Best Bigfoot clips from Alaska, Last 8 years

  • Published on: 20 March 2021
  • Living and exploring in Alaska for the last 22 years , I learned to look for the unusual while out in the wilds of Alaska ,these are clips I have collected for the last 8 years ,and some have been on TV shows like finding bigfoot and The Alaskan Triangle
  • Runtime : 10:9
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  • America The Truth Speaks Volumes

    He has had big foot 🦶 watching him many times without him knowing it! 👽What’s so bad is how ignorant society people are even after seeing a video like this them mental inbred people will still say big foot 🦶 isn’t real but if it happened to them ignorant people they would be exactly scared to death from being so ignorant not believing !!!

  • Tj Rizzo
    Tj Rizzo   13 hours ago

    Howls foot prints and Blurry black photos is all we ever see. The best video evidence is from 1967.

  • Reub Prue
    Reub Prue   14 hours ago

    That sound---.In 2012 , we live remotely in Washington.My closest neibour is half mile away.I was sitting at the pinic table with a 223 with a night vision scope.A Bobcat had been stealing my chickens and I was there to put an end to it.I knew from which way he traveled so I was locked and loaded.I was wating for the motion light to come on and the Bobcat to walk out as so many times before when from behind me an extreemly load scream came from the woods.I could hear air blowing through its giant pipe and then the volcal scream would permiate the air.You ever hear a ship blow its horn and at first you hear air blowing through the horn before the tone begins, well that's just like what I heard.It went from a deep tone rising to a high tone then dropping down a few octaves to drop off.I turned my gun in that direction, looking through the scope but couldn't see anything.It did three more screams and each time all my hair stood on end from the fear I was feeling.No I didn't see the Bobcat that night and I quickly went into the house where it felt safe.

  • ginacardarella
    ginacardarella   1 days ago

    I look forward to seeing what you get on video with your next visit

  • Carol Rainey
    Carol Rainey   1 days ago

    I have a cousin who has lived in Alaska for over 40 years and he has seen and heard some pretty SCARY stuff ! He said that when you have lived there that long and go hunting and fishing you are out in some heavy wooded areas and he has seen and heard things that will make the hair on your neck stand straight up !! He said that it's caused him to be so scared he just froze in the spot he was at. Too scared to move.

  • Carol Rainey
    Carol Rainey   1 days ago

    It's really creepy how so many people have gone missing in Alaska !

  • Carol Rainey
    Carol Rainey   1 days ago

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  • Default Name
    Default Name   1 days ago

    Sounds like a beaver slap... No idea what the howl is...

  • Scott Bostic
    Scott Bostic   1 days ago

    Excellent video and sound bite. Probably the best I have ever heard. You should send these to some and have them compare the screams. Maybe Nv Tv

  • Marcel Wiedemann
    Marcel Wiedemann   3 days ago

    so lange es kein material gib was nicht verwackelt is glaub ich das nicht und das gebrühle hört mann das ees eine ton aufnahme is

  • Marcel Wiedemann
    Marcel Wiedemann   3 days ago

    die finden immer nur ein abdruck er hat aber zwei füsse wo is deer zweite ab druck bitte

  • chris tipton
    chris tipton   4 days ago

    No reason at all that these could not have been hoaxes.What makes it "a Bigfoot but" as opposed to a hunting blind or a survivalist training?By automatically assuming that it's SQ related, your discrediting those that actually go out and research for themselves.

  • Rumble Rowdy
    Rumble Rowdy   4 days ago

    Why put your hand by a footprint? You're supposed to put your foot by a footprint. But hey, you're the doctor

