dressing *out of my comfort zone* 😬 to COLLEGE for a week

  • Published on: 05 October 2019
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    college GLOW UP (new hair!!): https://youtu.be/3YCM-Gj1b4w 
    My FIRST week of COLLEGE (VLOG + food): https://youtu.be/wZr4k_Z6APw
    turning UGLY clothes into CUTE outfits: https://youtu.be/aUPd4Dyn-sw
    FALL OUTFIT IDEAS: https://youtu.be/J2fy6SbcMQc

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  • sky escano
    sky escano   3 days ago

    wearing my school uniform everyday is out of my comfort zone.

  • HKH Yhg
    HKH Yhg   4 days ago

    I was normally scared to wear anything showing like skin or that others I know didn’t wear, but I tried going out of my comfort zone for a week to, and I was getting compliments from a lot of people, so I’m defiantly more confident now, but still since I’m only 14 I’m uncomfortable wearing something showing my stomach, slim fit on my legs, and actually wearing my hair up, most tight fitting stuff actually and yeah, sum wild stuff like big shoes or anything like models would wear if you know what I mean ( not like underwear models, but I wouldn’t only wear underwear to school just so u know) and I’m still a bit scared to be wearing sweat sets or something like that to school, but I’m building my confidence up. Sorry it’s so long🤦🏻‍♀️🦹‍♀️

  • aya
    aya   4 days ago

    the way she started the video 😭🏃‍♀️

  • itsJust_Moll
    itsJust_Moll   1 weeks ago

    I have just found her channel so idk who is who so just someone pls respondIs Charles her boyfriend?And is Andrew her brother? Sorry if thats wrong idk

  • Mandy Rain
    Mandy Rain   2 weeks ago

    Ok. But is it hot or cold outside

  • alyse cho
    alyse cho   2 weeks ago

    you guys are adorable i can’t 🥺

  • An Artist’s_world
    An Artist’s_world   2 weeks ago

    Her: I just wanted to fit in you know.Me: I just didn’t want people to realize I had a quarantine belly- 👁👄👁

  • Krysten Bacab
    Krysten Bacab   2 weeks ago

    What’s the name of the podcast ? if anyone knows

  • helene netten
    helene netten   3 weeks ago

    Your bf kinda looks like Bellamy (from The 100) though

  • Riza Sidheeque
    Riza Sidheeque   3 weeks ago

    Is it only me or does she look like Eric Nam's daughter frm future?!!

  • Graveyard Kitty
    Graveyard Kitty   3 weeks ago

    70 degrees is hot? 😂 I’m from Texas and that’s cold to us lmao our heat gets well over 100 😭

  • Millie Grocutt
    Millie Grocutt   3 weeks ago

    Hey what podcast were u listening to as it might help me with my French

  • hi hello
    hi hello   4 weeks ago

    Ashley:only washing one handEverybody rewatching it a couple months later:😶

  • Fiona Leitch
    Fiona Leitch   4 weeks ago

    when ur mom's name is actually ashley...

  • Clara Ioana
    Clara Ioana   1 months ago

    The french "dang" cracked me up, omg ... Jeez

  • dania :D
    dania :D   1 months ago

    sweats are out of my comfort zone, i like dresses and cool pants:))

  • katie asha
    katie asha   1 months ago

    does anyone know where the song at 8:43 is from? 🥺

  • Viktoria Vasquez
    Viktoria Vasquez   1 months ago

    I had no idea "I have the diarrhea" and "I vomited" sounds so beautiful in french btw if you ever see this what podcast are you listening to

  • Faia Malologa
    Faia Malologa   1 months ago

    I love how when ever andrew gets home he always gets on the floor and plays around with their dog

  • Geeky.Things
    Geeky.Things   1 months ago

    Our styles are literally the exact same.

  • Ur friend, Sydney
    Ur friend, Sydney   1 months ago

    She asked- any outfits you are scared to wear to schoolMe- ALL(I go to a high school with uniforms but I’m about to head to college so I hope to expand creatively with my outfits)

  • Maya Bone
    Maya Bone   1 months ago

    ashley saying 80 degrees is like a sauna .........me: in over 120 degrees in arizona outside

  • Gun Metal
    Gun Metal   1 months ago

    What's the song at 3:45 pleaaase

  • Sarai Joseph
    Sarai Joseph   1 months ago

    How many times you gonna say " School " ???? 😆😂😂😆

  • iman _Guccita
    iman _Guccita   1 months ago

    Wait wtf ? You’re boyfriend literally is Bellamy from The 100 😂I love how you are, seriously you just seem like a genuinely good and sincere person. I would love to hang out with youI’m French and your French is extremely understandable

  • Kenz Kramer
    Kenz Kramer   1 months ago

    I know this was 10 months ago posted, buttt what’s the French podcast calledddddd I need to know thanks

  • silver shades
    silver shades   1 months ago

    idk why,but u look a bit tanned version of the goddess song hye kyo you are sooo preetyyyy girlll ; )

  • Léanee
    Léanee   1 months ago

    ''Oh zut alors'' 😭 I'm French, it killed me

  • Nenuph._ Art
    Nenuph._ Art   1 months ago

    Wtf 😂 I’m french and your french podcats are sooo weird 😂😂