How Is NASA Contacting Aliens? | Alien Life Documentary | Spark

  • Published on: 11 March 2019
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    With technology advancing faster than ever, and more and more discoveries being made every day, is the day we contact extraterrestrial life almost here?

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  • Runtime : 50:48
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  • Spark
    Spark   7 months ago

    Check out our new documentary, Armstrong directed by David Fairhead that tells the definitive life story of Neil Armstrong: from his childhood in rural Ohio, through aerial combat in Korea, to his first steps on the Moon. Let us know what you think in the comments below! -

  • Helen Dampog
    Helen Dampog   36 minuts ago

    Walang Allien,. 不 不 不 ANG universe ay hindi na saklawng sang katauhan. At ang mortal na tulad natin ay mahigpit na ipinag babawal ang pag punta sa kalawakan dahil mapanganib. Kaso sadyang mapusok ang tao.May nangangalaga sa kalawakan at nag mamay ari. Sila nga taga doon sila ang nag mamay ari, sila rin ang nangangalaga. Kung may kakaibangNilalang man kayong nakikitadoon sila ang taga bantay. 不 不 不 Nag anyo sila ng kakaiba para ng sa ganon hindi ma karoon sila ng alinlangan at iisipin na kayo ay may kasama. 不 不 不Nag anyo sila na kaka iba, oero ang totoo, hindi yan ang tunay nilang anyo, na mukhang iwan. 不 不 不Allien??? 不 不 不Walang ganon. 不 不 不Pinalitan nila ang tunay nilang anyo.Ang totoo sila ang mga angel na taga pag bantay at nangalaga sa kalawakan. Dahil pumupunta ang mga tao doon. Sinisiguro nila na ligtas ang lalapagan nila, dahil dilikado doon at walang pweding pumunta. Sila may hindi nag tatagal doon dahil subrang dilikado.Paroot parito [email protected] sila sa mundo. At nakakasama sa kalawakan ang mga inilagay ng tao doon. Maari kasi makasira ang mga iyon ating planita. 不 不 不

    DAVEY THE SEARCHER   38 minuts ago

    Scary conceptions. Very deep & philosophical thinking we are either alone or on the cusp of finding something that changes us as a species.

  • Laurence Co
    Laurence Co   2 hours ago

    All these UFO phenomenon are really "SATANIC DECEPTIONS" to lead us away from the belief in the existence of our Almighty GOD and HIS glorious creation of EARTH and the UNIVERSE, Hallelujah !

  • Innocent David Uloko
    Innocent David Uloko   3 hours ago

    In our limited thinking we think they must be like us ...Angels don't need oxygen for instance.. We need to think out of our cells...We are using natural light..Just like Imaginary Numbers resolve so much in science we need to think in terms of Imaginary light which will reveal extra terrestrial truths or existence to us..We Need The God Light!!!

  • Joerombie22 Edwards
    Joerombie22 Edwards   6 hours ago

    I am no scientist. It always seem like scientist are looking for life the way we know it. Supposed you already stumbled across life and didnt recognize it.Listening to the greetings it seems like scientist are assuming if they actually manage to find intelligent life they will be friendly and peaceful. Not saying dont look though.

  • Gail Capshaw
    Gail Capshaw   7 hours ago

    Nothing at all should have been sent or wanting to send something currently! Thats just to much naivety. So wrong in so many ways.

  • Rebecca Kennedy
    Rebecca Kennedy   11 hours ago

    Of course, with the unending vastness of our universe, there are alien life forms.And all of what we know so far, has been witnessed & proven.

  • Jennifer Adams
    Jennifer Adams   13 hours ago

    In the first two minutes, really? It was not the "WAH" signal, it was the "wow" signal, just like it is spelled and just like the person who wrote the note meant (and he's given plenty of interviews about it).

  • leroy nelson
    leroy nelson   20 hours ago

    There billions of galaxies in the universe alway so look on the bright side

  • John B
    John B   1 days ago

    How Is NASA Contacting Aliens? They Aren't !

  • Christin
    Christin   1 days ago

    Of course it is wholly different to send out messages blindly into space as far as it can go vs someone accidentally stumbling on some emanating static a passi g ship might gather and consequently dismiss as just "space static"?

