• Published on: 17 August 2018
  • Someone broke into our house...

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  • the ace family someone broke into our house ace family someone broke into our house someone broke into our house our house got broken into someone robbed our house our house got robbbed ace family house got robbed the ace family ace family broke into our house house robbebry we got robbed ace family house house broken into


  • Kristie baca
    Kristie baca   3 hours ago

    Catherine is so amazing!! I am not rich and when this happened to me I didnt care what anyone took! My family was ok something people should learn! Materialistic things could always be bought again your family can not!

  • Sharon Apak
    Sharon Apak   4 hours ago

    Who else want to be in there family they are just so sweet and yong looking I sure do want to be in there family

  • Uzair Vaid
    Uzair Vaid   5 hours ago

    This incident is real ( my opinion )True- like False- dislike I dont give a damn about likes and if I did I wouldn't be asking for dislikes. I just want to see how many people think this is fake.

  • wwe jr figs
    wwe jr figs   11 hours ago

    I was robbed when me and my cousin were at school my sister was sick and my parents at work and thank God my sister wasn't home they took my Xbox a toaster oven and try to take our washer and more stuff

  • Elba Perez perez
    Elba Perez perez   11 hours ago

    Ace I love you guys so much am can I get a shot out plz

  • Jamie Vester
    Jamie Vester   13 hours ago

    i completely understand how and what you are going through and i am pregnant and me and my husband got our home broken into and i had went in to the premature labor

  • Terri Bailey
    Terri Bailey   13 hours ago

    Austin l am so sorry that this has happen to your family!!! I am so happy you now have a home where you know you have a private drive and security to watch over y'all. God Bless P.S. Our home was broken into not once but twice and things were taken too. It was very scary too. So l do know how you are feeling.. I am just glad no one was hurt.. What goes around comes around!!!!

  • unicorn star
    unicorn star   16 hours ago

    all those haters out there what's the point of hating if you're still watching, and guess, what if you're breaking into people's house and keep stealing, then you're going to hell, I don't care what you'll say, but I just hope who ever you are go to hell, whoever you are breaking into their house who agrees with me

  • Rahaf Moha
    Rahaf Moha   20 hours ago

    Wow that’s like so scary no one has break into our house but break the door but do you do you do nothing useable car door and left and we live in apartment so it’s pretty scary here we’re like happens to your house because it’s so big and like your house is like safe and lock it when you guys have a lot of like glass windows that’s how they broken because you guys have a lot of glass windows but it’s OK to have a glass windows I have a glass window I hope you guys are safe I love you guys

  • Monica Roa
    Monica Roa   20 hours ago

    I am sorry that would be scary for me to

  • Taala Jasper
    Taala Jasper   1 days ago

    I not going to lie. Catherine is really pretty

  • Sugar ASMR
    Sugar ASMR   1 days ago

    Elle tryna fake cry gets me every time

  • Pyjama Llama
    Pyjama Llama   1 days ago

    u lucky u not in sa becuse they will take all o it

  • Pookie kidd
    Pookie kidd   1 days ago

    You need to put cameras inside your house and also in your babys room everywhere the world is crazy now so for the kids sake u need cameras inside your house I hope u see this comment😍🤟🤟 love you Mr.Ace and Mrs.Ace 💚💚

  • Amazing Russell
    Amazing Russell   1 days ago

    Austin posted this video cause he wanted to stop the rumor about Austin giving a little girl a dick candy so planned on breaking the window on purpose to stop the rumor so we can feel bad

  • JayJay's Love
    JayJay's Love   1 days ago

    All I care is that Elle is safe cause imagine Elle getting kid nap oh helll nahhh but im glad she’s ok

  • Camille LeCuyer
    Camille LeCuyer   1 days ago

    I live in plano No one should do that. I is your house 🏠

  • Pamela freestyle makeup

    These criminal are so dumb they didn’t take anything now they have to pay for the house 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Marivel Flores
    Marivel Flores   2 days ago

    THEASE ARE LITERALLY ALL THE COMMENTS Nobody Literally NobodyNot a single soulWho’s here in 2020?Who’s here during Quarantine Who’s here now that the baby boy is here.

  • claudia hughes
    claudia hughes   2 days ago

    I’m not a big fan of when people say”who’s here .......”this is serious I’m actually disappointed and disgusted with people when they say that.this is just my opinion,say what you want put in my opinion that’s not important and how people are just using this for likes.

  • hi there
    hi there   2 days ago

    catherine: “i don’t give a shit about purses” my mom: *freaks out whenever someone lays ONE finger on her purse*😭

  • Adrianna Gamboa
    Adrianna Gamboa   2 days ago

    This was fake. What abt the security cameras and alarms? And they rented that home and there time was up so they decided to do that. Also if anyone didn’t know on the ‘police cars’ they didn’t have a logo of what the police station was called, so nice try liars :)

  • Tonya Gingerich
    Tonya Gingerich   2 days ago

    Anyone who thinks you don’t deserve privacy is psychotic!! It’ should be against the law to take picture of your home, but to break in, is so criminal!! This is so sad to watch

  • Tonya Gingerich
    Tonya Gingerich   2 days ago

    You didn’t let your family down, I would absolutely have the best security too!!

  • Tonya Gingerich
    Tonya Gingerich   2 days ago

    I’m so thankful they were not home. That is so violating to do to their home. I never heard if the lowlifes were caught!! I hope so!! So very sorry that happened to the ACE family. :(

    CRISTINA   2 days ago

    Imagine that the guys who broke into their house are watching this.

  • Chip Dixon
    Chip Dixon   2 days ago

    wow that suck 2 yrs ago but now they live in a new house and got a new baby boy already 2

    SOPHMB   3 days ago

    So sorry for what happened !!! 🧡🧡🧡🧡

  • Kayla Hewitt
    Kayla Hewitt   3 days ago

    watching is later in 2020 I still feel tat its fake im sorry but I still love the ace family but I just feel that there is so much things they could have taken yet they took nothing that they could have sold for real money honestly

  • lisa barnes
    lisa barnes   3 days ago

    I’m surprised the burglar alarm didn’t go off.