Doja Cat - The Tale of Becoming Doja Cat | Vevo LIFT

  • Published on: 31 July 2020
  • Doja Cat - The Tale of Becoming Doja Cat (Vevo LIFT)

    Welcome to the world of Doja Cat. Born and raised in L.A., the 24-year-old self-taught singer-rapper is a vet of sorts. The arts were central to her upbringing, and she started sharing her music on Soundcloud back in 2013. A year later she dropped her much-buzzed-about ‘Purrr!’ EP. Ever since, she’s nurtured an ever-growing array of feverish fans who revere her for combining a radiant charisma with unique flow and tongue-in-cheek lyrics (see: the irresistible“MOOO!”). Seems like Doja has designed her version of alt-R&B to take off in any direction she chooses. Tours with Lizzo and Theophilius London led right into 2018’s impressive ‘Amala,’ her debut proper, followed by last year’s ‘Hot Pink.’ That album’s “Say So” is currently clocking big numbers. Arresting visuals help. Her videos for both her radio juggernaut and "Rules" are wildly fun. When the Vevo production team united with the feline phenom to figure out performance ideas, the creative juices were flowing. The goal? Put the “cat” in Doja Cat - a decision that resulted in what’s probably our most ambitious studio build to date for a LIFT performance. For her “Streets” performance, she splashes around; for "Say So" she paws her way through a two-story cat tower. For her 'Becoming' interview she explains the genesis of her character and her sound. Learn all about 2020's hottest star.

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    Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
    Director: Priya Minhas
    Producer: Sacha Noelle
    Producer: Maddy Schmidt
    Producer: Ben Fuqua
    Producer: Hayley Sliger
    Production Company: Contrast Films
    Director of Photography: David Okolo
    Editor: Austin Prahl
    Design & VFX: Sydney Emery
    Music & Talent: Annie Shapiro & Jordan Ferree

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  • Runtime : 4:15
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  • Daria Czapiga
    Daria Czapiga   4 hours ago

    You're doing this great. Just keep going. People don't like it when something or someone is different. They're afraid of the new, they prefer to stay in their boxes. But that doesn't change the world for the most part, just the ones we think are "freaks". Being different is the biggest compliment, because it means that you are someone special. You're not just another pretty woman, but someone who leaves a mark. Be proud, be wild, be whatever you want. <3 <3

  • Phil the smart ass kid

    Doja and her fans really have a strong bond! I can tell that by reading some comments here. Wish I was there too lol

  • Jade
    Jade   6 hours ago

    Love ❤️

  • Maze _
    Maze _   7 hours ago

    I just like her weirdness. She applies that to her music and that's what separates her from everyone else

  • bojack Horseman
    bojack Horseman   7 hours ago

    imagine they try to run a smear campaign against a talented artist, so another one can rise and snatch no. 1, but you can't deny her talent, creativity and versatility ❤️i love doja cat

  • Вестник Истины

    Сам Иисус Христос сказал-“Я и Отец одно,кто видел Меня,тот видел и Отца Моего небесного”.Когда ты поклоняешься Иисусу Христу как раб,то ты угождаешь Создателю,Отцу,который превыше всего,но Христос несомненно твой Господин,когда ты исполняешь чью-то волю ты уже делаешься рабом,подвласным,так будь же подвластен Господу Христу,или же ты будешь служить господу сатане,другого не дано,выбери лучше путь спасение💓🦁🗡Кайтесь пред Иисусом Христом!

  • Melinda kezi
    Melinda kezi   11 hours ago

    i dont know why people ignore good music anyway this song vocals are amazing

  • Pia Wartsback
    Pia Wartsback   14 hours ago

    she deserves a collaboration with Beyonce and Chloe x Halle

  • mikita beauty
    mikita beauty   15 hours ago

    Please make a funny song with lil dicky! Doja please notice!!!!

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ   15 hours ago

    Not surprised people tried to “cancel” her for being “racist” there’s a lot to be jealous about including her personality, she still snapped back like a queen 😌✨

    YAH'SHUA PAC   16 hours ago

    You were never alone you always had the ALMIGHTY MOST HIGH with you and people who think and feel just like you and now you have become the voice for all of us and your a creative genius of music and I I love how you exceeded the boundaries society have put us all in that’s part of the reason so many people liked moo cause it took big OVARIES 4 u nuts for me to do that! Not to mention it was nice and entertaining great piece of work by the way on juicy your 🍒looks soo good I wanna bite😏

  • Aldel Macapagal
    Aldel Macapagal   19 hours ago

    This lady is gonna get some awards in the future, because she got talent and all it takes. I'll be one of those who'll be happy for her when that day comes. Godspeed Doja Cat!

  • iam1 shay
    iam1 shay   21 hours ago

    Doja cat looks like piper from charmed(the old one)

  • Gary Hardwick
    Gary Hardwick   22 hours ago

    Doja is some kind of genius, of course she's gonna be a little off.

  • aetsheticx
    aetsheticx   23 hours ago

    is this the second k-12?edit: ik its not lol i think

  • Ciana Elliot
    Ciana Elliot   1 days ago

    She dosent know she makes everyone's quarantine better

  • Aaron Warrington
    Aaron Warrington   1 days ago

    Could we talk about how she ate this up still without a fucking song ?!

  • C Bama
    C Bama   1 days ago

    Gotta love me sum doja.....

  • lodi
    lodi   1 days ago

    i love u doja

  • Fayth Weathers
    Fayth Weathers   1 days ago

    Plz start a podcast your voice is so calming and amazing

  • Layla Wood
    Layla Wood   1 days ago

    I'm just waiting for her to go back to making good music and not just overly sexual music. Still a long time fan either way.

  • It's_Me _Lilyana
    It's_Me _Lilyana   1 days ago

    I love how Doja Cat can be herself and she shows her skin, and her personality. She is unique compared to all the other rap and hip hop artists. Even if it is outrageous it's still great because she made it. I love her personality, and her music. 💕💕💕