Billie Eilish - my future

  • Published on: 30 July 2020
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    Directed by:
    Andrew Onorato

    Produced by:
    Chop Studio

    Alex Dray
    Andrew Onorato
    Annie Zhao
    Cliona Noonan
    Ian Ballantyne
    João Monteiro
    Josh Trotter
    Keith Kavanagh
    Maddie Brewer
    Nancy Li
    Sarah Schmidt
    Sean Anderson

    Genesis Magat
    Rick Sweden
    Jarrod Prince

    Andrew Onorato
    Adam Henderson
    Shane Dering

    Music video by Billie Eilish performing my future. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records
  • Runtime : 3:50
  • Billie Eilish future Darkroom/Interscope Records Alternative


  • cookiemonster. nom.
    cookiemonster. nom.   12 seconds ago

    I think the music video is such a perfect representation of how her music style has changed over the past couple years. the first half is sad and edgy. but very slowly she is transitioning from that into a new stage in her life and her mental health journey. I'd live to discuss in the replies

  • Smittyman 13
    Smittyman 13   17 seconds ago

    Dang I wish I could sing songs about depression and get rich

  • Laisa Weird
    Laisa Weird   1 minuts ago

    Billie should do an orchestra someday. Would be the best of its kind.

  • Hannah K
    Hannah K   1 minuts ago

    Billie, Loving the song ❤️ But would you rather have fully green hair or fully black hair? Pleas reply 😘🤓

  • Anastazija Stanku
    Anastazija Stanku   2 minuts ago

    Billie Eilish you're ugly. I'm beautiful. You're famous, but you can never have my beauty. Understand?

  • K Vallee
    K Vallee   2 minuts ago

    My heart I love this so much😌💙

  • Peridot Nation
    Peridot Nation   3 minuts ago

    The instrumental sounds like a Steven Universe song.

  • Jaella Lane
    Jaella Lane   3 minuts ago

    Billies expresses the vibes of a whole generation. Which is just brilliant.

  • { Triple [Z] }
    { Triple [Z] }   3 minuts ago

    Billie really reminds me a lot Toph from The Last Airbender, like they're both absolutely same, just Billie isn't blind 🤣

  • David Siladji
    David Siladji   4 minuts ago

  • Dan Handal
    Dan Handal   5 minuts ago

    I didn't know she appeared in this video also?

  • Hase
    Hase   5 minuts ago

    Sees the video in my recommended “Ah yes time to get depressed again.”

  • Esteban Morales
    Esteban Morales   6 minuts ago

    I can see Lofi Hip Hop vibes here, absolutely love it <3

  • victoria sternweis
    victoria sternweis   6 minuts ago

    this is amazing i'm ordering a Billie hoodie and a hat and shoes :3

  • mljm
    mljm   6 minuts ago

    Yeeah, that lo-fi vibe

  • Bee Fly
    Bee Fly   6 minuts ago

    I did not Expect that 💜💜

    THE REAL YOUTUBER   7 minuts ago

    Where are you from, form which part in this world you are listening to this song🤔

  • Νίκος Ανδρέου

    Billie eilish: my future (lyrics)I can't seem to focusAnd you don't seem to noticeI'm not hereI'm just a mirrorYou check your complexionTo find your reflectionsAll aloneI had to goCan't you hear meI'm not coming homeDo you understand?I've changed my plansCause I, I'm in loveWith my futureCan't wait to meet herAnd I, I'm in loveBut not with anybody elseJust wanna get to know my soulI know supposedlyI'm lonely nowNo, I'm supposed to beI'm happy without someoneBut on that someoneI,I likeTo be your answer( be your answer) Cause you're so handsomeBut I know betterThan to drive you homeCause you'd invalid me inAnd I'd be yours againBut I, I'm in loveWith my futureAnd you don't know herAnd I, I'm in loveBut not with anybody hereI'll see you in a couple years

  • Denise Li
    Denise Li   8 minuts ago

    When we listen to each of Billie’s songs we learn something. Pretty fascinating

  • Agne Potterhead
    Agne Potterhead   8 minuts ago

    She looks like from the anime named The Promised Neverland