Abandoned Dog Becomes Bed and Breakfast Host | Pit Bulls & Parolees

  • Published on: 09 August 2021
  • Virginia finally gets adopted after being dumped outside the Villalobos Rescue Center. Her new owner runs a dog friendly bed and breakfast that Virginia will serve as a host at.

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  • Runtime : 8:16
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  • Carolyn Minter
    Carolyn Minter   4 days ago

    All I want to know is when is this great show coming back on. They left us with a great cliffhanger, and I want to see the brand new rescue. I know Tia found a great place for the workers and dogs.

  • Alex Reynolds
    Alex Reynolds   3 weeks ago

    I love that they go above and beyond to make sure their dogs get to their forever homes!

  • Strayan Made
    Strayan Made   2 months ago

    Love every single episode awww 🌼😍

  • larie Munoz
    larie Munoz   3 months ago

    I didn't see any toys or water/ food dishes ,a bed nothing at all for her. Maybe she just didn't show it...? Idk . I only hope the pumpkin butt is happy and loved !

  • Ingrid Åkerblom
    Ingrid Åkerblom   3 months ago

    Dosen't most animals come "with some personality" ? 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Juanita Pina
    Juanita Pina   3 months ago

    What a wonderful dog. How can anybody give up such a calm kind beautiful dog

  • Mike Ivy
    Mike Ivy   3 months ago

    How did this little girl afford this huge Louisiana bed-and-breakfast house and turn it into a B&B? Please tell me how she did it I love seeing the dog but I see this young girl that can’t be more than 25 and she’s got a multi million dollar house! I wanna know how she did it? Can we say maybe mom and dad or grandma and grandpa!

  • LucyRoyale
    LucyRoyale   3 months ago

    I understand why there is a pit bull policy because they have a bad reputation but if they would just change that policy we could change their reputation

  • Sally Waites
    Sally Waites   3 months ago

    That was a great match. As much as a pit bull would be a great dog in that position, some less well informed people still have issues with the breed. No one has issues with labrador/golden retrievers. Most importantly I think Miss Virginia will love living there.

  • vlafoodchina vla
    vlafoodchina vla   4 months ago

    There are no bad dogs. It's just that not all people know how to raise dogs and live with them properly. Even affectionate and non-aggressive breeds can be aggressive if they are not raised. Taking care of your four-legged friend is not hugging and kissing them endlessly. Caring is taking full responsibility for your pet's life. And pit bulls are beautiful, intelligent, and patient dogs. Terrific companions and loyal friends!

  • Jessica Oppegard
    Jessica Oppegard   4 months ago

    I love Virginia 🐶 The best dog we ever had was a Chocolate Lab 🖤

  • Jeremiah Holmes
    Jeremiah Holmes   4 months ago

    Amen on the insurance companies, I have been bitten by more small dogs that are allowed and I never been bitten by a pit.

  • Jessica Nakamura
    Jessica Nakamura   4 months ago

    God this dog breed discrimination makes me SO furious 'pitbulls are evil' it's like saying 'all black people are murderers'. screw that shit.

  • Nancy Vaughn
    Nancy Vaughn   4 months ago

    Love the B&B and Virginia. Thank you VillaNova.

  • Ytube Suks
    Ytube Suks   4 months ago

    Besides doing a great thing by rescuing animals, I need to start an Animal Rescue Group so I can afford a nice vehicle as the people at Villalobos can afford.

  • sara
    sara   4 months ago

    Best show on animal planet

  • Rosemarie Bredahl
    Rosemarie Bredahl   4 months ago

    Please advise novice rescuers about dietary prevention of life-threatening 'Refeeding Syndrome' & also how weakened intestinal muscles can allow bowel obstruction from overloading with food before strength has a chance to return. It takes heroic restraint to start with frequent small amounts of food (watery, or at least moist) when both the rescuer and the animal want to feed the animal as much as it wants. Thank you. I LoVe that you show the transformation of even animals that look hopeless at first. You help inspire the best in people, which is even more precious at a cultural time where some profit from bringing out the worst in people. 💝

  • Lovespitbulls
    Lovespitbulls   4 months ago

    I hope there was an outdoor space on the ground level. Also, I hope that Lindsay has time to walk Virginia during the day while she runs the B&B.

  • Kathleen Tinkle
    Kathleen Tinkle   4 months ago

    I don't know if you (Tia) and the crew will even see this. Just wanted to let you know I am concerned about y'all and the dogs. Please put something on your site so your fans and friends know you're OK>

  • Anar Christy
    Anar Christy   4 months ago

    Thinking of all of you now during this hurricane may God protect you and the animals

  • cindy murray
    cindy murray   4 months ago

    How about a yard?!! Will she even have time to walk her?! Dog parks - or any grassy areas nearby? Virginia is big girl and she will shed mounds of fur. This gal needs a small lap dog. The dog needs a FAMILY & BIG YARD. sorry..😪

  • Trisha Moore
    Trisha Moore   4 months ago

    I love how the lady(can't remember her name) and earl main concern is the dog and if she is going to be ok, if the dog showed any anxiety. Glad virginia found a forever home

  • Devo Davis
    Devo Davis   4 months ago

    I hope to see a video someday of this sweet Virginia greeting her clients.

  • Jake Addy
    Jake Addy   5 months ago

    Where does the dog go to the toilet? Nice lady, but without a yard I don't know how this would/could work.

  • Mel T
    Mel T   5 months ago

    when we were looking for an apartment in Imperial Beach, Ca, we lucked out and found one that was 1/2 a block from my parents house (theyre elderly so thats the reason we wanted to stay close to them) and the manager told us if we registered our pitbull as an emotional support dog that there would be no problem renting to us and we wouldnt have to pay the high premium on the renters insurance. It was a Gods send because we had been living in hotels for over a month trying to find an apartment and we were always turned away because our baby is a pitty.

  • David Turk
    David Turk   5 months ago

    Virginia to New Orleans. Might have been owned by a navy family, that got orders to a place that the dog could not go.

  • foinelsfred
    foinelsfred   5 months ago

    If character is what you do when no one's watching, imagine what you are when you abandon your dog.

  • Helen L
    Helen L   5 months ago

    I love Earl's Bitch Craft shirt! Sadly, it doesn't seem to be a vcr one - or at least not currently in their shop 😞

    LAURIE POLDEN   5 months ago

    Unfortunately it is not the insurance company’s fault it is the fault of the people that fight the dogs don’t like the insurance companies for trying to keep people safe if these dogs were bred to fight there wouldn’t be a problem

  • leila Loolee
    leila Loolee   5 months ago

    Christine Clark you went out on a limb stating how happy you are that pit bull s are not allowed per insurance co. This is Pit Bulls and Parolees. It seemed insensitive to use this show as a forum for your happiness about the dog ban.

  • Christina Clark
    Christina Clark   5 months ago

    It is good to know that some insurance companies have rules against pitbulls. Something to ask about if I ever get a home. A good way to weed out the bad ones.

  • nathalie wade
    nathalie wade   5 months ago

    I never used to think much of pits then you guys happened