Nintendo Switch - Indie World Showcase - 8.19.2019

  • Published on: 19 August 2019
  • Check out this selection of indie titles coming to Nintendo Switch soon in our Indie World showcase!

    Got a favorite from the video? Click below!

    Risk of Rain 2: 00:59
    Eastward: 02:00
    Freedom Finger: 03:30
    Röki: 04:34
    Torchlight II: 05:40
    Skater XL: 06:49
    Youropa: 08:19
    SUPERHOT: 09:49
    Dungeon Defenders Awakened: 11:09
    The Touryst: 12:20
    Skellboy: 14:37
    EarthNight: 15:50
    Hotline Miami Collection: 17:45
    Even more indie games!: 18:59
    Ori and the Blind Forest: 22:14

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  • Runtime : 23:56
  • nintendo play play nintendo game gameplay fun video game kids action adventure rpg Risk of Rain 2 Easyward Freedom Finger Röki Torchlight II Skater XL Youropa SUPERHOT Dungeon Defenders Awakened The Touryst Skellboy EarthNight Hotline Miami Collection Ori and the Blind Forest indie showcase nintendo switch games trailer


  • Abdul Raheem
    Abdul Raheem   3 months ago

    Ori and the will of wisps for today's direct please

  • angriestjoker
    angriestjoker   4 months ago

    I like how the Hotline Miami section showed little to no action cause of how batshit violent it is. No complaints with it overall though, they got creative and showed specific character moments fans would recognize to get us hype 👍🏼

  • Game Hero
    Game Hero   4 months ago

    Loved the humour in these trailers! XD

  • Woofzo
    Woofzo   6 months ago

    Screw skater XL here comes SkateBird

  • Devin Dykstra
    Devin Dykstra   6 months ago

    All the art styles are *soooooo cooooool*. My favorite is The Touryst.

  • GIN。
    GIN。   6 months ago

    Is that my bois MAGIC SWORD ⚔️

  • Jcast1
    Jcast1   6 months ago

    Ehhh these hosts sound kinda deeeead :U

  • Niclas
    Niclas   6 months ago

    Nintendo give me Avicii invector NOW!

  • Niclas
    Niclas   6 months ago

    ha people in comments can´t write Ö cause only I speaks the language!

  • RedHuan Uchiha
    RedHuan Uchiha   6 months ago

    I want nintendo give me nintendo for free

  • Hirungolwe
    Hirungolwe   6 months ago

    smh we better get silksong this time

  • Eric F
    Eric F   7 months ago

    Röki looks phenomenal. I cannot wait for this game. I’m buying a Switch Lite to play it 👍

  • Tristan
    Tristan   7 months ago

    The Touryst look so good, It's my kind of orignal game. It's remind me Startropics, but I don't know well this company, how long all you think it's will take to beat this game ?

  • KamiSquad_X
    KamiSquad_X   9 months ago

    21:14 HYPERCHARGED: UnboxedOMG!!!! I LOVED those games for N64!!!! Army Men Sarge's Heroes!!!!!

  • Nabskull
    Nabskull   9 months ago

    It's so bizarre to see Nintendo to do a phone call skit for HM, I would've never imagined that lol

  • ivan kotomin
    ivan kotomin   9 months ago

    guys, just listen to me... Nintendo have made the right step in the right direction and now I see where this road sees! you just think about how many cool games you can buy for the full price of the game from any major developer today?! and now you just have to look at this huge selection of quality content at an affordable price!! for $ 60 you can buy 10 games or even more and it turns out that I get 10 different gameplays! so what do you say now?

  • ivan kotomin
    ivan kotomin   9 months ago

    OOOH! OHHHHHHHH! so many cool staffs! and I just say its rly indie games? new death stranding from Kajima from full price ( 60-100$ ) - pffff!!!

  • buttarain27
    buttarain27   9 months ago

    Wow, Ori! And Earthnight looks crazy sick, like an LCD trip!

  • Caboose
    Caboose   9 months ago

    No one mentions Hotline Miami, you know that game is banned in Australia for reasons that are obvious if you look up what the games are about, if you don’t know what hotline is your in for a treat, I promise

  • Natendo
    Natendo   10 months ago

    Most of these look like absolute trash/shovelware

  • PYRO_775
    PYRO_775   10 months ago

    Is ori will of the wisps coming too?

  • Random Person
    Random Person   10 months ago

    "Woah, i'm a disembodied voice!""You get used to it."idk why but this cracks me up lol

  • good o'l me plant
    good o'l me plant   10 months ago

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting pretty damn tired of this 8-bit style thing, I have nothing against the style itself, I've just seen it so much that I'm starting to hate the site of it, like when you listen to your favorite song for an hour and then you never wanna listen to it for a year.

  • skonking
    skonking   10 months ago

    This feels like I'm playing something straight out of the Jackbox Party Pack

  • starsroof_
    starsroof_   10 months ago

    0:08 jeez, please re-do the graphics for the intro... those 2000s flash game look so bad and its kinda insulting to indie game devs, it's like the baby boomer way of representing game development... "oh, it must be like a computer factory, and people with glasses press a red button, and... screens and lasers... you know, nerdy science stuff".you're Nintendo, don't play like you're Miniclip or something.

  • Jorge Amaya
    Jorge Amaya   10 months ago

    Everytime I hear the ORI and the Blind Forest OST chest burst with emotions and feelings I still can't comprehend ...what a beautiful tearfull ride was playing that game. T.T