Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle go head-to-head in Verzuz

  • Published on: 14 September 2020
  • Matriarchs of R&B and Soul Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight faced off for a Verzuz on Sunday (Sept. 13) evening. Hundreds of thousands of fans — dressed in their Sunday’s best — of the living legends tuned into Instagram Live for the “Master class we’ve all been waiting for.”

    #PattiLaBelle #GladysKnight #Verzuz

    The virtual audience included everyone from Former First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Tyrese, Swizz Beatz — who was also celebrating his birthday, Timbaland, Queen Latifah, Brandy and so many more.

    And while there were no Gladys Knight’s chicken and waffles or Pattie LaBelle pies, the Ciroc was definitely flowing, which fostered a festive vibe for viewers.

    Watch the legendary Verzuz here!

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  • Runtime : 1:18:50
  • Gladys Knight Patti LaBelle VERZUZ REVOLT REVOLT TV TV music rap r&b hip hop Verzuz Swizz Beatz Timbaland Versus Vs Old School Ciroc


  • Zony West
    Zony West   2 hours ago

    Beautiful....... and Gladys Knight is excited and singing along to her music as if she’s one of us (fans) playing her music jammin and grooving to some good old soul!!! I love it. Can listen to both all day. Check out Marmalade original song on soul train Patti Tore that stage up!!!

    BUTLERU   14 hours ago

    These two ladies are proof that Black dont crack when you take care of yourself. Just amazing artists. Love them both!

  • Linda Brown
    Linda Brown   23 hours ago

    Another good verse would be: The Emotions vs. The Pointer Sisters.

  • Linda Brown
    Linda Brown   1 days ago

    I knew that Gladys Knight would put on a performance, because that’s what she has always done. And her voice hasn’t cracked at all. She practically sound like she did 30 years ago. Patti was alright, but Gladys is just on another level. The Winner is: Gladys Knight 🎤🏆

  • M Branche
    M Branche   1 days ago

    Chaka Khan verzus Stevie Wonder... Ask somebody!! If you do a RIP verzus... Bill Withers verzus Luther Vandross.

  • Ms.Bubs4fun
    Ms.Bubs4fun   1 days ago

    @1:02 mark was the moment my kittens woke up from their nap startled. 😆

  • Lisa Augustin
    Lisa Augustin   2 days ago

    Patti and Gladys should both WIN ! They can still SING !!!!

  • eyota bey
    eyota bey   2 days ago

    KEITH SWEAT VS. AL B SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Houz Head
    Houz Head   3 days ago

    You cant put them against each other.....they are both 2 bad chicks!!! Period!!@

  • botr run
    botr run   3 days ago

    this is a dope concept, they should do it with groups as well

  • botr run
    botr run   3 days ago

    I am not suprised Ms. Gladys performed better because she came out of Motown, and Motoen worked their artists till they could not get it wrong.

  • botr run
    botr run   3 days ago

    They need to have the kyrics becasue these ladies have done So Much music

  • D NUBI
    D NUBI   3 days ago

    Flip phones are good Patti,the devils can't spy as much. I still have like 2 and I should turn one back on.

  • Kimberly Jackson
    Kimberly Jackson   4 days ago

    I Looooooooove Mrs. Gladys outfit!!! Sooo nice! I love both Mrs. Patti and Mrs. Gladys! Y'all did it for the Culture with grace! Thank you so much!

  • Celesta Heriot
    Celesta Heriot   4 days ago

    This is for Alma T in B-more! RIP I LOVE you and Miss you.💐♥️😥

  • Celesta Heriot
    Celesta Heriot   4 days ago

    Both of these Queens are Beautiful!💐♥️🙏

  • Maria Salman
    Maria Salman   4 days ago

    Love this ladies, listening talking about their kids and family, as a mom you share so many things in common, They are so truly authentic, talented and mainly adorables.

  • Asayud Whaddameant
    Asayud Whaddameant   4 days ago

    SANG, GLADYS!!!! Yes, Auntie! That's a voice that shimmers and sparkles as it gets older.

  • Paula Cullars
    Paula Cullars   4 days ago

    Thank you two so very much appreciated you ladies ❤❤

  • Joshua Graham
    Joshua Graham   4 days ago

    These ladies and their music will withstand the test of time.

  • Terry Muhammad
    Terry Muhammad   4 days ago

    In there upper 70's the power the range remarkable!!!

  • Joe Jas
    Joe Jas   4 days ago

    Two Awesome Females Singers Gladys And Patti

  • Gwendolyn Hill
    Gwendolyn Hill   5 days ago


  • Quangi Glenn
    Quangi Glenn   5 days ago

    Beautiful!! They should have used the instrumental, but they might have requested it as well...They did say it was a long time ago😊GREAT FRIENDS/SISTERS!!

  • Kim Angrum
    Kim Angrum   5 days ago

    2 ICONS! MUCH LOVE and RESPECT!🤗🤗🤗❤💯

  • Ms. J.
    Ms. J.   5 days ago

    All these new HOT GIRL artists need 2 sit down & be mentored by these matriachs. No gimmicks, tricks, auto tune etc. They have class, authentic talent & are OUR ICONS.....LEGENDS!!!

  • Rose Flower
    Rose Flower   5 days ago

    Love you fabulous royal gems to the moon and back🥰🔥💃🏽God bless you more🙏🙏

  • Doris Cunningham
    Doris Cunningham   6 days ago

    Love these two lady music. But why not have the instrumental and not having them sing over their voices .

  • Jacqueline Adams
    Jacqueline Adams   6 days ago

    Crying right now. Respect for old school 4 Eva!! My mama would have been watching intently. Come on with it ladies. R.I.P Mama🙏🏾💖

  • T B
    T B   6 days ago

    These Ladies r Classy & FULL OF CLASS 💯🤩🤩!!!! Can't get no Betta than "Mid Night 🚉 To GA"!!!! 😍😍

  • Lola Bad
    Lola Bad   6 days ago

    I love these two, but how come they never include my favorite Anita Baker. Are they asking her and she refuses or they just never close to her.

    SOUL FAN   6 days ago

    The more I watch this the more clear it is that Gladys Knight definitely “Set” Patti up on purpose..We love them though. Timeless Legends.