DATING Sommer Ray for 24 Hours!!

  • Published on: 13 September 2020


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  • Runtime : 16:8
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  • Stéphane 06
    Stéphane 06   1 days ago

    4.8k dislikes from the kids from Javis channel.

  • ReconicFN
    ReconicFN   1 days ago

    When she said "sugar moma" brawdis was like ooooooooo

  • Simply Julian
    Simply Julian   2 days ago

    7:04 “she ain’t messin wit no broke.....???? Did she say nigga ¿..

  • Simply Julian
    Simply Julian   2 days ago

    Bruh why sommer ray look so light skin sometimes I swear

  • Lian Nuñez
    Lian Nuñez   2 days ago

    You guys kiss in the mouth you and sommer

  • steve by
    steve by   4 days ago

    Yo i thought that was jarvis Ting

  • EpicDragon
    EpicDragon   4 days ago

    bro f you you stealing jarvis’s ting ur such a simp

  • Yara Frjo
    Yara Frjo   5 days ago

    Sommer while they were talking the pictures : 😝😜😊😁🤪😚🤩Brandon while they were taking the pictures : 🙂😀😐😬😗😁😏

  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong   5 days ago

    This is how many people are watching during covid

  • KT Money
    KT Money   5 days ago

    Not Brawadis!! Jarvis!! Jarvis GANG!! 💯

  • Nick Duce
    Nick Duce   6 days ago

    Brandon That is Jarvis Thing you can’t steal Her

  • Devin Ponce
    Devin Ponce   6 days ago

    Jarvis watching like 👀👁👄👁

  • J3ss3 SoTo
    J3ss3 SoTo   1 weeks ago

    Just date already , ship yall hard asfc💫

  • Thao Lieu7p
    Thao Lieu7p   1 weeks ago

    🙋‍♂️ Brandon my name is Brandon too

  • BimsaraFN
    BimsaraFN   1 weeks ago

    She was so hyper though, maybe she loves you back?🥰🥰🥰

  • Makhdoom Taha
    Makhdoom Taha   1 weeks ago

    Brandon bilquil tasweerun may Abdul Khaliq jery shikil to thae🤣🤣