  • Bob Sakall
    Bob Sakall   1 days ago

    a disc would be nice, home movies from aliens. would the be as borring as our home movies?

  • Bob Sakall
    Bob Sakall   1 days ago

    Base 2, Base 8, Base 12, Base 16 and how thar intagrates together for computer work. Base 10 will just have two hands. Then symbols of analog computer annd signals going in and out of the device but show it working on a sceen. Then logrithmic scales. Log 10 and graph log 10 by decimal 10. do log 32 lik scale of earthquakes. What about putting a transciever with a time scale shoung how fast light and magnetic waves take to get here. What about gram wieghts, 10 gram wieghts, 100 ram wieghts. Then scales, lines on metal one milimeter, then 5mm, 10mm, 100mm, 1000mm. Make it on copper, blass, steal, titaium the differet metals and metals mix would show how we advanced.

  • Jose Sibrio
    Jose Sibrio   1 days ago

    I wanna contact those alien parce que je suis un alien aussi quand je va a montreal

  • Bob Sakall
    Bob Sakall   1 days ago

    Could I work there? I want to makke sure everything is working and make sure we aren't missing things. Had my own SETI at one place I lived besides taking photos of the wildlife and their emotions. I work with DC to the spectrum of lIght. Very handy person to have around. Able to build things that never were here before.

  • sherry lotfy
    sherry lotfy   1 days ago

    Should we as humans receive a message from other species and civilization, the best thing to do is to trade and share information between us, if they are more advanced then us their knowledge could solve earthly problems.

  • sherry lotfy
    sherry lotfy   1 days ago

    They do not speak our languages,they have their own language or languages.

  • Peter Bradbury
    Peter Bradbury   1 days ago

    I would like to think there is other life in the universe, but we will never see any, ever.

  • Dean Hotter
    Dean Hotter   1 days ago

    Maybe we're the only ones with technology or the radio waves just don't last long enuf to reach another star system.

  • Charles Burgess
    Charles Burgess   1 days ago

    Now check this out how many planets are out there that are doing the same thing has already has people sick people here and living among us that's the real question isn't it I believe so this is 2021 Donald Trump put up the new space force and what 2000 20 so what look you guys are NASA's falling behind that's that's what the problem is they're falling behind because they're not keeping up with the what's really here or they're just not telling us oh you think so imagine that

  • Charles Burgess
    Charles Burgess   1 days ago

    And in my father's house there there is many mansions he was talking about planets and not houses so we already knew that you got anything else

  • Charles Burgess
    Charles Burgess   1 days ago

    Well I want to know is who's going to translate it how is anybody going to know that language what you think they're going to speak English or any other language we got give me a break these people got more advanced technologies than we do they live underwater are you shitting me what a break give me a break give me a break yeah yeah bullshit bar

  • Charles Burgess
    Charles Burgess   1 days ago

    Will you guys best will get ready because they're coming probably to take over our planet now because some idiot had to think about sending some kind of a message to another planet that has life on it that are jealous of us because we're alive and now that being said they're going to come and blow our planet up mark my words it's not written in the book like that but I'm going to tell you right now who's to say it ain't going to happen if they give God glory there you go that's all that's all I need to be said

  • Charles Burgess
    Charles Burgess   1 days ago

    Now I want you to get everybody to listen to these great minds that are talking okay it took them years and years and years to see and to know that there's other life forms when they're already here and been here forever and there's documentation of it in the in the desert and other a lot of places all I did was look in the sky and I knew they was here so what the hell how hard was it and I didn't see nobody's name and nothing after me because I wasn't sitting there telescope well kiss my white mother fucking ass

  • Greg
    Greg   1 days ago

    I suppose we are approaching a technological singularity so we can wait until then to contact Aliens. On the other hand, we may become enslaved by our own AI so maybe its not a bad idea to talk to Aliens sooner if we need their help. On the third hand, we may be the technologically advanced aliens. If so, the prime directive makes sense, except if the Aliens are enslaved by AI. In which case we should help them out, on the fourth hand.

  • Jason carey
    Jason carey   2 days ago

    who ever edited this video needs to be fired. How can you not make your background music low then the voice. Never done it before but could do a better job then whoever you paid to do it