Are you basic? (YIAY #360)

  • Published on: 26 September 2017
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    Yesterday, I asked you (YIAY) a question and today I’m reading your answers! Do you want to be featured in the next YIAY? Then comment with your answer below!

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    Hi, my name is Jack Douglass. You found my YouTube channel where I like to make fun of everything because I'm too scared to confront reality. Parodies! Music videos! Sketches! JackAsk! Your Grammar Sucks (YGS)! Yesterday I Asked You (YIAY)! News in Haikus!

    Are you basic? (YIAY #360)
  • Runtime : 4:14
  • Jack Douglass YGS YGS 100 YGS 50 The Best of Your Grammar Sucks Your Grammar Sucks Yesterday I Asked You Fidget Spinners Emoji Movie Kermit Sings JackAsk Jack Ask Dubstep Solves Everything Frozen 2 iPhone Parody Apple Parody jacksfilms yiay basic are you


  • Birdboi uwu
    Birdboi uwu   1 days ago

    2:18 I mean yeah society loves to shit on teenage girls interests

  • Synthwave Cat
    Synthwave Cat   2 days ago


  • JFC Marblez
    JFC Marblez   5 days ago

    Once, I went through a phase where half of the things I said was "YASS queen!" How basic is that?

  • Poozie
    Poozie   1 weeks ago

    that ending quote about doing you made me feel better for being an e-thotThanks John'sPornos <3

  • TGE joe
    TGE joe   1 weeks ago

    Who remembers quidd? Anyone?

  • Leeinardoe
    Leeinardoe   2 weeks ago

    Got a Starbucks ad right before the video. 😎

  • Frogstery
    Frogstery   3 weeks ago

    it turns out the basic was the friend's we made along the way

  • gucci laptop
    gucci laptop   1 months ago

    If I was here when this was a yiay my answer would be being white

  • The Guy Who Asked
    The Guy Who Asked   1 months ago

    0:11 lmao so funny 👍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌🅱️🥵

  • Meagan Camara
    Meagan Camara   1 months ago

    Ice coffee is the two words that describe Connecticut

  • Moonstar79
    Moonstar79   1 months ago

    They say you're basicThey say you're easyYou're always ridingIn the backseatAnd they're right

  • Lyrical Lynx
    Lyrical Lynx   1 months ago

    The most basic thing I've done is make a tutorial video, and then halfway through the video, throw my eggs

  • Glen Dream
    Glen Dream   1 months ago

    people peel the bannana from the topjack:peels it from the bottomme:spits it open from the middle

  • triple u
    triple u   1 months ago


  • gvanca kirvalidze
    gvanca kirvalidze   1 months ago

    its 2020 and i still get this video recommended, loved that time of jacksfilms

  • briallenxxi
    briallenxxi   1 months ago

    I just hear that "You might be basic!" every time I do something even slightly basic now.

  • kubi
    kubi   1 months ago

    Came here after searching up yiay 420 then yiay 69 and hoping that yiay 360 had some 360 joke

  • serpok 259
    serpok 259   1 months ago

    ALotIceGraphicHerobrineTowerSansWithI'mT-shirtCardHelloA lightswitch

  • YoshiMusic999
    YoshiMusic999   1 months ago

    I can’t read the thumbnail without hearing the intro.

  • Scrubbs
    Scrubbs   1 months ago

    1:20 you did him dirty lmao

  • eyal yonai
    eyal yonai   2 months ago

    I'm the only one that dont have Starbucks in my country?

  • aaanyways animated
    aaanyways animated   2 months ago

    I just punched myself in the face accidentally I'm an idiot 😁

  • LizziYizzi
    LizziYizzi   2 months ago

    Jacksfilms is basic.hows them apples

  • Ember The Wolf
    Ember The Wolf   2 months ago

    Does watching tiktok comps, however gay they might be, make me basic-

  • SaintAlf
    SaintAlf   2 months ago

    John green may be basic but hes still a damn good authorThe movies are crap tho