Ranae & Matt Have Trouble Believing This Sasquatch Sighting | Finding Bigfoot

  • Published on: 08 April 2021
  • The team disagrees over the veracity of this alleged Bigfoot photo evidence. While Bobo and Cliff believe it, Matt and Ranae are more skeptical.

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  • Runtime : 9:
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  • David Lynch
    David Lynch   1 months ago

    1 picture. Yeah right. If you watched it walk away,(away) why wouldn't you have 50 pictures. Crap

  • Galvaprime(aidan salminen)

    Have u been to mac city in Michigan its non stop bigfoot there's a statue of one and there is a museum that probably has more story's of one

  • Dreadlockdude85 Park
    Dreadlockdude85 Park   2 months ago

    I know the show is a joke to actually finding Bigfoot.....but they are real.. Manitoba 2012 I walked into one September 28th . My life has changed since

  • Rušty Studiøs
    Rušty Studiøs   2 months ago

    If it was a tree stump if that wasn't the original location, what Cliff meant was depending where the sun was on the time of day, it would reflect the light of the camera or camera lens making objects that it reflects the glare to invisible or just gives it a lighter effect.

  • Joseph Tevere
    Joseph Tevere   2 months ago

    They use this episode for credibility even though they don’t have any, normally everything they see especially Matt, is Bigfoot

  • Joseph Tevere
    Joseph Tevere   2 months ago

    What do you mean ,they believe everything is a Bigfoot

  • Matt Harris
    Matt Harris   2 months ago

    Was bigfoot wearing a hat ? Was it a sports teams hat ? Who's bigfoots team ? Where did bigfoot get it's hat ? These are questions that need to be answered to help better know this demonic mysterious creature !

  • Tu_papichulo Dorozco241

    What do u you think they will do to him if they Find it, they will put it in experiment 🤦🏻‍♂️that’s why they don’t want to be found let’s just leave it like that. For more they try they won’t find it 🤣 one thing of big foot is invisibility if u see one that makes u special but if he don’t want the others to find him is for a reason

  • amanda Harris
    amanda Harris   3 months ago

    In my opinion the first photo looked like a black moon bear which are infact native to that area

  • John Wright
    John Wright   3 months ago

    No explanation as to why it's so out of focus even though it's just feet away ?

  • Douglas Grant
    Douglas Grant   3 months ago

    Believe it or not there are 2 types of Sasquatch. Treykon and Xanue Treykon are malevolent , aggressive and carnivores creatures. They have very ugly facial features but still humanoids.. Even the swamp apes are Treykon..Xanue are Benevolent beings of light and are shape-shifters. There form of a giant hairy man is there preference but transform into other animals as well even into people.Yea call me a nut there are more things in heaven earth untold and not experienced beyond what we know as normal.. If you see broken tree logs in the shape a giant X that represents their name and their territory.If you go camping in their territory you will be protected from the Treykon. The Treykon are afraid of the Xanue. Xanue means The Forest People..

  • apple man
    apple man   3 months ago

    मेरो घर येति

  • Trehan Adithya
    Trehan Adithya   3 months ago

    Keep a tide up goat as a pray and observe using high tech cameras from far that it won't detect human smell

  • Geo Vasay
    Geo Vasay   4 months ago

    What I know is that the Big Foot has a power that makes modern cameras blur

  • Singaporean Aviator
    Singaporean Aviator   4 months ago

    "I got a call from a buddy, whos cousin knew a guy who knew a guy that took a photo of bigfoot" 😂

  • Statsmuhstoot Redner
    Statsmuhstoot Redner   4 months ago

    Bobo needs to step over about 6 to 8 feet to the his right ! To be right were the sasquatch was standing !

  • Wesley Vezza
    Wesley Vezza   4 months ago

    Well i think that could be one i never.saw one barbara

  • Elizabeth Barnett
    Elizabeth Barnett   5 months ago

    Later they found out it is a stump, but how embarrassing and awkward it would have been if he was there and they knew he lied. 😬

  • Mash
    Mash   5 months ago

    A few days ago, I watched a documentary about a Yeti called Zana...A russian guy married to Zana and had family...And there are descendants of Zana living nowadays.

  • Samo Kray
    Samo Kray   5 months ago

    This show has been on for so many years with all that technology they use and still no bigfoot.... only in America

    LIMITED EDITION   5 months ago

    People need to understand that its hard to see sqatch people spend years looking for it of course they here knocks and howls its still hard as also they spend only 1 day at one forest

  • Stan Peters
    Stan Peters   6 months ago

    Here is a bet5 for Ranae Holland the skeptic of many years; why don't you, only you, bring all your equipment for night vision, no camera man/woman, JUST YOU!!! Will show you where to go, you do all video taking every second of both ways; one mile climb, go into Sasquatches' family's home THAT we watch them dig it out of mountain side, then cover the entrance with spruce trees, willows, and other things, Three of us heard one holler, a holler that Bobo would have to catch his breath 3 times, while it hollered ONLY ONE LONG SOUND! I decided it had killed a bull moose across the lake and was calling his family to come and help him to bring meat home (around 4-5 miles away).

  • Stan Peters
    Stan Peters   6 months ago

    All of you need to look elsewhere than the Sasquatch and Bobo were standing; LOOK BEHIND THE SASQUATCH, SEE the 2 trees standing side by side? NOW, look behind bobo, no 2 trees; probably get man to move more to His LEFT, UNTIL he's standing below both trees!!! Finding Bigfoot, huh, no wonder you haven't seen any yet, and that woman still pretends not to believe, after how many years?!?!

  • Giovanni Fiorentini
    Giovanni Fiorentini   6 months ago

    Hi all. So i actually watched this complete episode of finding bigfoot. Cliff and Ranae went back to that same spot without Matt and Bobo and they found that it truly was not the same spot. They found the correct spot and what they found was an old tree stump covered in moss. It was a stumpaquatch.

  • L.S.T UK BiG BuD
    L.S.T UK BiG BuD   6 months ago

    Main question.. why's a Bigfoot got t to hide... and 2 your in the weed capital of the world.. I'm guessing you'll see something sneaking around at night..

  • Linda Timmons
    Linda Timmons   6 months ago

    Its something strange looking for sure......And big.....

  • N D
    N D   7 months ago

    Stop guys. You ain't going anywhere to find bigfoot.

  • K. Leo
    K. Leo   7 months ago

    It is blurry enough, I'm sold.

  • Christian Kiladitis
    Christian Kiladitis   7 months ago

    Yo Matt moneymaker you want to see a real Sasquatch I got private location where I’ve been monitoring Bigfoot in New York State I’m planning on getting a team together either to kill one or capture one with a tranquilizer rifle because I’m tired of no one capturing a shoot one so me and my team go back to military we’re going to go and get one and tell all your scientist friends and all of them I’m looking to get 300 million for proof they exist I don’t care of the government comes after me it needs to be known

  • Mike Ellingsworth
    Mike Ellingsworth   7 months ago

    This is a blob of nothing as usual. It's blurred as well. I do not believe this is littlefoot. Why are the photos always out of focus unlike the Patterson film. There is motion in the Patterson film. The Patterson film could be a fake too.