BFB 14: Don't Dig Straight Down

  • Published on: 25 August 2019

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    Music by Michael @
    Additional Character Art by TheEpicJames

    WE DID IT GUYS!!! We're so proud of this episode and we're really really happy you finally get to see it! Most of this episode has been in the works for almost a year now, and some parts of it are as old as 2012.

    Join Barf Bag, Gelatin, and the rest of Team Ice Cube as they venture into the unknown, never before seen location. And let's hope Rocky and the rest of Beep know what they're getting themselves into!

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  • Runtime : 24:15
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  • Jess Roy
    Jess Roy   4 hours ago

    Well now I'm exited that golf ball is dead by lava

  • Jess Roy
    Jess Roy   4 hours ago

    If I were ruby then I would just dig out like normal and kill golf ball I hate him much

  • Jess Roy
    Jess Roy   5 hours ago

    I just hate jelly and spongy

  • Annie Ursua
    Annie Ursua   6 hours ago

    2:01 why did lightning call flower floweyBuT iF yOu ClOsE yOuR eYeS *flower turns into flowey*

  • Davi Leal
    Davi Leal   17 hours ago

    8:52 RIP bagel scream lyrics: uuuurururrrrrlrllrlrlrlrrrrr

  • Menacing Lights
    Menacing Lights   18 hours ago

    You guys do realize the voting ended liek two years ago. So voting is irrelevant now

  • Jepoy Pabz
    Jepoy Pabz   18 hours ago

    How about my character string¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • asia 4
    asia 4   20 hours ago

    Hello there are you doing this morning I do have you on the schedule

  • Julie Ha
    Julie Ha   20 hours ago

    Invite mapy to the game

  • Julie Ha
    Julie Ha   20 hours ago

    GULP is a part two of this

  • Angie Demoncada
    Angie Demoncada   22 hours ago

    Part of the name of the episode is 1 of the rules on minecraft

  • JGStudios
    JGStudios   1 days ago

    14:43: The brackets say “GOLFBALLISASUPERGENIUS!”

  • Husky Busky
    Husky Busky   1 days ago

    Sad to see the series is over already (even though it's been 11 years) :(

  • Mangosteen
    Mangosteen   1 days ago

    9:06 man I love bombys voice and have no idea why

  • 요아
    요아   1 days ago


  • 12letteruser
    12letteruser   2 days ago

    17:41 anyone realize the right side of book looks like tear drop

  • Amelia Linville
    Amelia Linville   2 days ago

    Just another happy warm 2021 I just wanna say thank you thank you so much for the subscribers I love that video we're 600,000 subscribers I just love that video so much I care about that video so much I love that!