Will It Butter? Taste Test

  • Published on: 16 July 2018
  • Can we believe it's now butter? Or are these new butter options better off unchurned? GMM #1354
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  • Runtime : 13:55
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  • WalkerFilms
    WalkerFilms   1 weeks ago

    Didn't Starburst popcorn end up on their tik tok food episode this summer? And they didn't like it? Hahahaha

  • Alex Souliere
    Alex Souliere   1 weeks ago

    Starburst butter yes please! 😍😍😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  • Emily Gheart
    Emily Gheart   2 weeks ago

    So did they actually create the starburst popcorn trend??

  • Haleigh Cleveland
    Haleigh Cleveland   2 weeks ago

    Watching more mythical summer as the current mythical summer just went on summer brake lol 😂

  • Simone Andreassen
    Simone Andreassen   3 weeks ago

    I like how they always ask if it will and completely ignore the question of should it? 😅

  • Ivy Pandora
    Ivy Pandora   3 weeks ago

    I'm so butterhurt about the choice of lobster for the crayon butter.

  • Ale x
    Ale x   1 months ago

    I'd love to see them revisit some of these old Will It? episodes with Josh creating the dish, and attempting to make it as palatable as possible, not just "boiled for safety"

  • koldkutgirl
    koldkutgirl   1 months ago

    my favorite part about going to a restaurant is-wait i cant because of covid

  • N L
    N L   1 months ago

    The first one is more foie gras than butter.

  • Mel Marie
    Mel Marie   1 months ago

    This is just an episode about how much Americans love butter

  • CunnyFuntGames
    CunnyFuntGames   1 months ago

    I was thinking the last one was going to be blooder

  • Ryn Taylor
    Ryn Taylor   1 months ago

    Link 2018: “liquified starburst all over your popcorn, yes please” Link 2020: tastes tik tok recipe of actual liquified starburst all over popcorn hates it

  • Lucas Buss
    Lucas Buss   1 months ago

    Somewhere Marines are watching this drooling ....😂😂

  • Megan Jeffrey
    Megan Jeffrey   1 months ago

    So you guys were the OG creators of the starburst popcorn that you said you hated from tiktok. HMMM

  • winterrrsea
    winterrrsea   2 months ago

    i love how rhett liked the starburst but hated it during the ticktok food hacks

  • assmane999
    assmane999   2 months ago

    “Liquified Starburst on my popcorn? Yes please!” They just didn’t an episode a few days ago trying unique recipes from Tik-Tok, and one was melted starburst on popcorn and they both hated it.

  • so juicy
    so juicy   2 months ago

    POV: You cane here from their tik tok foods video to see if they already did the starbursts popcorn

  • Blerdy Nerdy
    Blerdy Nerdy   2 months ago

    Who's here after watching the TikTok episode where they try Starburst popcorn and they absolutely HATED it?

  • vineela
    vineela   2 months ago

    anyone here from the tiktok episode bc of the starburst popcorn

  • Josh Landry
    Josh Landry   2 months ago

    anyone else come back to this video after watching their tiktok food video because you knew they had already done the starburst one or is it just me

  • Joanna Wyand
    Joanna Wyand   2 months ago

    Is no one gonna mention Hey Mableen it's not just a make up it's a woman again

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith   2 months ago

    Link " theirs 3 people in the world the buttered popcorn people, the non buttered popcorn people, and people that eat it with candy"(My sister sitting in the corner with her pound of parnassian)

  • Oladunni Jimoh
    Oladunni Jimoh   3 months ago

    i was really expecting the peanut butter and butter you know to destroy the taste for you guys

  • gingrblog
    gingrblog   3 months ago

    Always wondering why they eat play doh and crayons all the time 🧐