SURVIVING A BLIZZARD IN A CAR! | Crazy Snowstorm Winter Car Camping in the Mountains

  • Published on: 10 November 2021
  • Powerful early season snowstorm covers the Cascades in over a foot of snow! Watch us brave the powerful winds and cold on this mountain adventure!

    In this video, we drive up to the mountains through heavy snowfall, chain up, and find an amazing place to spend this winter night in a blizzard.

    We post videos each week following our travels into the wilderness. We love camping, cooking, and exploring the vast wilderness of North America!

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  • Runtime : 19:40
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  • djallen16
    djallen16   1 days ago

    You two seem to have a great time, cheers

  • brian saunders
    brian saunders   4 days ago

    get a roll out canopy that fits to the roof bars with velcro its amazing how much snow/rain it stops and you can get a nice dry meal good videos please keep it up

  • Corey Epperson
    Corey Epperson   1 weeks ago

    Get winter or five peak all weather tires. My goodness

  • Jeff
    Jeff   1 weeks ago

    Snow boots good to have.

  • Jeff
    Jeff   1 weeks ago

    Shovel is a good tool to have.

  • Jeff
    Jeff   1 weeks ago

    Cute couple, looks like they belong with each other.

  • Jeff
    Jeff   1 weeks ago

    Wow, these people going up to the high country and brought snow chains and knew their elevation, and knew how to put the chains on, I am impressed.

  • georgiamule
    georgiamule   1 weeks ago

    Well, Duh, you might turn the car into the wind and you would have a nice little alcove at the back for getting out of the wind and cooking.

  • Marc Arias
    Marc Arias   2 weeks ago

    Let the people eat pie... Me want to see the cooking part of the show.... Please cook on kids...

  • Lukáš Hanauer
    Lukáš Hanauer   3 weeks ago

    i hope you will get more subs/wiews Soon!!!! Love your Content❤️

  • Michael Kurz
    Michael Kurz   1 months ago

    I've never seen any one like the both of you roughing it out in harsh weather( very courageous)

  • Jerry Goad
    Jerry Goad   1 months ago

    Got the doors open killing your battery you could have took the fuse out if you call that camping that's enough for me

  • Le Gigi
    Le Gigi   1 months ago

    Should have gotten a Jeep 😉

  • Ray Escobar
    Ray Escobar   1 months ago

    You should invest in a retractable canvas awning for your vehicle. God bless.

  • 5cent27
    5cent27   1 months ago

    Tire socks. Well at least she’s nice 😵‍💫🙄. JESUS!

  • Scott Leech
    Scott Leech   1 months ago

    I stopped at 0.54. he said "one chain on...."while she stood there and watched..... and commented on sipping and sliding...fucks sake, woman, sort yourself out and fucking could have at least TRIED to fit the opposing snow-chains on....

  • Wan Tisin
    Wan Tisin   1 months ago

    i think making this burger outside waste more energy than eating a burger. this car is a bad condition for blizzard camping.

  • ailland432
    ailland432   1 months ago

    차박 감성 캠핑도 좋지안 저렇게는 안하고 싶다 진짜 잘못하면 골로간다

  • Lina Falvo
    Lina Falvo   1 months ago

    Why don’t you go against some trees to cook your food. The tress can provide some kind of shelter.

  • T J
    T J   1 months ago

    How’s your legal case going pal?

  • Toothless
    Toothless   1 months ago

    The comments talking about carbon monoxide poisoning due to exhaust-freeze up. Sadly it has happened in our area with so many tourists this year. So many people died. So many. RIP

  • Exploit
    Exploit   1 months ago

    dude no matter how cold it is outside your females is going outside. be a man and guard her.. what if a bear came..

  • Jeff Davis
    Jeff Davis   1 months ago

    Please tell me everything is OK. I had a notification Chad was hit by a snow plow

  • Me Yes
    Me Yes   1 months ago

    When you went to grab that driver door handle all I could do is scarily think WHAT IF they got locked out and how scary that would be... But then I figured you could definitely break the window out. lol... But do you guys have the heat on in the vehicle? Or did you turn it off??

  • Me Yes
    Me Yes   1 months ago

    I love this. :)

  • Norman McIntosh
    Norman McIntosh   1 months ago

    Your best work ever. I hope you both get married as you both have so much in common. It is hard to find someone these days who both have such a love for camping and adventure. I wish you both well here and on in life. I do love snow adventures.

  • Auron
    Auron   1 months ago

    "cause i forgot the Tomatoes" Ahh, a more camping quote there has never been ^_^ Tis always that ooone thing you remember when it's far too late. Great video!

  • НF
    НF   1 months ago

    what a bull???!!!!!!!!

  • ArabAmericanqueen
    ArabAmericanqueen   1 months ago

    Oh how I miss the cold weather n snow. I lived in Gresham Oregon n I can tell you that I love the cold weather. 🥶 I just found you guys n I love the videos n you two are so sweet together ❤💗