BFDIA 4: Zeeky Boogy Doog

  • Published on: 01 November 2012
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    Featuring voices provided by AnimationEpic (Nickel) and Graham Taylor (Gelatin).

    Music ("Fig Leaf Times Two" and "Motivator") by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under the Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 license (
  • Runtime : 10:26
  • battle for dream island again bfdi bfdia cartoon competition build eiffel tower


  • Karen T
    Karen T   1 hours ago

    Yellow Face at The End!

  • Karen T
    Karen T   1 hours ago

    Why is Woody on the thumbnail?

  • Alexa ClawSister
    Alexa ClawSister   14 hours ago

    Why did everyone revive everyone they are shipped with? Flower brought Ruby back,Pin brought Coiny back,And Tennis ball brought Golf ball back

  • Asdreed Arias
    Asdreed Arias   18 hours ago

    Firey: i always thought you were well read!Book: and i always thought u were warm!Me: fire can be warm?

  • NukeEm3601
    NukeEm3601   1 days ago

    pin: everyone loves you!veiwers: you wil regret this pin

  • Adrien
    Adrien   1 days ago

    Fig Leaf Times Music Loops

  • katie Pearce
    katie Pearce   1 days ago

    I think there is a mistake when yellowface says 19.95 it changed into 99.95

  • Titan
    Titan   1 days ago

    10:07 well that escalated quickly

  • Titan
    Titan   1 days ago

    Back when gelatin was 5 years old and was a chemist

  • alarm clock
    alarm clock   1 days ago

    Why fries call teadrop are turtle love

  • Blue Star
    Blue Star   1 days ago

    Geliatian: eww gross I’m all soggy!Firey: screams

  • Four
    Four   2 days ago

    0:53 and 0:59TPOT 1 referenced here But this one is the first

  • Kaley In Pink
    Kaley In Pink   2 days ago

    looks like book forgot she said "but if u look up on me it says im the one who'll win dream isiand! "

  • Skyblock Lover
    Skyblock Lover   2 days ago

    5:14 in this time put CC on and you will see: any first words teardrop here jhonny

  • Mia AnimationZ
    Mia AnimationZ   3 days ago

    Gelatin: It feels fine, Because I’m immune to bug poison duhMe:WHAT?!?!??????

  • ok
    ok   3 days ago