I Became TikTok Famous and I Don't Know How to Feel

  • Published on: 18 October 2019
  • Okay so I'm slowly taking longer and longer to upload videos, but here's an animated tale about how I became tik tok famous and... I really don't know how to feel.

    I enjoy making tik toks and youtube videos, but let's see how you like a video where I tackle both :)

    Here's a link to watch my tik tok compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjX6pQocZHM

    Major thanks to my BG artists:
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    Taylor - https://twitter.com/Achilles_heelys
    NuNu91011 - https://twitter.com/NuNuIsTaken
    Gigi D - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVKvzOzmykGjrTYyNHxN9zQ
    Mimitsuuu - https://twitter.com/mimitsuuu


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  • Runtime : 9:17
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  • TheAMaazing
    TheAMaazing   11 months ago

    Please follow me on TikTok: TheAMaazingI promise that I'll cure your medical conditions pls just follow me

  • JMsonic05
    JMsonic05   6 hours ago

    sooo does anyone else know that tik tok was originally named musically

  • Epik Gamr
    Epik Gamr   18 hours ago

    After rewatching this video as a new JoJo fan I just realized there is a JoJo reference at 1:49 the first pose is Jotaro but instead of holding his hat it’s his glasses, 2nd is kinda obvious, it is Josuke doing his famous pose showing off his hair, for the 3rd pose its Giornio Giovanna doing his pose were he pulls his shirt to the side. Wow thanks for that really hard to tell JoJo reference I some how understood, thanks for making my day.

  • ItsJozGacha
    ItsJozGacha   1 days ago

    This video is why I don’t use tik tok

  • ItsJozGacha
    ItsJozGacha   1 days ago

    5:38 really am I the only one that saw JAMES looking at maz through the door WITH THAT FACE LOL 😂

  • Rob Lee
    Rob Lee   2 days ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about the star platinum and jotaro poster in the backround in the vid

  • Angelina Rose
    Angelina Rose   2 days ago

    In the beginning behind the mom it says “stop vaping”

  • Justin Nowaczynski
    Justin Nowaczynski   5 days ago

    ima be honest, i never liked tiktok, but dont lump me in with the people who havent tried it, because i have, anyways, the platform was unnecessary at best, due to most creators there having started other places, the simplicity of the app, and it being a straight copy of 2 already popular apps, musically and vine. (and the fact that it shamed fat people and had facial recognition software even though there was no use for it on the app) i knew it was shady from the beginning, so i tried it on a friends account

  • Sipho Gwiji
    Sipho Gwiji   6 days ago

    Dude are you kidding ❓❔You don't know Ava Max ⁉Sweet but a psycho ❕❗

  • a guy
    a guy   6 days ago

    Tiktok cringe :/

  • Kool Cid
    Kool Cid   1 weeks ago

    Peppa what are you doing in my animation

  • chinmay das
    chinmay das   1 weeks ago

    The "Powerpuff girls" and ECG part was dope !!!!

  • VincentVan Fox
    VincentVan Fox   1 weeks ago

    It's made by China and I hate the Chinese people so I hate any game produced by Chinese people

  • Ethan Phan
    Ethan Phan   1 weeks ago

    0:59We would later realize that our stepdad would go on to die by the President

  • lordeluz30 -Roblox
    lordeluz30 -Roblox   1 weeks ago

    Tiktok has taken over this universe....we must depart and find a new universe without tiktok...we must.prevent tiktok to take over the whole milky way.