BFDI 22: Don't Pierce My Flesh

  • Published on: 01 October 2011
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    Music by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"
  • Runtime : 6:36
  • battle for dream island bfdi cartoon total drama tdi tda tdwt competition volcano magma lava beauty contest vanity


  • BFB Taco
    BFB Taco   3 hours ago

    0:11 On Leafys Leg A Rope Randomly Appears

  • Laura Ranger
    Laura Ranger   1 days ago

    Does any one remember watching this as a kid

  • Endless Lime
    Endless Lime   1 days ago

    I wish I can vote in episodes but I was born 8 yrs ago

  • Elita Reid
    Elita Reid   4 days ago

    I and I wrote spongy which means that the amount of anti-vote somebody has they get less than the amount of votes that they get because you're always so mean to him and he's so nice he's my favorite well one of them so I do that and I wrote a trillion million million ultra vote on flower if I could but I will one out on her with basically means is that one of these means that the player gets loaded with two votes if they get a mega vote so I want flower out

  • Masayoshi Kame
    Masayoshi Kame   5 days ago

    this show is lowkey telling us to vote in presidential elections.

  • Ayan Sharma
    Ayan Sharma   5 days ago

    im so glad we made it out of that terrible place

  • Ayan Sharma
    Ayan Sharma   5 days ago

    volcanos dont actually erupt this way

  • Ayan Sharma
    Ayan Sharma   5 days ago

    Get to the end ... although there is no end"

  • BFB Pen
    BFB Pen   6 days ago

    Flower Announcer :I poisoned your cake