Annoying Gamers!

  • Published on: 06 November 2014
  • After years of purposely stopping myself, I recently got back into gaming.. These are the of the most annoying gamers on the internet (MAGOTI).

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  • Runtime : 9:50
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  • Tetbot
    Tetbot   1 days ago

    i had a friend who was all of these

  • Lauren Berry
    Lauren Berry   2 days ago

    People rewatching this today and thinking about Among Us

  • Minny Paul
    Minny Paul   2 days ago

    As a person who hates playing online with others, I can relate. Lol

  • tiredz
    tiredz   2 days ago

    idk man seems sexist...

  • MegaByteゴ
    MegaByteゴ   4 days ago

    I'm One Of The Gamers That Have A Laggy dinosaur and not blame it on lag I blame it on ping I have like 18,000 ping

  • k
    k   4 days ago

    5:47 simp.

  • kevi
    kevi   5 days ago

    Month 8 of quarantine: I- I don't even know how to shout anymore!... Aaa... can't do it

  • NJaP
    NJaP   6 days ago

    the bossy guy is known as "A Tik Tok girl"

  • Deep Pro
    Deep Pro   1 weeks ago

    Is it bad that stage 6 is my stage 2

  • Ali3n Vort3x
    Ali3n Vort3x   1 weeks ago

    If a girl hits you and says "oH yOu cAnT HiT mE bAcK cAuSe iM a GiRl", say "Gender equality motherfucker" and slap her as hard as you can

  • Imlonelyanditstru
    Imlonelyanditstru   1 weeks ago

    Am i an annoying gamer when i say my pc lag? Bc like i can barely run roblox above 20 fps and it randomly drops to 1

  • Turtle
    Turtle   1 weeks ago

    Gender Equality! 👍

  • namjoons wife
    namjoons wife   1 weeks ago

    im a gamer girl and its so annoying bc when i turn my mic on people keep asking if im a girl and talking trash

  • YoniDayRey
    YoniDayRey   1 weeks ago

    Just noticed he created the definetion of simp

  • KJ GAMING457
    KJ GAMING457   1 weeks ago

    Im watching this October 2020 and im on stage 6 and i get so pissed

  • NiteHowler
    NiteHowler   1 weeks ago

    Now the desperate guys are known as simps

  • Mr. KnightBlox
    Mr. KnightBlox   1 weeks ago

    Dang ryan's bike Analogy at the beginning is so relateable.

  • Winklehimer
    Winklehimer   1 weeks ago

    My brother is literally every one of these

  • Ethan Ma
    Ethan Ma   1 weeks ago

    i never reach stage 3 because i never get good

    THELITGAMER   1 weeks ago

    On November 6 this video will be 6 years old

  • Dylan Meng
    Dylan Meng   1 weeks ago

    I feel like I am an excuses guy because when I make a push with my team, the second an enemy is spotted and I take a shot at them, it seems like my entire team teleported to the other flank or died.

  • Charless Jones
    Charless Jones   1 weeks ago

    I just love how happy Sean looks in that one scene for like no reason

    AKSHAY RAJVIR   1 weeks ago

    depnding upon game it can take upto a week for me to get to stage 6

  • Mark V
    Mark V   1 weeks ago

    this is how you rant.

  • Crazy Beat
    Crazy Beat   1 weeks ago

    i am here just to see some original content and refresh some memories.

  • RedIvy
    RedIvy   1 weeks ago

    S( ) This is a grenade

  • Scrap Card
    Scrap Card   2 weeks ago

    One of my classmates is the mike abuser in online class

  • Aaryan Dhakal
    Aaryan Dhakal   2 weeks ago

    For Anyone not getting the joke at 4:22 :1) Go watch the If horror movies weren't scary at 6:362) the joke comes after (classic Ryan)3) 'THHE '4:02

  • turtlerr r
    turtlerr r   2 weeks ago

    we have more in among us "the door closer" he is that one imposter who got mad at you for finding him out

  • MozartPizza
    MozartPizza   2 weeks ago

    7:24 it’s a nerf blaster painted black