How Is NASA Contacting Aliens? | Alien Life Documentary | Spark

  • Published on: 11 March 2019
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    With technology advancing faster than ever, and more and more discoveries being made every day, is the day we contact extraterrestrial life almost here?

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  • Runtime : 50:48
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  • Spark
    Spark   1 months ago

    Check out our new documentary, Armstrong directed by David Fairhead that tells the definitive life story of Neil Armstrong: from his childhood in rural Ohio, through aerial combat in Korea, to his first steps on the Moon. Let us know what you think in the comments below! -

  • ancient of days
    ancient of days   8 minuts ago

    Why do u think he is callef the power of the Prince of the air....think about that

  • ancient of days
    ancient of days   12 minuts ago

    Ya they are called demonic entities....nephillim....the titans....which were their offsprng...and he's lying they do rituals in order to connect with them.

  • Guillermo Pena
    Guillermo Pena   28 minuts ago


  • Arminius Music
    Arminius Music   35 minuts ago

    The signal discussed in the beginning of this documentary is called the “Wow Signal”. Not the “Wah Signal”. SMH.

  • Bob
    Bob   55 minuts ago

    the answer is YES its got a red face and blonde hair and answers to the name of Donald!

  • The Hilux Guy
    The Hilux Guy   4 hours ago

    Russia can contact Intelligence lifes out there

  • ciné fil
    ciné fil   5 hours ago

    We found plenty of intelligent life here on earth and we bomb them and exterminate them

  • mininovaq
    mininovaq   5 hours ago

    I do not think we are in danger when trying to find a contact. Aliens found us, we have live videos showing UAPs that are surpassing our known science. We are being investigated like you already copared us to Bees.

  • Frank Salazar
    Frank Salazar   5 hours ago

    We would be monkeys in a cage to intelligent life...

  • Frank Salazar
    Frank Salazar   5 hours ago

    Assuming they have a curious nature, like ourselves, they would evaluate the risk of getting to know us. If they monitor us, they will quickly see we are a warrior race. And why would you want to get involved with that?

  • Jhong Pro
    Jhong Pro   6 hours ago


  • Brown August
    Brown August   6 hours ago

    What if we are the aliens trying to figure out how we were erased from our origin ? And we can’t just crack this because we are not looking into ourselves and that could be where all these answers are?

  • Hermes
    Hermes   6 hours ago

    The right title of this documentary is " How NASA contacting DEMONS.. ALIEN'S are Demons thats deceive humanity believing thats there's someone from other planets or universe..

  • Venerable - Passerby - ImaBigBadW0LF HD

    u didn't examin the earth first before u go look to the space well everything quraan claimed is true so far and quraan claims that there are people living on our planet but they are locked they are the once who gonna end the life on earth by drinking all the water and killing everything they find and we have no power against them and they out number us and there is a wall between them and us built by humans and the wall located in the east they called yagog and magog do ur best to find them instead of wasting money and time watching the space

  • Scare Crow
    Scare Crow   8 hours ago

    Trying to contact alien life probably isn't a good idea.Advanced civilizations usually conquer more primitive civilizations.Then there is also the possibility that a message as 'Greetings from Earth.' could be interpreted as 'Lunch is served' by aliens who view us as nothing more than food.Yea, bad idea.

  • Dark Side of Reality
    Dark Side of Reality   8 hours ago

    If you were to take religion out of the equation all together for a minute, now imagine this! Now say GOD is consciousness this I hope we can all agree on. GOD creates the galaxies planets moons stars and over billions of light years the earth is created. GOD has existed through out his creation of the galaxies and in our presence simultaneously through all living things. We originate from GOD or consciousness as SPIRIT , we are given a soul to experience the pleasures of life in the physical world having been given a vessel or body to explore as well as care for. If ALIEN's exist judging from the age of the earth and the age of the UNIVERS they've been in existence farther back than man's earliest documentation of them through out history. They to would be considered as GOD's children in his eyes as are we! GOD created all life both here and there! This in theory would mean they to are CONSCIOUS SPIRITUAL BEINGS given the same opportunities of life. This would explain why they are more advanced and more evolved than us, if you had millions of years of understanding human evolution and how dangerous we are to each other and our environment, would you feel safe to make contact and reveal yourself to a hostile planet. Perhaps they are a part of GOD's plan! GOD exists in all living things! LIKE I SAY (JUST A THOUGHT!) REMEMBER WE ARE SPIRIT's and always will be for life everlasting, our souls speak through the physical and emotional levels of consciousness and awareness felt through ones physical body. SPIRIT is conscious energy in none physical form !

  • Virtual Audio
    Virtual Audio   10 hours ago

    Oh, Yes, Send out the message, that here we are. Come on down for free lunch. You got that big cookbook to test with human meat ? They've been feeding all of our kids with our own meat for a long time now.. We're ready for harvest with almost 8.6 Billion of us. Enjoy ! ! !SO, Are you sure you really want to tell everybody out there that we are here ???The more we think about it the less we trust the IDEA of saying come and get it ??? Not Good ??

  • Dark Side of Reality
    Dark Side of Reality   10 hours ago

    If there is a civilization out side our solar system they are aware of our existence . This is documented all through history and the truth has been kept from the public. If the earth is say 140million years old and the moon is older than the earth, the farther you go out the older the planets and galaxies . A burnt out stars light takes light years at light speed to travel within our line of sight. So to travel at light speed you are traveling into the past or towards the beginning of creation. So you can't travel forward into the future, you can travel towards the past and back to the present. You can't travel forward into an existence that doesn't presently exist.

  • Brian Vincent
    Brian Vincent   11 hours ago

    What annoyingly loud and overbearing background music!!!

