Ring Fit Adventure Reveal Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 12 September 2019
  • Learn more about the new experience for Nintendo Switch, coming October 18th!

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  • Runtime : 7:20
  • nintendo play play nintendo game gameplay fun video game kids action adventure


  • TheSCoder
    TheSCoder   4 days ago

    The lady is a dhar Mann actress.

  • MummY N
    MummY N   1 weeks ago

    0:31 isnt that he lady that now work in dhar mann studio.

  • zanthus pangilinan800

    The only reason i watched this is because of that girl in the beginning is from dhar mann

  • Reema
    Reema   2 weeks ago

    Here from the merrell twins video😗✌🏻

  • Amos
    Amos   2 weeks ago

    okayyyy isn't this the girl from dhar Mann

  • sarah WEEB
    sarah WEEB   1 months ago

    I have the feeling i know that woman...

  • kathleen marie syd
    kathleen marie syd   1 months ago

    um anyone notice the girl from DHAR MANN????? no comments??? wow ok wow

  • PuntoCasa
    PuntoCasa   1 months ago

    #yo kay the coment always gonna be in the newest video

  • sugarlamb10 :3
    sugarlamb10 :3   1 months ago

    Kids having a birthday party: "Let's play GTA guys" The mom who is running the party: "Sorry kids today were going to take turns playing ring fit adventure instead of sitting around!"

  • Joseph Horan
    Joseph Horan   1 months ago

    Hi All,      I just recently go the Ring Fit for Switch and see there is several workouts for the game.  Does anyone know a schedule do to these workouts in that would be most effective? Thanks for any help/ recommendations.

  • Donerank
    Donerank   1 months ago

    "You saw some people moving their bodies, doing some kind of activity" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • A K
    A K   1 months ago

    1:09 - Pretty sure this guy is an android poorly lip syncing a human voice

  • A K
    A K   1 months ago

    Anyone know if the gameplay itself is at all challenging, or the storyline is any good? That being said, I was on the fence about this game until I saw this trailer and read the comments. This is the most hilarious trailer I have ever seen. I really wish these guys to narrate the game itself. 😂

  • Char
    Char   1 months ago

    Yes officer, these two right here

  • Fooboy LT
    Fooboy LT   1 months ago

    That actress is in dhar Mann YouTube channel

  • Ariel Sanchez
    Ariel Sanchez   1 months ago

    I' s greet , i'l play Ring Fit Anventure but i'm Andrea.

  • The Mystic ace
    The Mystic ace   2 months ago

    Why does this guy look like he's trying to sell me a car ?And why does his eyes tell the story of how to hide a dead body

  • John Polishimpossible2say

    I come back here often just to check my memory against how scary these people actually were. The dude mostly. I think to myself...I'm just exaggerating it. But not realllllly

    AALLIIFF   2 months ago


  • Leafy Cut
    Leafy Cut   2 months ago

    This will bring playstation and xbox to their knees