Breaking BATTLE LAB MODE in Fortnite

  • Published on: 22 December 2019
  • Gaming science class is in session
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  • Runtime : 11:17


  • Obeth Garcia
    Obeth Garcia   17 hours ago

    It’s forth of July 🎆🎇😷😷😷

  • More Dylanson123
    More Dylanson123   1 days ago

    Ogs: I waNt PlayGrOunzd baVk Battle lab:I’m you but better

  • TheDerper
    TheDerper   1 days ago

    I have actually learned more from learning with lazarbeam and dumbshit science then my real science classes

  • Kaleb Perron
    Kaleb Perron   1 days ago


  • Dylan Fagan
    Dylan Fagan   2 days ago

    Do a war of the bots were you trap the bots then realese them for a war

  • romi blown
    romi blown   3 days ago

    Laser laser the next season is gonna be water and there's gonna be bosses that drumstick weapons

  • Oliver Marten
    Oliver Marten   3 days ago

    if you think bots are bad they did over 100 damage in like 3 seconds to fresh

  • OG_Growla1733
    OG_Growla1733   6 days ago

    Lannan cartwheeling to avoid the bots’ bullets

  • JoJoDaBoss38
    JoJoDaBoss38   6 days ago

    who else though of the marauders when they were all shooting at him

  • PapyPlays904
    PapyPlays904   6 days ago

    I love the show name you made "Dumb$*** Science" 10/10

  • Gg Monster Gaming
    Gg Monster Gaming   6 days ago

    Do you want of the worst Youtubers if you don’t know how are you are you are you are sucking you don’t know how to play a bot and beat you you’re a bitch you know that why do you even try

  • Queen Kitty
    Queen Kitty   1 weeks ago

    The rock that lazarbeam was on looked like the rock from the little mermaid

  • Soul
    Soul   1 weeks ago

    It’s now survive the rocket launchers