  • Rip Rapter
    Rip Rapter   14 hours ago

    The goals might be honorable and noble but advertising our existence in the unknown dark sea of the universe is extremely stupid and a naive thing to do. History on this planet should prove this fact. Extremely dangerous. Eggheads are so intelligent they are idiots in fact. When they wind up in an alien super market meat SALES DISPLAY CASE they will surely regret this educated foolish dangerous act of identifying us in this enormous wild dark universe

  • Sneaky Earthworm
    Sneaky Earthworm   16 hours ago

    lots of bullshitting , most of they're answers are lies. Looking at the visual face language each of the person hides something and making lies.

  • Amy Brooks
    Amy Brooks   16 hours ago

    two turtle dovez - in an olive tree -

  • mpkunz6336
    mpkunz6336   17 hours ago

    How is NASA contacting aliens ? They encode their messages into ordinary broadcast materials. The aliens live among us, and they receive the messages and decode them so they know who they should vote for. Then they go to the voting booths and pull the Demokrat lever to make sure their candidates steal the election. The reason Biden seems like such a total alzheimer doofus isn't because he's an alzheimer doofus, its because he's an alien who has lived among humans for so long that he's having a difficult time decoding the messages from his home planet.

  • sundar iyengar
    sundar iyengar   17 hours ago

    We are not humble. Maybe because of our education. Maybe it's this arrogance that makes humans believe they are what they think they are.When the idea of other beings in the universe crops up, human go religious to escape from the idea.

  • David Cooper
    David Cooper   17 hours ago

    These people are very intelligent and can do great things, but they have failed to acknowledge and understand their first basic principle that life evolved. May great scientists have concluded that evolution can not have happened. The complexity of life and the construction of human DNA itself is argument enough for any sensible, none biased person to understand that a book with a million pages and the DNA organized as a grammatically correct writing to put together a human being should lead any honest person to say, "Darwinian evolution is a crock. It did not happen that way." Scientists don't like to use the word "God," but in reality He created the universe and all that is in it. If he created other worlds and created "beings" be they like us or not, that is His business. To me, studying the heavens and the universe is a good thing, but thinking you are going to hook up with other intelligent beings to me is a big waste of time and a lot of fairy tale wishing. God proved Himself by coming into the world as a man, Jesus, the Christ. He was crucified for our sins to bring us into a relationship with God and He proved, that is Jesus proved that He is the promised one of God because he rose from the dead after he was crucified. The science I like is that of where scientists have carefully studied the Shroud of Turin for decades and have finally come to the conclusion that there is no question that it is the burial cloth of Jesus the Christ. Everything argues that his body was transformed through the shroud and there is no sign of bodily tissue rotting into the cloth. Everything is on the shroud that would have to be there to prove this person lived in Israel. Perhaps it was God's way of leaving something behind that He knew scientists would delve into one day and come to the marvelous conclusion on a scientific basis. "There is no explanation other than Jesus is alive," He was resurrected and you ain't seen nothing yet until you get to heave and see the dimension which many of you have never yet seen, the third dimension of the spiritual reality from which we were birthed.

    SILVER WISKERS   17 hours ago

    did i hear him say the universe is 40 billion years of age????

  • Sherryla12
    Sherryla12   18 hours ago

    I believe our destructive behavior keeps them from contacting us

  • Sherryla12
    Sherryla12   19 hours ago

    As I watch this I wonder if if we really do wish peace We don't even have peace between ourselves. What would we do if someone actually shows up?

  • Virgle DeBord
    Virgle DeBord   19 hours ago

    Not sure. But I do know that Eisenhower signed a contract with the Greys... regarding something I shouldn't tell you. Regardless, the Greys are not the only species of ET. There are a plethora and they're all watching, up close and personal...

  • leo nene
    leo nene   23 hours ago

    Who can help me with the name of the soundtrack ?

  • Slowiemanjoey
    Slowiemanjoey   1 days ago

    Seeing as our own individual existence should be impossible, I don't see us being alone in the universe. Now, whether those other lifeforms even use the same technology we do whether it be superior or inferior is just a thing we will have to keep testing and trying for. If they do see this "Sounds of the Earth" record they probably wouldn't know what to do with it just as if we received something from the outside it's unlikely that we would know what to do with it. And they speak on Mathematics and basically it being universal.. It's human created just as is everything else on earth another civilization might look at our mathematics and see it as primitive or not even understand it at all...Also the languages we have created are made just for earth so the only alien life that would likely understand us is another civilization that has followed in our footsteps. They're speaking like humans are basic level of evolution with the comment of "More advanced then us", as if they are us but are advanced and should understand us. Just because a civilization might be more advanced doesn't mean they will understand us. With all languages we've come up with on earth, do you really think they're the same everywhere else?

  • Teddy C
    Teddy C   1 days ago

    imagine yourself as an Alien and receive the Arecibo message. Would you understand it? because me, as a human, cant.

  • Waldem Mir
    Waldem Mir   1 days ago

    If Arecibo was so successful why …but why if that antenna was receiving from outer space or looking out for any data was shut down. ?

  • Elvin Melendez
    Elvin Melendez   1 days ago

    This may sound crazy but he said the signal came from the Sagittarius side and as far i know we live on the Sagittarius side but now we are not there and it has to do with the Mandela effect so maybe is us from the pass and we finally receive that signal that we send. Lol it might be true.

  • Jay Morton
    Jay Morton   1 days ago

    Nice to find out where Carl Sagen got his idea from for his book Contact.

  • Red_spy007
    Red_spy007   1 days ago

    What about all those flying saucers? I would never believe they were real, I happened to see one myself,and everything changed for me, they must be intelligent life from outer space or time travellers from the future. How can you explain these phenomenon?