Redskins vs. Panthers Week 13 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on: 01 December 2019
  • The Washington Redskins take on the Carolina Panthers during Week 13 of the 2019 NFL season.

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  • Caleb Nguyen
    Caleb Nguyen   3 days ago

    if Carolina gave the ball to mcffcafery they would win.

  • That Guy Named Luke
    That Guy Named Luke   3 days ago

    Thank god this was on cbs. I’m a ravens fan but live in Virginia and we played at home vs San Francisco and that game was on fox. Normally when an Nfc team is on the road the game is on fox so I was really pissed bc I thought the same thing would happen but it didn’t! THANK YOU TV GODS FOR NOT PUTTING THIS GAME ON FOX!

  • charlene mckissic
    charlene mckissic   1 weeks ago

    I feel sorry for derrius guice cause his father was killed he was shot 17 times then his cuz die shot myself with a gun guice had slot of things happening in his family guice should have been a actor. cause he was doing things and hiding it that's slot of pain for a 6 yr old hitting women a no no what I dont under stand after he hit u valentine day after that happening why not leave but didn't if that was me and he hit me that would be the last time he hit me I would have left town it wouldn't been a second time or third time

  • DreToo Dope
    DreToo Dope   3 weeks ago

    I jus realized he was calling Kyle Allen “irving” in the the mid fourth quarter mark lol it was so weird

  • ronald williams
    ronald williams   3 weeks ago

    I was at that game in Charlotte it wasn’t pretty but we WON😁

  • jacob murphy
    jacob murphy   4 weeks ago

    RIP to Guice's career. This will be his best game ever.

  • jason jordan
    jason jordan   1 months ago

    Washington fan here, not many highlights from last season to get excited about...see so much promise with the D this season if covid-19 doesn't derail the season, we stay healthy and the players are hopefully finally coached right instead of DE's dropping back in coverage half the game, dammit i hope I see some improvements and maybe this season or most likely next season we'll be back in contention for things and not the usual doormat for teams to get right on, Jets, Bills, damn near every team last year except Miami, Panthers, and the Lions

  • Apparition 17
    Apparition 17   2 months ago

    I saw this game as sneaking into Carolina and stealing Ron from the panthers.

  • crawford371
    crawford371   2 months ago

    Final win ever for the Washington Redskins

  • Eric Burke
    Eric Burke   2 months ago

    Wow kyle allen vs Dwayne Haskins the quarterback room this year . Allen and Haskins did play vary well

  • TheLoneGamr
    TheLoneGamr   2 months ago

    Going through every Kyle Allen game and it is amazing people thought this kid was good.

  • Rhey
    Rhey   3 months ago

    Still love the fact Guice gave the ball to Flowers to spike @ 8:23

  • Juan Ceasar
    Juan Ceasar   4 months ago

    After this game, the entire Panthers staff left to work for the Redskins.

  • souldy09
    souldy09   4 months ago

    Funny how things work out. Both Redskin's QBs were playing each other during this game. And Ron Rivera is now coaching the team that cost him his job. What an interesting turn of events

  • David Eagin
    David Eagin   4 months ago

    Disgraceful that the announcer keeps calling Kyle Allen "Irving" half the time. Can someone fire this announcer, please? This is a NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE GAME and the announcer keeps calling one of the starting QBs the WRONG NAME. Fire this joker, please. I know he's a big name who has been around forever, but this is a joke. And apparently no one corrected him. Fire the entire staff.

  • ddawgg23
    ddawgg23   4 months ago

    This All-NFC matchup was on CBS in 2019 and somehow it's going to be on CBS again for 2020.

  • Will Jeffrey
    Will Jeffrey   4 months ago

    The redskins ran all over them in the 2nd half. Wow.

  • phillip hargrove
    phillip hargrove   4 months ago

    Explain to me why Ron Rivera would start Kyle Allen instead of Dwayne Haskins again.

  • mark stevenson
    mark stevenson   7 months ago

    I think this was their best game for the whole 2019 season, if we can just play at this levelfor most of the season we can make it to the playoff's in 2020. With the addition of chaseyoung in the draft our defense will be dangerous in 2020. I hope Ron Rivera and staff willcontinue to make all the right decisions going forward. Releasing Josh Norman and Paul Richardson freed up a lot of cap space. Were looking good going into free agencyand I know Revera is going to make some good moves their. HTTR 2020.

  • David Matine
    David Matine   8 months ago

    Redskins only win games when their season is over

  • G Atencio
    G Atencio   8 months ago

    Who would’ve known Ron Rivera would be the redskins coach 🤔 #HTTR

  • Tengis Tenger
    Tengis Tenger   8 months ago

    I am here because of “ first of , Happy Thanksgiving everybody “ by owner Dan Snyder .

  • Jason B
    Jason B   8 months ago

    And that defensive stand was made with Greg Manusky... now we have Ron Rivera and possibly Jack Del Rio as DC. This defense is going to break records. Heard it here first

  • Hail to the Redskins!
    Hail to the Redskins!   9 months ago

    I guess the panthers couldn’t keep that 14-0 lead just like the eagles couldn’t keep a 14-0 lead with the saints

  • Zimm Can
    Zimm Can   9 months ago


  • timomastosalo
    timomastosalo   9 months ago

    Redskins broke their Enigma code in the 2nd quarter.

  • Afandi Amin
    Afandi Amin   9 months ago

    So we just on ignore the fact the commentator been calling Kyle Allen “Irving” or sum😐😐😂

  • Nathan Bolton
    Nathan Bolton   9 months ago

    Will Grier would have made that last play. That's what hes best at. /W\

  • Ken Fannin
    Ken Fannin   9 months ago

    Everybody can say what they want about Kyle but that front line? Wow, they are really playing bad. What does every great QB have? Good line protection. Also, and I hate to say it, Kuechly seems to be beat on every snap.