• Published on: 30 July 2020
  • My first journey into wood gas has been quite a ride, but will work.....

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  • Runtime : 12:23
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze   1 weeks ago

    Well this was a journey, I've got a way better design in me but I love the trail and error and I know you like seeing it all to, stay tuned for the ultimate garden swing. Limit stock available on the merch so get it quick https://www.colinfurzeshop.com

  • Will it
    Will it   19 minuts ago

    For the filter you could try using a one way valve using a Mason jar some water and small copper pipe.

  • Toph Beifong
    Toph Beifong   51 minuts ago

    he used the plant to destroy the plant

  • George Pomonis
    George Pomonis   52 minuts ago

    Mb in the future if possible you purchase a classic 1960s or 70s british car and make a bond style vehicle maybe buy one that needs work so u r only adding to the car

  • romansrule1
    romansrule1   54 minuts ago

    there are some nice videos of buses running on wood gas during ww2 or was it 1 , IDK I remember seeing them

  • Kathryn Elrod
    Kathryn Elrod   59 minuts ago

    this is the most Mad Scientist thing you’ve ever built by far

  • mbanana23456
    mbanana23456   1 hours ago

    Imagine being able to run a lawn mower off of grass clippings

  • Тёма Ушаков

    Не чего не понял, ну я так понимаю газонокосилка работает на дыму от этой мать его печки?!) Спс

  • i3luevein
    i3luevein   2 hours ago

    I was going to say you may need a sediment bowl.... Then you put them in :D

  • Akash Verma
    Akash Verma   2 hours ago

    10 million celebrate 😍😍😍 I am your biggest fan colin first time i see you on Discove channel You have been Warn Then i start watching Your all video I love your channel thanks for coming on internet 😍😍

  • Robert Funk
    Robert Funk   2 hours ago

    You could use water to filter the gas all the gue would stay in the water and the gas would go thrue

  • Emma Walker
    Emma Walker   3 hours ago

    Colin do you remember when you did epic hulkbuster build bcz I am the hulk

  • Theo S-C
    Theo S-C   3 hours ago

    Next: a lawn clipping-powered lawnmower...

  • Yakov Yakerson
    Yakov Yakerson   3 hours ago

    colinfurze A little isopropyl in the fuel may clean that tar out of your carbs while running, It does a great jop dissolving pine tar.

  • Zach420
    Zach420   4 hours ago

    ok, now build a generator powered by electricity

  • Liam Nicholls
    Liam Nicholls   4 hours ago

    Could you make a robot that quickly changes a disk in a console/pc or dvd player

  • Márcio Junior
    Márcio Junior   5 hours ago

    Colin Furze: WOOD POWERED LAWN MOWER! North Korea: Nice !! We want a thousand. No joke, i saw a video of north korea in which they were still using wood-burning trucks. Crazy!

  • Toby and James Goldsmith

    Imagine a lawnmower that uses grass clippings that get burned and then propels the lawn mower. Renewable right? EDIT: just realised somebody else in the comments had the same idea ;) Mabey you could like compact the grass into bales and then put it in so that you have to replenish it less

  • Dirt Stroggle
    Dirt Stroggle   5 hours ago

    AWESOME Colin, always entertaining!!! 🤘🏻

  • Wally
    Wally   5 hours ago

    Thanks for a project on gasification! I have always been interested in it and I love how your videos are done making the whole process easier to see and understand. Looking forward to the bunker version!

  • David Bravo
    David Bravo   6 hours ago

    Colin is awesome i wish he never gets old Colin you're the best

  • David Bravo
    David Bravo   6 hours ago

    Colin is awesome i wish he never gets old Colin you're the best

  • Gabe Gabenson
    Gabe Gabenson   8 hours ago

    Please do a turbocharged mower at some point

  • Donder172
    Donder172   8 hours ago

    When are you going to build another wall? Or did I miss that?

  • Me Now
    Me Now   8 hours ago

    You should build a back yard roller coaster. And help from America

  • Kasper
    Kasper   9 hours ago

    Would it also be possible to burn grass to get some usable gas? Then the mower could power itself.

  • Basola Gaming
    Basola Gaming   10 hours ago

    Always cool. Long time supporter here in Philippines.

  • Sergey 1
    Sergey 1   10 hours ago

    Optimize the structure of the steam engine