50 Cent Had His Lamborghini Stolen By Snoop Dogg

  • Published on: 15 August 2019
  • Rap mogul and 'Power' executive producer Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson couldn't find his Versace Lamborghini because fellow rapper Snoop Dogg 'stole' it. #50Cent #Colbert #Interview

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  • Runtime : 9:55
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  • It's SiX
    It's SiX   1 days ago

    This isn't 50 cents.This is the Stunt Double.

  • It's SiX
    It's SiX   1 days ago

    There's like ,2 of them ,right ?

  • traci jackson
    traci jackson   2 days ago

    I'm gonna wear the car when I wear these shoes

  • Ugly
    Ugly   3 days ago

    never seen a more stupid guy

  • Kanika Garal
    Kanika Garal   4 days ago

    He is so cute. And smart too. He could be president don't sell urself short Mr. Jackson i would love another dope president after Barack. And I also agree Stephen has very likeable personality he should run for president. After I heard about kanye I think we should ask Stephen. He will be the only hope.

  • endo pickaboo
    endo pickaboo   5 days ago

    VP joe bidden is jimi page, shockrocker steve carrol is Alice Cooper, rock god morgan freeman (waste of space) is bb king and hendrix, deborah cox is jade picket smith, will smith is tyler perry, pop smoke is played by 50 cents, rosa parks is liberian president ellen Johnson sirleaf, donatella versage is Argentinean president cristina Fernández kirshner, pope Benedict is played by robert blake, pope Francis is Jonathan Pryce, Christopher Reeves was british prime minister John Major, andrew Wakefield is nigel farrage, princess Diana played diane downs kathleen sebelius and other characters, Paul ron is clown ass SIR Ian McKellen weirdo, dilma van rousseff is columba bush, shirley jones is hillary Clinton offcourse, Richard Dawkins is pierre passebo, mark zuckerber is Jacob Michael Greenberg, grandson of David Rockefeller (facebook is a cia/mossad invention), LADY GAGA plays Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells Jo Calderone Kreayshawn and Lil’ Debbie, david icke is Sir richard branson, his eminence cardinal Mahony is Harrison Ford, hugo Chavez is Ritchie Valens, apple ceo tim cook is steve jobs imposter, yahoo ceo melisa mayer is alyssa kaplan Blumberg, toronto mayor rob ford is chris farley, john mccain and fonzi are played by henry Winkler, KATY PERRY AND ZOOEY DESCHANEL same imposter, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is heath ledger (actor and imposter), princess margaret was played by lily tomlin & the british mother queen played by jane Wagner, Khomeini ayatollah was sean Connery, steve jobs played the character of john Lennon in the 70s (apple studios / Mac), wendy williams is mariah Carey (anyone can see that), will ferrel (imposter coward) is chad smith offcourse, david patterson former Governor of New York played the role of Muammar gaddafi, tom hanks IMPOSTER is john g roberts jr, ayesha curry is miley virus, 2pakz of tea is a kill da mc from jurrasic 5, kadafi is CHALI 2NA FROM JURRASIC 5

  • Sougata Mahapatra
    Sougata Mahapatra   6 days ago

    Yeah 50 Cent is right Stephen. You should really join politics,I think you would be the best politician in this political climate 🙂

  • A K
    A K   6 days ago

    bra he bankrob

  • Abraham Aguilar
    Abraham Aguilar   1 weeks ago

    Piano man plz give us more bluesy riffs i love it when you do them! Never overpowering but always complimenting the jokes. Props my guy!

  • Tellmon Philips
    Tellmon Philips   1 weeks ago

    Put in some braids and a few face tattoos on 50 cent and i swear he'll look like pop smoke !!

  • Harnoor Mand
    Harnoor Mand   1 weeks ago

    One OF the things I like about it Mr. Cent is that he always dress up according to the situation. Look at him how gentle he looks in suit and tie.

  • Robert Lust
    Robert Lust   1 weeks ago

    Do you think Trump Killed Kobe? Now hiring! The Trump Tower is 60 floors of rental free living if you happen to be homeless in NEW YORK! #blacklivesmatter https://youtu.be/le2OF-oBUfM Congratulations for creating a home for New York's Displaced communities. Apply on site. Bring a Hammer! Remodelling also probably shouldnt bring your kids the cops will definately shoot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vf68hS-TrBk

  • Janine Daniell
    Janine Daniell   1 weeks ago

    Obnoxiously wealthy people are, actually, obnoxious they are the evidence of what is soooo wrong with the world

  • angel lozano
    angel lozano   1 weeks ago

    Can wait until he gets back to spitting bars and gets slim

  • Kas
    Kas   1 weeks ago

    Snoop jealous as fuck that Hes not making the same money

  • Tom Rudel
    Tom Rudel   1 weeks ago

    50 is a smart guy, he knows What the vibe is And how to blend in, remember listening to him When he blew up in 2003, really glad how he still has longetivity and branched into everything, much love and respect ✊.

  • Stamos Rigas
    Stamos Rigas   1 weeks ago

    is this even a person? Or is it just a show boating of how much money he has?

  • Indigo Child
    Indigo Child   1 weeks ago

    50 cent got deebowd by Snoop wow! Haha! Gimme your sh%t lol!

  • inciwalker
    inciwalker   1 weeks ago

    god damn he looks and sounds so friendly

  • Neyu
    Neyu   1 weeks ago

    What's the intro music guys please? I think I heard it on eminem's song called "Wanksta" ... but this one sounds different

  • T A
    T A   1 weeks ago

    See this is why liberals are goofy as hell to me. They'll try to ruin a mans career and whole life for something he said 20 years ago one minute.. The next minute they'll turn around and celebrate a violent drug dealer who has probably killed people... & I fuck with 50's music, I'm just sayin... Shits goofy.

  • Mark Maxwell
    Mark Maxwell   2 weeks ago

    DAMN fifty centsYou should have tipped the valet the full dollar...😂😂😂🤩🤩🤩

  • Esethu Phumelelo
    Esethu Phumelelo   2 weeks ago

    He gave me toddler vibes when he was talk about his watch 'you gatta have the ones with the circle'

  • Fish Finn
    Fish Finn   2 weeks ago

    Star on Hollywood sidewalk ? Who cares?

  • Thomas Kar
    Thomas Kar   2 weeks ago

    Always keep the key wiz you even helping a old grand pa or ma being fall or run over. alway turn you fuking car if you run it more than 3min. nio need to pollute mona focka.

  • Uvedale Wood
    Uvedale Wood   2 weeks ago

    His face is so black yet his teeth are so white.

  • Andrew Glenn
    Andrew Glenn   2 weeks ago

    What song is that playing at the beginning 😂?