Matthew Judon Says Defense Wanted to Be Heroes, Full Press Conference | Baltimore Ravens

  • Published on: 08 December 2019
  • #BaltimoreRavens #Ravens #NFL

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  • Runtime : 3:36
  • NFL Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Maryland Ravens Sports Football National Football League Team Matthew Judon Matt Judon Buffalo BIlls Reaction Presser


  • Harmon Heat
    Harmon Heat   9 months ago

    Best I've seen the Ravens in a long time, lovin it

  • I sk
    I sk   9 months ago

    Judon aka charm cities saint

  • Connie B
    Connie B   9 months ago

    No corporate hairdos in Baltimore. But still disciplined looking team like Seattle.

  • Wendy Baker -MDH-
    Wendy Baker -MDH-   9 months ago

    i luv me some matt judon, i knew he was going to be good, be glad when tony jefferson return also, they my boys and young

  • Keoki Cluney
    Keoki Cluney   9 months ago

    It’s crazy how laser focused this team is. They just got into the dance and they didn’t go absolute bananas on the sideline

  • Daniel Tayong
    Daniel Tayong   9 months ago

    Judon is incredible. He was on Josh Allen all day!

  • Rollo Tomasi
    Rollo Tomasi   9 months ago

    Kudos and job well done to the defense...they looked very determined and focused.....Bravo Lamar, you have changed the game...🥳

  • P J
    P J   9 months ago

    Good job Ravens!!!! I was glad to see Peters play that stopped the Bills at the end. I knew he was going to do something special after last week. Rest up guys, we have a short week.

  • Brian Burnett
    Brian Burnett   9 months ago

    Did everybody see him against the bills? He doing what he's always done since highschool.

  • Joe Covarrubia
    Joe Covarrubia   9 months ago

    This man right here is making big plays every game and good at Collapsing to the quarterback to make them run out or get easy sacks👍🤘💜🖤💜💜🖤🖤

  • Hoops Kevinski
    Hoops Kevinski   9 months ago

    Matt, do some... Judo, and don't let Kittle push you around again in the Super Bowl! 😜

  • Bodymore Dummy
    Bodymore Dummy   9 months ago

    Y’all was the Hero’s and the Refs was the Villain’s

  • Tommy Lacson
    Tommy Lacson   9 months ago

    Agree Defense Win this gane👍😁❤good job guys!!

  • Darrell Barnes
    Darrell Barnes   9 months ago

    I can't wait to see what Stephen A. and the media will say tomorrow about the Ravens. I can hear them now coming up with all the reasons why the Ravens should've lossed the game. New England and Seattle loss today. The 49ers played a good game and pulled it out at the end.

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown   9 months ago

    Respect Ravens. Where can I get that fresh Charm City Raven hoodie?

  • R H
    R H   9 months ago

    Horrible officiating made what should have been an easy game close........micheal pierce call was as damato peko said bull$ht.......holding on pat ricard on gus edwards run was non existent......L J Forts hand touching allens helmet after hitting allens arm was stupid.......he hit allens arm and his hand continued forward and just touched allens helmet with absolutely no force.......they did everything they could to keep buffalo in the game for new englands sake.......

  • asasiner12
    asasiner12   9 months ago

    Fire whoever is setting up these press conference videos

  • Xen Btw
    Xen Btw   9 months ago

    Just put captions in for the reporters questions Jesus

  • Gnemaw Gnay
    Gnemaw Gnay   9 months ago


  • Ron Carter
    Ron Carter   9 months ago

    "We Haven't Done Anything Yet" "Steel Sharpens Steel... " Good Bye Bills " 11-2

  • Sang Nguyen
    Sang Nguyen   9 months ago

    I want Marlon Humphrey to get pick 6 or marcus peters gets pick 6

  • king shark
    king shark   9 months ago

    Rather we do it, or some other team, but it's gone happen. What's gone happen, matt ju' getting paid. 🤞 we've let even more productive guys walk. 😕

  • Rick Karras
    Rick Karras   9 months ago

    Rooting for Baltimore from Tampa Bay area

  • Preach
    Preach   9 months ago

    the end of the patriots dynasty and the beginning of the ravens dynasty

  • Kazine Kelly
    Kazine Kelly   9 months ago

    I like it defense competing with the offense. That's a recipe of dominance