journalist"😂😂😂

  • Bj
    Bj   3 days ago

    I love the ufo topic, but this was a nasa lander. The symbol is very close to what it did have, and it's already been documented that on that day, nasa did go test the moon lander. It's documented! & the symbol on it is SOOOO close to the symbol he drew. This is definitely not a UFO

  • Betsye Lee
    Betsye Lee   5 days ago

    It’s interesting 🤨 that people have seen these object’s!I wish I could’ve been there to see them observe these craft!How fantastic is that?

  • G S
    G S   5 days ago

    The sound effects aren’t helping - this doesn’t need any background music either, just the facts.

  • Sharon C.
    Sharon C.   5 days ago

    the Alien burial: even if it was greatly "deteriorated", even a tiny amount of material would have yielded DNA or a lot of things. So this one looks like a big hoax.

  • Gary Tanner
    Gary Tanner   6 days ago

    The Basement Office show is simply making fun of things they know nothing about; not funny or factual. Kinda like out government! ha ha

  • Kelly Tourigny
    Kelly Tourigny   6 days ago

    Pay for my flight to the old burial sight from 🇨🇦..right now and I will illegally dig it up now...NOW and document.

    DEFLEK   6 days ago

    The word illegal Alien gets thrown a lot how do you think an Alien feels “and they are very telepathic” towards that type of ethnicity group but can you imagine the interior design in it? No windows 😆 like does it have AC Etc

  • Bruce Williams
    Bruce Williams   1 weeks ago

    The. Roswell. Incident. Readup. On. Roswell. New. Mexico.

  • Bruce Williams
    Bruce Williams   1 weeks ago

    I myself. Am. Aliënated. Do. U. Lk2Humans. Know. Anything. About. The. Roswel

  • Lumberjack
    Lumberjack   1 weeks ago

    No new shows lately hope you boys are ok

  • dave oli
    dave oli   1 weeks ago

    In life it's great to have an open mind and recognize that we don't have access to all the knowledge in the world. We still can't build pyramids. Of course other beings exist

  • Craig Cooper
    Craig Cooper   1 weeks ago

    Paculiar that a ship that would have technology beyond our intelligence that had to travel billions of miles, through space, surviving dangerous elements to get to earth. If they came at the speed of light or 5 times that, it would still take tens of thousands of years (unless they came from our solar system or a few light years away). Then, when these crafts finally get here, they crash. Hmmm:/ seems hard to imagine that they could survive those odds only to crash land. Having said that, if another dimension exsists and crafts enter our space through these dimensions perhaps there is a plausible possibility.

  • Daniel Crewe
    Daniel Crewe   1 weeks ago

    I got all the way to the end, then realised it was the NYP. BS

  • Ash. Ab.
    Ash. Ab.   1 weeks ago

    9:04 this nkf FBI think they rule the planet or what! people who don't know FBI they don't give a kf

  • theresbob
    theresbob   1 weeks ago

    Here's my worry about UFO crashes:1. Advanced civilization hundreds of years ahead of us and they can't recover their wounded or dead.2. No one from their civilization even cares, which should really, really worry us.

  • Rachel Sanchez
    Rachel Sanchez   1 weeks ago

    I didn't know that is Riley a little thing.😯😮😲😲😲😲😯😯😯😮😮😮

  • Michael Pumo
    Michael Pumo   1 weeks ago

    Can the sound engineer please stop putting in these photo clicks every 2 seconds?

  • Sheila Fontaine
    Sheila Fontaine   1 weeks ago

    The Canary Island incident sounds a lot like the encounter at Fatima.

  • Louie P Grafton
    Louie P Grafton   1 weeks ago

    & the 4th kind is abduction! Encounters 1,2,3, & 4...

  • gootymac
    gootymac   1 weeks ago

    That clicking noise is soo annoying !

  • Richard Imon
    Richard Imon   1 weeks ago

    I believe Zamora saw what he saw, a real tic tac shaped UFO. If this was a lunar module prototype it would have been declassified along with all the other modules after 1969. The "small human" explanation doesn't hold either. If they tested with small humans, than small humans would have had to go to the Moon. Why not use chimpanzees like they did in other tests? If the technologuy was as Zamora described, then this vehicle was far more advanced than a lunar rocket. It just does not make sense. Either way, this is a true mystery ~

  • Mo 1985 Dư
    Mo 1985 Dư   1 weeks ago

    They are called jins in islam some live here others in the skys

  • Moloi Teboho
    Moloi Teboho   1 weeks ago

    When he said "if it's our government, what are they doing messing around...." that giggle as he is saying it🤣😂😂

  • Upgrade 101
    Upgrade 101   2 weeks ago

    The only reason simple to be on the outside of UFO or so that other UFOs could identify that means that they were more than one species out there and they do know each other

  • Dave Drew
    Dave Drew   2 weeks ago

    I’m a believer in UFOs but when it comes to the story about the school and the children it’s identical to the story from Australia the age of the children they were out at brake time both schools were called Ariel and know one ever makesa connection or even thinks it’s strange.

  • christian bensimon
    christian bensimon   2 weeks ago

    Un truc ne colle pas leurs cervicales ..elles ne peuvent pas absorber des accélérations de plus de 3 G....car si ils ont le même méthabolisme que nous ils risqueraient leurs vies à la première accélération violente ...ou alors ceux qui pilotent ces machines n'ont pas le même système veineux ( sanguin) que nous , c'est évident où ils ont un Effet à bord un sorte de bouclier .. qui les protège des accélérations ....