  • Rumble Rowdy
    Rumble Rowdy   4 days ago

    Hey Doc, it hurts when I do this...Doc: Don't do that

  • Gun Slinger 221
    Gun Slinger 221   5 days ago

    Wow, about three years ago while I was working at a remote Alaska outpost two huge hairy ape like creatures invaded our compound. One of them looked very human and he captured one of our female researchers. We had no land lines and the only communications available were to the SSBN Florida. This Balistic submarine was notified and we were able to give them the approximate coordinates of the creatures last known whereabouts. The Sub Captain his name was Captain DB Cooper launched one nuclear armed missle in the direction and coordinates we gave him. We then watched as what appeared to be 15 supersized creatures leapt through the air and were able to halt the missle advance. We noticed that they were dong something with the nosecone of the missle.(I later learned that this is a drug to them hence they snort the contents of the missle) The next thing we knew these creatures started coming from underground and grabbbing us up one by one. Then they would take our people underground,. I was one of the lucky ones, I was rescued by Captain cooper and taken to safety. The bigfoot creatures he later told me are called "Worlocks" they are an advanced human race and survive on live humans for a food source. Simply chilling I later learned that these worlock creatures are actually under the control of a century old serial killer by the name of Jack D Ripper. I will never venture to alaska again

  • catherine donoghue
    catherine donoghue   5 days ago

    Definitely wild man of the woods territory, …lucky you..I doubt there in Ireland 🇮🇪

  • Sandra Kisch
    Sandra Kisch   6 days ago

    Super video. There was lots of evidence. Happy hunting.

  • 80sMeavyHetal
    80sMeavyHetal   6 days ago

    One question: How come another video from St. Louis County, Minnesota has the exact same audio of that last howl 8:27 in it? (4:50)Thanks for pointing out by Jake LesperanceIt's really sad to fake these things. If these creatures really exist such fakes only discredit the whole movement and everyone involved searching for the truth. Is this channel only about getting views? What a shame!

  • R Smith
    R Smith   1 weeks ago

    Finds a big foot hut .. Doesnt look inside

  • Andrew Harmon
    Andrew Harmon   1 weeks ago

    This was good stuff! The footprints were amazing, the audio - oh man! There is video on YouTube from a guy out hunting mushrooms, and something let's loose with a blood curdling wail, nearby. That one's worth checking out too. Thanks for the great video!

  • Eric Pabon
    Eric Pabon   1 weeks ago

    its crazy how bigfoot can see from so far away

  • Glenn Whitt
    Glenn Whitt   1 weeks ago

    Absolutely aawesome video! I seen a sasquatch & heard one howl . your videos are the real deal & very enjoyable. Scary howls !!😲

  • Hominid Prime
    Hominid Prime   1 weeks ago

    Time to put that horrible name ( Bigfoot ) in the grave . Hominid I'd Prime has awoken.(#Hominid Prime lives)

  • Geoff Walker
    Geoff Walker   1 weeks ago

    its a bigfoot hut and you dont look inside....what the F$#%k

  • Greensage
    Greensage   1 weeks ago

    I think it is Rude that you don't throw a Rock back! :)

  • Jesse Bolton
    Jesse Bolton   1 weeks ago

    If you notice all the footprints you usually find everything is straight in line with each other I've noticed and I've watched a lot of videos of footprints and every video and every photographer photograph all the footprints are in line with each other if you notice how a human will walk we Walk goofy footage we walk with our feet one to the left one to the right we don't walk in line only time you'll see that walking line is when a police officer is doing a sobriety test and you walk in a straight line that's the only time

  • Audrey
    Audrey   1 weeks ago

    Eee shouldn’t be out that late, not just big foot but other things like little people etc. just don’t whistle in the evening.

  • Willswalkingwest
    Willswalkingwest   1 weeks ago

    The first prints were so eroded that they were larger than they were when first made. Probably bear. The second print was a bear, bears often put their back foot into a front print to create a human like print. The claw marks at the front give it away as a bear. The "hut",,,really? Hunter blind. The howling? Really? There's a highway there. Any number of noises can be made by large trucks going by. Also, Alaska is home to many large animals that could make noises. I hear wolves. And any number of waterfowl by the water could have made the water noise. The video lacks any clarity so one can only speculate but we're going straight to a Sasquatch? I realize this video was probably presented in good fun. You look like you're a doctor? I'm only guessing. If that's the case then you're a man of science. And as such I'd hope you'd use a bit more scrutiny before coming to a conclusion about a large bipedal creature roaming about.

  • RedBeard Johnson
    RedBeard Johnson   1 weeks ago

    Lol the music just makes me want to break something lmao